IBMV – 2

A carriage ran through the night streets. The novel’s protagonist, Kian, who I had been looking for so long, was sitting opposite me. 

The genius wizard of the century and the man who will destroy the empire. And the one who brutally murdered Olivia in the original storyline. 

I formally introduced myself to Kian. 

“I’m your new owner, Olivia Ashford. The princess of the ducal house of Ashford, and she’s acting Duke on behalf of my sick father. Please take good care of me from now on.” 

Kian spoke politely, with both hands neatly placed on his knees. “I am Kian. From now on, I will serve you faithfully.”

It was a gentle and submissive attitude. He was said to be pleasant before blackening, so he probably wasn’t acting. 

But don’t be fooled. Kian, who turned evil in the original work, was really cruel. Detesting the empire, he thoroughly wiped out the imperial family and all high-ranking houses. To an extent, there was not one noble seen in the capital. So running away was never a choice. 

It’s much better to be a sweet master and tame him instead. First of all, I should be generous with Kian. I have to show you that I’m different from the lousy so-called noble owners you’ve met so far. While continuing to think, a carriage past the vast garden and stopped in front of the mansion.

“Welcome back, my lady,” the servants of the mansion, who were waiting for my return, bowed one by one. 

The servants were following me with curious eyes after Kian descended from the carriage. Seeing Kian’s beautiful appearance and close-fitting clothes, they began to talk. 

“This is Kian, who has become a new member of this house from today. Be polite. I won’t pardon anyone disrespecting him for being a slave.” 

The faces of the servants, who learned of Kian’s identity, flashed a hazy light. I’m sure it was puzzling for the head to suddenly bring in slaves and ask them to be nice.

But they weren’t in the position to question their employer, so instead of protesting: “Yes, miss.” 

Kian followed me. The butler led us into a spacious and antique room with a private bathroom. 

“Then, please rest,” said Albert, only Kian and I were left in the room. 

I glanced at Kian’s face a few steps away, waiting for my instructions. The heat under the long, delicate eyelashes was as clear as the sky reflected in the water, and the facial lines were elegant. 

The nose was straight and the lips were lively red, even though nothing had been applied. And the skin was as white and smooth as white jade.

As predicted, he has a magnificent face. In the original version, that glamour also gave Kian a lot of turmoil. 

As a slave, his extraordinary appearance was a curse, not a blessing. 

That’s why the burn marks on Kian’s right shoulder were made. 

Since my life depended on it, I opened my mouth carefully speculating that I should check if he matches the novel only once. 

“Kian, can you lower the gown a little?” 

He lowered his gown after a moment’s hesitation at my request. It was the moment I took a step closer to him to identify the scar. Kian let go of his hand holding the gown and slowly kneel in front of me.

He hunched down. The gown slid gently, revealing the white flesh. As he bowed before me like a submissive dog, he lowered his eyes. I was quite embarrassed by his sudden action. 

“What, what are you doing?” 

Said Kean, looking up at me wonderingly, “Didn’t you buy me to wait on you at night?” 

The calm voice pierced my heart. I didn’t know my behavior of checking for scars would cause a misunderstanding. 

I said in a hurry, lifting Kian in haste.

“I didn’t bring you here to do that.” 

“Then why….”


I was trying to make sure you were the main character, but I couldn’t tell the truth, so I just picked up his clothes. I said to Kian, dressing him in the gown. 

“You just have to eat well, rest well, and relax in this house. That’s all I want from you.” 

Kian didn’t seem to understand what I was saying, but he didn’t reply, perhaps because he was a slave. 

I paid a fortune to buy a slave that didn’t do anything? It had to be bizarre to him. 

I’m apologetic I couldn’t truthfully explain the situation.

I came out. I told him to rest well because he must be tired, and then I left Kian’s room. 

As I walked down the corridor of the mansion where silence had fallen, I recalled what I had just seen. Kian’s right shoulder had burn marks, as described in the novel. 

It was a scar from burning iron. It was done by Kian’s past owner, an impoverished nobleman. He was jealous that his wife was nice to Kian and tried to destroy his face. 

He halted at burning Kian’s shoulders, but continued to harass him. Whenever he was angry, he used to call him in and whip him with fury. There were countless scars on his back.

I was heartbroken when I read the novel, but seeing it in person was another level of shock and remorse. 

If Kian hadn’t had great misfortune… if anyone had been warm to Kian…. Maybe he wouldn’t have turned. 

You might have been able to love and laugh like an ordinary person. 

Now that I’ve brought in Kian, I think I’ve been given a chance to ascertain that possibility. 

To prevent the blackening of Kian, to increase my lifeline. I’m prepared to take on anything.


 I’m sure I said I’d take anything…. 

I didn’t know this would happen.

Just a moment ago, on the front page of the newspaper brought by Butler Albert, there was a picture of Kian and the following headline: 

[The highest-priced slave auction winner was taken last night in front of an opera house, selling for five times more than Lady Allen Cervi’s posthumous work, “The Lady of the Twilight.”] 

Before Kian got on the wagon, someone must have pressed the shutter quickly. 

I kept reading the article. 

[Last night, a beautiful slave young man was auctioned off at the XX Opera Theater for 100 billion gallons. The winning bidder is presumed to be Lady O of the Daebu-ho family] Miss O was sure to refer to me. 

In a secret auction, a mask is worn to protect the participant’s identity.

But what kind of people are journalists? They don’t spare anyone for a scoop. 

You’d have caught me by following me secretly. I read the newspaper‘s title. Sin Daily Gossip. 

Literally, it is a newspaper that specializes in gossip. The public, thirsty for provocative articles, used to read them out of boredom, recording a steady circulation of sales. Compared to large newspapers, its influence is minimal, but it is too much to ignore. The butler asked implicitly. 

“What shall we do, Miss?” 

‘‘They’ll have to pay for the light talk.’’ 

They are gossip reporters anyway. They are not professionals with a huge sense of duty, and it is not difficult to keep their mouths shut if they make a moderate threat.

‘’Don’t do it too hard, just give them a light touch.’’ 

‘’I’ll take action,’’ said Albert with a perfectly faithful look. 

He’s loyal to me because he believes I have precognitive dreams. 

I used the information I knew from the original timeline to make money as soon as I possessed this body. 

Well… Being able to tell the future was not far off the mark. Even if I wanted to explain it, I can’t, so I’ll just leave it alone. 

I was about to fold the newspaper with that thought, and I spotted the picture of Kian on the front page. 

In the picture, Kian was dressed in the same clothes he wore when he was sold at the auction. 

“Now that I see it, there’s nothing for Kian to wear.”

There is no young male aristocrat in this mansion. But I didn’t want to dress him servant clothes. 

I pulled myself up from the chair in the study and said to the butler. 

“I need to go shopping.” 

The faithful butler answered immediately. 

“I’ll tell you to prepare the carriage.” 

“Yes, do it for me.” 

My first task in the “Take Care of Kian So I Will Live When He Awakens” mission is set.  

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