IBMV – 18.2

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I looked back at her with a smile.

“Yes, I’ll be rooting for you, too.”

After saying goodbye to Anna, I got into the carriage.

On my return to the mansion, I organized my thoughts on my elaboration of the original work.

Now that I’ve changed my story, it’s unlikely that Kian and Anna will fall in love.

And Anna won’t be killed.

In other words, there would be no development that Kian blackens to Anna’s death.

Of course, that could not be entirely reassuring.

There’s a possibility that a trick of fate could radicalize Kian.

The most disturbing part of it all is…….

‘Kian’s parents.’

After knowing where all his misfortunes began, could he not become twisted?

Someday he may know the whole truth.

But I didn’t have the courage to bring it up myself.

I was afraid that Kian, who learned the truth, would turn out like the original Kian.

Even if I was being cowardly or hypocritical.

I couldn’t tell Kian what I knew.

Why he had to live as a slave with his magical powers sealed.


The Oval Office of the Imperial Crown Prince Harrison.

“Your Highness, we have completed your assignment.”

“Good work.”

When Harrison beckoned him to leave, his aide bowed his head and backed out.

He read off the report given by his aide. It recorded Olivia’s every move.

When he met Olivia the other day, he was coldly rejected.

Ha had always tried to be nice to her with a mask of devotion and kindness.

Harrison tapped and then opened the report.

He thought Olivia might have been entangled with the Second Prince.

Harrison scoured the report for evidence to support his speculation.

However, the more he read it, the more ridiculous it was, and the more he doubted his eyes.

‘You mobilized your fleet to just save one slave?’

Frankly, Olivia’s eccentricity was nothing new.

He monitored Olivia for a whole month, but the contents were always the same.

The report was dotted with bizarre things she had done due to her indulgence for that slave.

There was no circumstantial evidence to suggest that she had joined hands with the Second Prince.

Harrison muttered, throwing the massive report into the trash can.

“I thought you were smart, but now I see you were a stupid woman.”

It was foolish of her to abandon her chance to be Empress of the Empire. Besides……

“You lied to me. I won’t stand for it.”

‘How dare you fall for a lowly slave and push me away? And then you say it isn’t so?’

With his pride crumpled, he had no intention of letting it go on like this.

Besides, he hasn’t given up on the Ducal house of Ashford yet.

‘The plan went wrong, but it doesn’t matter.’

Before the Duke of Ashford completely hands over the title over to Olivia—if she was to perish— and someone else was put in that position, it would be okay.

The Ashford head is old and sick anyway. There won’t be much he can do even if he knows his granddaughter has been murdered.

Besides, James Ashford would be a loyal subject if he could make Olivia disappear.

When Harrison, who made the decision, bounced his finger, two black shadows appeared, bowing.

One was a pale-faced man in a robe, and the other was a red-eyed man in a black mask.

“You called, Your Highness.”

Harrison lifted his mouth in satisfaction as he looked upon the monsters he had created.

“There’s something you have to deal with.”

“Please give me your command.”

“Kill Olivia Ashford.”

Only following the Crown Prince’s orders was the reason they existed.

So they were ready and willing to give Harrison the answer he wanted.

“I heed and obey.”

After they disappeared.

“Olivia…… you’ll regret that you dared to insult me.”

Harrison laughed with a strangely distorted face.

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