IBMV – 24.2

Olivia fell asleep again after finishing her meal.

Even though she regained consciousness, she shouldn’t overdo it.

You have to recover your energy fully.

Kian left her so she could rest comfortably.

He walked a long way from the main building and headed for the northern garden, where employees rarely visited.

Colorful flowers were blooming in the spring garden.

Kian walked in the quiet garden, not too fast nor too slow.

Every time he took a step, the flowers that had been blooming withered.

It’s so easy to take your life.

The same goes for human life.

He looked at the dilapidated garden and remembered the moment when he regained his magic.

It was not a force that flowed in from the outside.

Obviously, it was the power that resided inside of me.

The power I had since birth.

It was an enormous amount of mana that could not be diminished even if he used it.

He remembered the sensation he felt at the moment magic spread through his whole body.

The sense of breaking something that had trapped and held his powers inside.

Then he realized.

He couldn’t feel the mana until now because it was firmly sealed.

Who and why did they seal my magical powers?

If it was the result of someone’s hoax and I had to live as a slave for 20 years…….

I’ll find them and make them pay.

20 years of having to live as the lowest being.

That time is already irreversible.

So I’ll make you pay with your life.

To do so, there are many things to find out.

The first owner who bought me. I’ll find out which slave merchant sold me to him.

If you decide, you can just act.

Kian’s figure disappeared in an instant.

As if nothing had happened, flowers were blooming in the garden.

** *

The noise that was full during the day disappeared with the night, and only the sound of crying grasshoppers was heard.

A human shadow hangs over the room where the owner of the mansion and his wife are deeply asleep.

The guards, who are supposed to be on the lookout, have long forgotten their duties and wandered in their dreams.

Thanks to this, the intruder was silently staring down at the sleeping couple.

To be exact, his gaze is fixed on the man.

It was the owner of the mansion, Count Douglas.

As the blue light flashed from the intruder’s fingertips, the Count’s body suddenly separated from its comfortable bed.

The Count fell from his bed with a dull sound.

He raised his head in a hazy spirit, still unaware of the situation. Then, I found a strange shadow.


shouted the Count, horrified. The Countess should be surprised by the commotion, but she didn’t budge.

It was because of the sleeping magic that hung throughout the house. Even if her husband was killed in front of her, she would be asleep.

“Who else is there?”

Recognizing the presence of an intruder, the Count nervously glanced toward the door. But there was no answer from the guards beyond the gate.

Looking indifferently at the nervous Count, the man explained,

“It’s useless. Everyone is asleep.”

The Count hurriedly took out a dagger hidden under the bed and aimed at the man.

“Who are you? Whose orders are you acting on?”

Realizing that the room was too dark for the Count to see, the man gestured briefly.

All of the candlesticks were lit up, quickly brightening the room.

Surprised by the strange phenomenon, the Count gasped,


Toward the Count who fell and backed up, the man ordered.

“Look at it clearly. Who I am.”

The Count looked at the man’s face without even blinking his eyes.

The face brightened under the light was breathtakingly beautiful.

It’s been a long time, but he could recognize that face. He was convinced when he saw that unusual silver hair.


The Count’s eyes trembled as he put his long-forgotten name on his mouth.

Kian looked down at his old master with cool eyes.

“If you said you didn’t know, I would have made you remember…… the way you used to make me remember.”

“Well, that’s….”

The Count turned pale, remembering what he did to Kian.

“Relax. I’m not here to retaliate.”

Nevertheless, the Count could not be relieved at all. He said with his dagger clenched like a lifeline.

“Then why did you come here— to me?”

“I came here because I wanted to know something.”

“What the hell……?”

“Twenty years ago, you bought me from a slave merchant. Do you remember who that slaver was?”


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