IBMV – 23.2

It sounded as if he was talking to a person who woke up from a long sleep.

How long have I been lying down…….

I couldn’t guess.

Nevertheless, the horrible events of that night were as vivid as it happened just moments ago.

I was heartbroken recalling Kian who was terribly wounded, while trying to save me.

I said, holding back quivering emotions from my voice.

“Sorry for worrying you, Kian.”

Kian shook his head slightly. He looked at me anxiously and said,

“Are you alright? Are you in pain anywhere?”

“Yes, I am fine now.”

I was in awe and wondered how I was alive.

Did a miracle transpire?

Then, Kian said.

“I have something to tell you, Master.”

He seemed to have something important to say.

As if hesitating, his lips seemed to lose the words he needed to say for a moment. Finally, he spoke with his eyes cast down.

“Actually, I became a wizard that day.”

For 20 years, he thought he was an ordinary human being, but he was actually a magician.

He seemed confused by the fact.

On the other hand, I wasn’t surprised because I knew the future and that his mana would awaken.

But I couldn’t reply that I knew.

How did I know all that? I couldn’t explain it.

“How did this happen……do you know?”

Kian shook his head.

“I don’t know either. All of a sudden, magic exploded out of me.….”

While recalling his awakening, he looked bewildered.

There is a complicated story behind the reason why Kian has not been able to use magic.

I wish I could explain everything to him.

But if it leads Kian on to a villainous path…….

Is there anything more foolish than blackening him with my own hands?

My head got complicated, so I couldn’t figure out what to say.

When I was silent, Kian smiled as if I shouldn’t worry and said:

“But with that power, I was able to protect my master.”

At that remark, a memory that I had forgotten suddenly passed through my mind.

A warm and dazzling glow from a group of lights that enveloped me in a silent and still darkness.

The light had poured continuously into me while I had been straddling the boundary between life and death.

As I remembered the memory that I couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or a reality, the realization came like lightning.

“Is the person who healed me……was that you?”

He nodded quietly, affirming that he had saved my life.

Hearing the answer made me feel inexpressible.

Yes, it was him.. as expected…….

Initially, I should have helped Kian wake up and then left the story after his role was over.

But Kian changed my fate.

His will twisted the story and eventually brought me back from death.

I said, looking at Kian in the eye.

“Thank you, Kian.”

I can’t express all of my gratitude to you by saying thank you, but still.

“Thank you, too. Thank you for living, Master.”

said Kian softly as he smiled.

The smile made my heartthrob for a moment.

‘Is my body still not completely healed…?’

I put my hand on my chest, where I felt a thorny pain. There was a sound of shoes, and the door opened.

The visitor was a butler and my father.

A tsunami of relief spread on the faces of the two people who found me.



My father, who came in a hurry, opened his arms and hugged me with all his might.

He said in a muffled voice.

“Thank you for waking up.”

My father’s body was dry and fragile.

When I saw my father, who was much weaker than when I first possessed this body four years ago, I suddenly felt sad.

How worried he must have been when he heard that I was attacked.

Even if I’m not really Olivia, I’m still his only daughter.

I spoke in a slightly tearful voice.

“I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

“What……. You’re safe, that’s enough.”

My father didn’t say much.

Still, I could gauge the magnitude of his sincerity.

Slowly loosening his hug, he turned his head and looked at Kian.

“Thank you. You saved my daughter.”

The father spoke to Kian in a polite tone.

“You are my daughter’s lifesaver. Tell me if you want anything, I’ll listen to any request as much as my abilities allow me.”

Kian thought about it for a while and soon shook his head slightly.

“I don’t want anything. Because I did what I had to do.”

“Really, is there nothing you want?”

Kian looked at me for a moment and answered briefly.


“If that’s what you want, I respect you. But let me know whenever you change your mind.”

The conversation between the two ended there.

I’ve been cornered by both my father and butler wearing black suits, so I changed the subject around.

“What happened to my escort knights?”

As soon as he received the question, my father’s expression darkened. He spoke in a solemn voice:

“We are on our way to the funeral of the knights.”

Even though I had assumed so, the grief of the confirmed reality was beyond painful.

My father spoke as if he were trying to comfort me.

“We recovered the bodies of the guards while you were asleep. I buried the knights and paid consolation money to the bereaved families. Of course, how can I comfort them with that, but…….”

My father’s words faded away and died. A heavy silence fell for a moment.

“Is there anyone left?”

“Sir Hans barely escaped with his life. However, his injuries are so severe that he hasn’t woken up yet.”

It was unexpected good news; Sir Hans was alive.

However, before I could rejoice, the fact that we were the only survivors made my heart heavy.

The father changed his posture and asked:

“But, Olivia… Can you guess who sent assassins after you?”

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  1. May the plucky side character Hans forever rest in peace… Oh wait! He’s still alive! Woot!! Saved by the light! Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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