IBMV – 22.2

The face of a father who had lost his daughter was stained with indescribable despair. He begged, grabbing Christine by the hem of her clothes.

“No—you can’t. Save my daughter. Please, please… … .”

“…… I’m sorry.”

Kian stared blankly at Christine, who lowered her head like her sinner. He took the limp hand of Olivia, who laid dead.

Your cold hands. Your lips are blue—a pale white face.

Breathtaking despair dominated the whole body.

She’s dead……? No—It can’t be.

Heart whacks, about to burst.

I forgot to breathe.

I cannot accept this reality before my eyes.

He couldn’t let her go like this.

Kian has been silent so far because he believed in the ability of the healer more than his own.

I can’t risk my precious Olivia’s life. But…… you can’t save her?

If this was the result, I shouldn’t have left her in someone else’s hands from the start.

Kian pushed the healer Christine out of the way. Christine asked as she fell away,

“What are you doing?”

“I will save you, Master.”

How do you plan to do that? Christine tried to ask but then bit her tongue.

An overwhelming, shining magical power erupted from Kian’s hands to the point that everyone was blinded for an instant.

Olivia’s body was completely encircled by bright white healing mana. Christine was stunned speechless by the extraordinary sight.

‘Who the hell is this person? How can a human…… have this amount of magic?’

She never heard of such a powerful being—hadn’t been able to even imagine it—yet here he was before her eyes.

How could I never have heard of such a brilliant wizard?

However, more than her doubts, her hopes soared.

He might be able to do it. He may be able to save Olivia.

At this moment, the only miracle she could hold on to is the man before her eyes.

Kian concentrated all senses on his fingertips, using magic to find injuries.

Kian’s fingertips stopped at Olivia’s chest. Unlike other organs, the heart held no movement like a broken machine.

Kian concentrated his mana there. He applied the healing property to all of his magical powers and envisioning casting the magic of regeneration.

Kian’s magic spell worked, cells that had died were reborn, and blood flow began to flow.

“Oh my God, how did you…….”

Only Christine understood what Kian was doing. Looking foolish, her mouth was left agape.

It was the act of stepping into the realm of creation. It was impossible to do without having a power close to a god.

Next to an astonished Christine, Kian continued to pour immense amounts of mana into Olivia without a break.

Even though he was told it was impossible, he couldn’t give up on her.

To give up saving her was like giving up life itself.

He begged her, even though she could not hear him.

Please, open your eyes. Please look into my eyes and smile tenderly again.

Tell me that this life started again because of you is not a dream.


Kian started to huff labored gasps due to his severe mana consumption.

I may never be able to use my power again. If I give her all the magical powers I have, maybe I could save her…….

At that moment, he made a decision and committed his heart to save her even if he could not save himself.

A very feeble movement caught the corner of his eyes.

Kian’s eyes opened wide— resembling the clear sky filled with unspeakable joy.

Because her eyelids trembled and her fingertips twitched weakly.

What should I call her little gesture?

It was the very definition of a miracle for Kian.

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