IBMV – 14.2

Kian was pushed by the crowd and heard something popping and falling.

The cuff of his shirt felt empty; his cufflink fell.

Kian hurriedly searched and scanned the ground.

Fortunately, a few steps away, the cuff as big as a thumbnail flashed.

It was a gift from Olivia the other day.

He bent down to pick up the cuff that fell on the floor.

The moment he reached out and tried to pick it up, someone had kicked the cuff, and it flew away.

The circular cuff kept rolling under people’s feet until it fell into a narrow alley.

Kian chased it into the alleyway.

He found his shiny cuff in the middle of a dark alley.

After brushing off the dirt from the cuff, I held it in my hand.

Maybe I’m too far from my master.

I have to go back to her side.

It was when Kian thought that he turned around quickly.


A clunky hand popped out from behind his back and blocked Kian’s mouth.

The strangely scented cloth touched my nose and mouth firmly as I struggled.

“Stay still if you don’t want to get hurt.”

It was the voice of a man that I had never heard before.

Kian fought to get out of his sturdy grip, but the more he did, the more he lost his strength.

To make matters worse, my vision began to blur.

I feel like I’m being dragged into the deep sea…

Then consciousness was cut off as if the thread was snapped.


Kian disappeared.

As soon as I realized that, I mobilized the dukedom’s knights to rush into the search.

Starting from the street that I talked to Kian for the last time, I searched the neighborhood carefully, but it was all in vain.

Feeling impatient, I ran to the security guard building.

Being in a hurry, I rushed to the security guard building.

It was to make and post Kian’s wanted flyers.

It would have taken time to go through the procedures if it had been for another family, but this was the land of the Duke.

Under the authority of the Duke, Kian’s wanted flyers were immediately created and posted.

Wanted papers were immediately distributed throughout the city, including Kian’s description and 200 million gallons of reward for witnesses.

“A reward of 200 million gallons? This is no joke!”

“Silver-haired handsome? I think I’ve seen it somewhere….”

“Have you seen this person on this wanted flyer?”

Perhaps because the reward was so big, there were a lot of witnesses saying that they saw Kian as soon as the wanted papers were posted.

But everything was either false or wrong.

Time passed without any results compared to the number of reports, and my anxiety grew.

My mouth was parched every second because I thought I might lose Kian forever.

It has been several minutes since news broke out with nervousness.

At last, a new witness appeared. It was a girl in shabby clothes.

I beckoned the little girl to come near. “You said you saw Kian, didn’t you?”

“Yes, miss.” When I asked her to tell me what was going on when she saw Kean, the girl remembered.

As usual, she said she had been selling cheap souvenirs on the street.

Beautiful silver hair caught her eyes.

“I’ve never seen such a pretty person before. I kept looking at him and watched him go into a narrow alley. It’s a dead-end, so I wondered he was going to come out so I could see him again. But after a long time, he didn’t come out. When I thought it was weird, men with large sacks on their shoulders came out instead.”


I urgently asked,

“Did you see where they went?”

The girl looked at me and said carefully, “I was so scared that I lowered my head as if I hadn’t seen it. So that’s why I don’t know where they went, I’m sorry………”

The girl cried a bit, then pulled out what she had in her hand and showed it to me.

“I went back to the place where he disappeared…”

What the girl pulled out was the cuff button I had given Kian.

I clasped the cuff button painfully tight.

I ordered the guards to bring all the wanted flyers for the criminals in the neighborhood.

“Do any of these faces look familiar to you?”

I showed her each leaflet, one by one, full of faces of wanted criminals.

One, two, ten… suddenly the eyes of the girl who had kept shaking her head widened.

The girl shouted, “Oh.”

“This is the person!”

What the girl pointed to was a rugged-looking man with a scar on his right cheek.

The policeman explained.

“He’s a sailor of the Red Hooded Pirates. They are notorious for human trafficking.”

Human trafficking.

Then the purpose of their kidnapping Kian…

There was no time to dawdle here.

We have to quickly catch up with the pirates who are red hooded or whatever.

I immediately moved to the port.

The destination was the Coast Guard Office.

I swung open the door of the guard’s office.

With my sudden appearance, the look of boredom on the captain of the guard’s face erased in an instant.

He stood up in a fit of surprise. “Oh, Lady…! What brings you here–“

“Get the fleet ready.”

“What?” asked the captain of the guard stupidly.

He still didn’t seem to understand the situation, so I yelled:

“From now on, we are hunting pirates. Tell the whole navy that!”

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  1. Just hope that Olivia’s uncle won’t say anything about how she mobilized people and lot of money to find Kian! He might want to make trouble
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