IBMV – 14.1



Uncle James let go of Kian with a cry.

He bent down hurriedly as if he really thought I’d hit him.

The knife had brushed my uncle’s head and lodged in the painting on the wall.

The knife pierced the gentleman’s forehead in the painting.

My uncle swallowed dry saliva.

He shouted to the blue daytime.

“Oh, Olivia···! You’re crazy. You’re mad as hell!”

‘I’m sorry. I can’t believe you only know that now.”

I warned, looking down at my uncle, who had fallen unseemly.

“This time, I deliberately missed, but don’t expect to be so lucky next time.”

If you touch Kian one more time, I won’t forgive you.

My uncle, who understood what I meant, clenched his fists with a face stained with humiliation.

He said bitterly:

“Olivia…. I will never forget this humiliation of the day.”

He left as if he were running away, leaving behind words like a third-rate villain.

When I saw my uncle running away with a loss of face, I thought it was a lovely scene.

I approached Kian, who had a hard time because of my uncle.

Even though I was by his side, I couldn’t stop my uncle’s tyranny.

I felt apologetic towards him.

I looked at him, asking if he was all right.

“I’m sorry. My uncle verbally abused you and was rude, wasn’t he?”

Kian calmly shook his head, his hair shining in the daylight.

“In principle, I am not supposed to eat with you. I didn’t hear anything wrong, so don’t worry.”

Said Kean, with a broken smile.

“I really don’t care,” he said, “I’m fine.”

When I saw him, who seemed to say that this kind of thing was trivial, my heart was blown again.

When he awakens as a wizard, no one would ignore him or treat him carelessly, but waiting a year for it to happen suddenly felt too long.

How much more humiliation does innocent Kian have to face?

The thought made me sigh loudly.


After calling in the servants to clear the floor, I invited Kian out.

We needed a change of mood.

There was a beautiful beach near my villa.

The fine sand sank under my feet.

There was a refreshing sound whenever the waves came in, bubbling up.

The sea was beautiful cobalt as if the blue paint was spilled all over.

I glanced at Kian walking beside me.

It bothered me that Uncle James had abused him.

‘Was coming with me in vain…’

I unintentionally sighed heavily. Then, Kian abruptly spoke out:

“Don’t worry too much about what happened before,”

Said Kian with a smile.

“We came to the sea…. but I hate that my master can’t rest because of me.”

I took him out for a walk to cheer him up….

But instead, he was worried about me

I smiled because I was grateful for his consideration.

Yes, we’re here, so we have fun and play properly.

Afterward, Kian and I spent a leisurely time dipping our feet in the shallow beach and relaxing under parasols.

As the sun tilted over the horizon, lights lit up one by one from the gas lamps.

In the streets, there was a pleasant sound of lively music.

Now that I thought about it I heard that there is a festival at this time of year.

“Since we’re out already, would you like to go to the festival?”

When I asked, Kian nodded.

“That’s a good idea.”

We headed for the square.

Listening to the chatter of people, I discerned that a parade was scheduled to be held here.

The square was crowded with anticipating spectators.

I searched the area for a good spot to view the event.

Said Sir Hans, my escort driver:

“Lady! I think this will be a good spot to view the parade.”

The place he found was a wooden platform.

It was relatively high, so I thought it would be perfect to go up there and look around.

Kian and I went up to the podium.

There are many posters attached to the wooden boards, perhaps a platform used as a bulletin board.

Among them, there were also wanted pirate posters.

Perhaps it was a children’s prank, and about half of the wanted papers, which had been ripped off, were dirty.

A little later, Kian raised his hand and pointed to the street.

“There is a procession coming.”

“There comes the procession,”

As he spoke, dancers in fancy costumes were seen dancing and marching down the street.

Behind the dancers dressed in dresses adorned with feathers and artificial jewels, a band followed by playing cheerful songs.

The procession continued. People in flower-decorated carriages sprinkled petals from baskets.

It looked like a colorful snowfall.

The heat of the festival filled the streets with vitality and excitement.

Everyone laughed and chatted as if they had forgotten their worries for a moment.

I watched enthusiastically, and when the parade was over, I felt hungry.

“Kian, would you like to eat something?”

“Yes, master.”

It would take too long to return to the villa, so I walked to a street vendor selling food.

Every street vendor had a long line, and the streets were very crowded; you were lucky if you didn’t step on someone.

It seemed challenging to stand in line, so I had the servants to buy food.

Now I’m waiting in a quiet place for the servants to return, but I suddenly felt an empty void next to me where I should have felt a warm presence.

I couldn’t find Kian, who was beside me just a second ago.

At that moment, my heart shook with numb fear and sank.


I shouted his name, but there was no answer.

I looked around hurriedly.

I thought I could find his shiny silver hair would be easily visible anywhere and I could see him quickly but…······.

Kian was nowhere to be seen on the streets covered with crowds of people.


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