IBMV – 15.1

Kian woke up on a hardwood floor.

My vision was blurry, and my head pounded.

The whole body was as heavy like soaked cotton.

Where am I?

I remember going into the alley to pick up the cuff button, and then someone hit me from behind…….

Kian slowly blinked.

The blurred vision gradually became clear. He looked up and invested his surroundings.

A skull flag with a red hood hung on the wall.

A rope, as wide as a forearm, was sprawled out on the floor, and wooden boxes were stacked in the corner.

Kian slowly registered that the floor his cheek was laid down against was moving and that it wasn’t his imagination that this room ceaselessly swayed up and down.

He listened for sounds outside and could hear the rattling of waves.

It seemed like he was inside a boat.

It was like a pirate ship, not an ordinary merchant ship.

Kian tried to move his body but his hands and feet were tightly bound with ropes.

As he wriggled his wrists and struggled to untangle the rope, he heard a loud noise outside.

A moment later, the door opened, and men wearing red hoods walked in.

“It’s finally up?”

They came up, snickering with a staggering gait.

Rough and vulgar men surrounded Kian.

One of them squatted down, grabbing and turning Kian’s face by the jaw.

“Captain, how much do you reckon’ this guy will sell for?”

A sharp-eyed man in a large triangle pirate hat replied,

“With it’s rare silver hair, and those looks ····· this is a top-tier product. At least 100 million gallons.”

“Waa one fine slave is much better than ten ordinary ones!”

After listening to the pirates boasting about earnings, Kian realized why he was kidnapped.

“Haha, look at this. It must have been scared enough to cry,”

Mocked the pirate captain, who saw Kian’s slightly wet eyes.

The pirates laughed— hahaha.

Being sold into slavery was the worst thing that could happen in one’s life, but it wasn’t anything new to Kian.

However, when I realized I would never see my kind master again, my heart throbbed.

I wanted to stay by her side; she who was sweet and friendly.

I never wanted to part ways this way.

My eyes flushed naturally at the thought of never seeing her again.

The pirates, unaware of the cause, were busy cackling and laughing.

Because of the gag, Kian had to endure their ridicule silently.

What’s going to happen to me?

How worried is the master now?

If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have left my master’s side.

I am such a fool…. depressing and erratic thoughts ensued.

Meanwhile, Kian saw a sparkling blue jewel on the pirate captain’s finger.


The ring Olivia had given me was stolen away and stuck on the Captain’s finger.

“What, do you want this back?”

Laughed the pirate captain meanly as Kian made a desperate gesture as if asking for the ring back.

When he gave a glance, his men rushed at Kian, kicked him, and held him roughly.

The Captain gave Kian a harsh slap on the cheek with his uneven hands and warned him.

“Don’t waste your energy and be quiet. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”

He said, nodding at the muscular pirate standing beside Kian.

“That guy, he doesn’t care about girls or boys.”

The muscular pirate grinned, revealing his yellow teeth.

He ogled Kian, glistening eyes full of desire and snorted.

“Captain! I don’t need my share of gold, so let me do it with him!”

At that declaration, the other pirates whistled in unison.

The Captain raised his eyebrows.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course!”

“I’ll cut you into pieces and make you into shark food if you say something different later.”

The muscular pirate flinched at the Captain’s harsh warning. But he nodded his head as hard as he could, as if he was promising he would keep it in mind.

Then the Captain grinned and said,

“Don’t injure the goods too much, so do it in moderation.”


As the pirates chuckled and snuck away, wishing him to ‘do well,’ Kian was left alone in the cabin with the muscular pirate.

Only the sound of the iron curls and the door locking was clear in the midst of silence.

The pirate swallowed his saliva as if there were a feast in front of him.

“Really pretty…. there would be no price I wouldn’t pay to be with a beautiful woman like you.”

Kian attempted to scoot back and instead stumbled and fell face-first on the floor.

Without a care, the pirate pressed Kian’s shoulder down.

My body trembled as if I had been thrown out naked in a blizzard.

The pirate’s clunky hand gropped somewhere. It was frighteningly creepy. (NOooooo kiannnnnn)


Kian struggled with all his might. But the muscular pirate easily overpowered the rebellious Kian.

I wanted to scream, but I only groaned because of my gag.

A dreadful numbing fear ran through my cold body as a terrifying realization hit me.

I felt dizzy vertigo as if I were standing on a remote dark cliff.

Kian shut his eyes in despair.

It was when the choppy, big hand ripped open the front of Kian’s shirt that the hull of the ship rocked like it had hit something.

The pirate lost his center and rolled. The wind was knocked out of them; sounds of many tumbling, exclaiming, and losing their balance rang above my head.

Then the disorderly noise of the blades clashing and screams mixed into a cacophony.

The pirate got up unevenly. He mumbled, taking a sword out of his waist. “Who dares disturb me…..?”

He rushed to the door shouting that he would kill and chop up the intruder no matter who it was when—


The door broke with an explosion.

Kian’s eyes opened wide with shock when he saw who had entered the room.


The ducal warship had quickly cleaved the current with the wind on it’s side.

“My lady, the night breeze is cold. Please go inside,”

the Captain said to me as I glared at the dark sea.

I shook my head and tightened the collar of my coat.

I couldn’t sit still and passively wait at a time like this, for I didn’t know what kind of nasty things Kian was going through.

According to the Captain, it was highly likely that the pirates were heading to their terrority, an island in the northeast.

So we also took the course northeast and pushed the ship forward without rest.

It was during the voyage when I was clenching my heart that was about to burst from the anxiety that a sailor on the watchtower shouted:

“Ship ahoy!”


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  1. Hope I was there with my kitchen knife when that trash touched Kian. I’m pretty skilled when chopping chicken and vegetable like carrot and eggplant…

    1. Technically, if a guy is forced to become or already a bottom he gets automatically called a ‘woman’ by pirates, so what the pirate said is correct. For a moment, I thought I would witness some BL scene and thank god for those cockblocking cannon balls. :v

  2. Demn! If I thought their situation feels like a gender reversed scenario of any romance stories out there with overbearing male lead and damsel-in-distress FL in some shoujo that I read. The situation of Lady Olivia saving her man-in-distress, pretty boy Kian, then this got solified with this kidnapping scene. lol

    Like I could easily imagine this if their genders were swap for how cool Olivia is taking the reins in keeping Kian safe. Go, Olivia go! Chop that pirates nasty hands away from Kian and save your man! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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