IBMV – 18.1

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In the original work, Anna was a maid of Archduke Balthazar. She learns the terrible fact that the Grand Duke will stuff Kian alive.

Anna risks her life and escapes with Kian from the mansion. They’re trying to leave the empire and live a new life in a faraway place, but…….

It ends with a dream that cannot be achieved. The Archduke catches them.

Angry for trying to steal his possessions, the Archduke tortures Anna terribly in front of Kian’s eyes.

Kian’s heart shatters because he just had to watch Anna die painfully.

Grand Duke tries to stuffed Kian as scheduled, and Kian stares at Anna with hollow eyes, feeling her heart slowly stopping.

He hates his helpless self who can’t save his loved one, feels sharp guilt at causing Anna to die. And an overwhelming hatred for the Grand Duke who brutally murdered her.

All these violent, intense emotions swirl in a chaotic vortex and devours Kian.

The seal on his mana breaks, and his magic powers awaken.

A newly powerful Kian kills the Archduke like a bug and approaches the fallen Anna.

Even though he knows her breath has already ceased, Kian cannot leave her side.

Thinking that far, I was suddenly awoken from my thoughts.

A train was coming into the platform with a shrill whistle.

Realizing it was time to leave, Anna said with her head down:

“Good-bye, Princess.”

Now Anna will live a different life from the original.

I became the master of Kian instead of Archduke Balthazar, who tried to kill and stuffed Kian.

Nevertheless, she somehow caught my eye, and fate still seemed to step on her.

Anna’s hands were rough with bursted blisters, her clothes were worn and frayed.

She is a brave woman who could live well independently, but you know I have a lot of money. So, wouldn’t it be okay if I help her a little?

The sound of the train cutting through the tracks came closer, and I caught Anna’s arm trying to turn around, who now looked at me with curious eyes. I hesitated and then opened my mouth:

“Ms. Anna, would you like to come with me?”

The sound of the train clattering and screaming crunches came closer.

The train stopped on the track, and the passengers began to line up to board the train.

“Come with you…… are you asking me to leave with you?”

Anna asked with a puzzled look.

I affirmed with a nod and explained:

“There’s an opening for a trainee tailor at Isabella’s Wardrobe. I’ll help you learn under Master Isabella.”

In the original work, Anna dreamed of becoming a designer. She wanted to make comfortable and practical clothes for women, instead of unpractical or sloppy dresses that were the norm.

The dream never came true, but it will be different this time.

“Isn’t it your dream to be a designer?”

Anna seemed to be quite embarrassed when I revealed her inner feelings and wishes that she had never even dared to speak aloud.

She asked,

“How did you know that?”

Because you told Kian.

You two talked about what you wanted to do next if you two escaped from the clutches of the Grand Duke.

“It doesn’t matter how I know it. What’s important is that I want to help you.”

Anna searched my face carefully as if trying to decipher my intentions. After a while, she shook her head slightly and said:

“I honestly have no idea— Why is the princess helping me?”

In response, I unintentionally half-smiled with full compassion towards her cynicism.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand her feelings. What sounds too good is, is indeed—often too good to be true.

Still, I thought Anna would accept my offer because it’s a choice that would change her life.

“What do you want to do? Please give me an answer, Anna.”

Anna’s expression seemed to be agonizing. There’s a moment I’m certain she would refuse.

“I don’t know anything else, but……I know one thing for sure. It’s an opportunity that won’t come again in my life.”

Anna’s eyes were already firm. Like a warrior who decides to go to battle.

“I’ll follow you, my princess.”

Yes, that’s the Anna I know. Looking back or hesitating doesn’t suit her.

“You’ve made the right choice.”

I smiled at her and held her hand.


Anna arrived in the capital three days later.

I introduced Anna to Isabella’s Wardrobe, and it’s chief designer as promised.

Isabella said, observing Anna with sharp eyes,

“It’s Lady Olivia’s request, so I’ll give you a special chance. If you don’t prove your worth in the next week, I can’t teach you anything I know.”

‘I don’t accept just anyone as my disciple,’ was Isabella’s true meaning.

It was a situation that would have intimidated ordinary people. But Anna’s eyes were burning with motivation, her spirit ablazed.

She replied with:

“I’ll prove it by actions rather than words.”

Isabella’s cold-hearted expression was released for a very short moment– it was subtle. She didn’t seem to dislike Anna’s confident and driven attitude.

The sight relieved me. It would have been meaningless if Anna didn’t work and rely on her efforts alone from here on out.

Starting my ascent to the carriage, Anna announced:

“I will definitely repay the grace I’ve received from the princess, no matter how long it takes.”


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