IBMV – 13.2

I said with a graceful smile, ignoring his provocation.

“I fully understand how you feel. I’m still immature; however, consider you will not stand out because you are not the Duke, instead you are an assistant manager but there are a lot of eyes on me….. Shouldn’t you cover your words?”

Seeing the reporters appearing in front of the hotel, uncle James crumpled his face.

They were deliberately called by the family to promote the new hotel.

Uncle James bluntly snapped back.

“If you know, I trust you will behave yourself?”

He acted like he had a lot of things to say; Uncle James turned his back, huffed, and walked away as if he rethought his actions and wasn’t willing.

If you fight with me in front of other people, there will only be articles about family fights and internal struggles.

“Everyone, thank you so much for being here today.”

The ceremony began, and on a temporary podium set in the hotel lobby, I recited the congratulatory speech I had memorized earlier.

The applause burst upon the completion of the not-so-long congratulatory oration.

The event went very smoothly.

The ceremony ended after cutting a red ribbon with some relatives, including Uncle James, and taking a few pictures.

There was still a place for lunch with relatives; I mingled enough for courtesy’s sake, and after a moderate amount of time left.

After catching the carriage, I headed to the seaside villa where Kian was waiting.

Kian, who was sitting by the window looking at the sea, felt my presence and turned his head.

“Did your event go well?”

I took off my hat and put it on the table.

“Yes. Have you been well?”

Kian nodded.

“Would you like to eat lunch?”


Both Kian and I were hungry, so I asked the servants to serve the food quickly.

After a while, the table was filled with dishes that stimulated our salivary glands even at a glance.

The lunch I had with Kian alone overlooking the sea felt precious.

Seeing him eat well, I wanted to put even more food in his mouth.

I sliced ​​the steak into bite-sized pieces and transferred it to his plate.

“You should eat a lot.”

Then Kian extracted the meat of the lobster and put it on my plate.

He said with a smile.

“Eat a lot too, Master.”

I was having an amiable time with Kian when—

“You must not go in!”

“Move! Get out of the way!”

I heard a scuffle outside the door.

Suddenly, the door slammed opened, and an uninvited guest appeared.

“So, this is where you were flirting with slaves?”

This sarcastic voice belonged to Uncle James.

“I’m sorry, my lady. Even though I told him he couldn’t enter…”

The attendant who followed my uncle bowed his head in distress.

Where did Lord Hans go at this time?

Well, there’s no time to find out where he is now.

How did my uncle know I was here, anyway?

I never told my relatives where I was going.

“Did you stalk me?”

I asked with a sharp voice, and a brazen retort came back.

“Stalk? I was just worried that my beloved niece was not in good shape, so I followed you.”

He approached me while looking around with a casual face.

Uncle James spat, displeased while staring at Kian and I dining together.

“You’re a spoiled slave. Where have you heard a slave daring to sit at the same table with your master and eat?”

“I have given permission, and it’s none of your business.”

But he ignored me and didn’t listen to me at all.

Far from listening, he did something ridiculous.

In a flash, Uncle James picked up the plate in front of Kian and spilled it’s contents on the floor.


Vegetables and meat were scattered around. There was a red stain on the white tablecloth.

“What are you doing!”

I jumped to my feet and shouted.

My angry glare could kill, but my uncle didn’t blink.

He clicked his tongue and shouted:

“How dare a slave not know his place and share a table with his master. Get out of that chair right now! Get down and kneel on the floor!”

“It is my will—it has nothing to do with you.”

I gestured to Kian, who was trying to stand up, telling him to stay seated, and that it was okay.

When the uncle saw it, his fist slammed the table and shouted. “Can’t you hear me ordering you to stand up?”

“It’s all right, Kian. You can sit down.”

He laughed as if he was dumbfounded. The next moment, he grabbed Kian’s hair with a wickedly heavy touch.

Kian’s silvery fine hair was caught in the clutches of my uncle’s hand.


Kian, whose head was forced back, groaned a painful exclamation.

The uncle said with a mean smile.

“If you don’t want to stand up on your feet, I’ll force you to get up.”

Kian closed his eyes tightly as if enduring agony.

When I saw Kian’s painful visage, my sight became white.

‘What if Kian turns evil?’

The knife I had cut meat before entered my distraught sight.

I picked it up.

Uncle James ridiculed me:

“What are you doing? You wouldn’t dare threaten me with that…”

I grabbed the knife and threw it at my uncle.

The sharp steak knife touched Uncle James’s ear, and went to the pillar with a puck.

My uncle’s head creaked like a machine that needed to be oiled.

When he saw the knife embedded in the pillar, his complexion turned blue.

He roared as he ran wild.

“Olivia! Have you lost your mind over a slave?! You are willing to offend and don’t care about the consequences!”

“You know it well.”

The uncle opened his mouth as if he had lost his mind.

You touched the wrong person today. I intended to engrave the fact clearly on you.

I picked up another knife that was left on the table.

And said it, aiming at my uncle:

“I’m warning you, if you don’t want to be bitten by a rabid dog, release your hand immediately.”

“Well, let’s seriously consider ····.”

The knife left my hand before my uncle could finish talking.

He won’t be able to infuriate anyone if he dies.

If you dare to touch Kian, I can do crazier things than this.

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  1. How dare you come into my house and disrespect my steak and vegetables… *Cough… I mean Kian… Yes! Our bae?!?!? We gonna throw knives and tables!!
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