IBMV – 13.1

Gifts for a good night·········.

I was speechless when I found out the identity of the gift given by the royal daughter.

I’ve never received such a gift in my entire life.

But the Princess calmly went on to explain, whether she did or didn’t notice my embarrassment.

“If you drink it, you can have a relationship for seven days without a break. Red medicine helps relieve women’s physical fatigue, while blue medicine helps keep men’s energy from cooling down. In the Kingdom of Genoa, there is a custom of giving gifts in hopes that the love of lovers will last for a long time.”

Seven days without a break in the relationship, ·······.

Kian’s face turned red when he heard her words. Red to the end of his ears. He could not bear to raise his face.

I was also embarrassed, and I felt my face got hot.

What the hell….

Why does Genoa have this custom? The world is vast, and the culture is diverse, but it’s still a little, ·······.

When Kian and I kept silent for a long moment, the Princess finally realized that the atmosphere was strange. She looked at our complexion, confusion.

“… Is there no such tradition in the Empire?”

Of course, there isn’t ·····.

I replied with a tight smile with an unmistakable look of being put in an uncomfortable position.

“Oh, yes….. that’s right.”

The bewildered royal daughter lamented in a tiny voice.


The royal daughter’s large eyes around rapidly searched the floor, as if looking for an answer on what to do. She hurriedly apologized as if trying to cover for her mistake.

“I’m sorry I was short-sighted. I didn’t take into account that different cultures were different from country to country….”

I tried to smile and said.

“It’s all right. You might not have noticed.”

“But if I had been a little more careful, this would have never happened…”

Suddenly, the royal daughter began to cry. Tears welled up in her big eyes.

I was quite embarrassed by the tears of the royal daughter. I soothed her calmly.

“Stop crying, Your Highness. I’m grateful for the gift.”

The little girl, who buried her small face in her handkerchief, raised her piercing eyes.

“…….are you really taking it?’

“Of course.'”

“Oh, thank God. I was really, really worried that you wouldn’t like it.”

Just a second ago, she was sobbing, and now when I said I would accept her gift, her face lit up like a lie. You didn’t cry on purpose, did you…..?

In any case, I won’t actually use the gift from the royal daughter. She’d be disappointed to know the truth, so I decided to keep it a secret.


A few days after the departure of Princess Meriel, who gave me a shocking gift, I was obligated to travel to Trillian for business.

Trillian is a coastal city included in the Southern Dukedom, a resort famous for its mild weather and beautiful beaches throughout the year.

The lodging and tourism sector is booming due to the endless number of tourists arriving throughout the year.

The accommodation business was so successful that I built a new hotel.

The purpose of my visit to Trillian was to attend the opening ceremony of the hotel.

A number of my relatives were also scheduled to attend the ceremony.

That meant that Uncle James would attend. I was reluctant to run into him, who was trying to undermine me, aiming for my place.

What’s fortunate is that I don’t see my uncle’s face anymore after my ascension ceremony.

“You’re going to a resort for a long time, but are you only going to work?”

It’s 3 pm, and I already feel drowsy.

Asked Kian, who was sitting across from me and drinking tea.

I said over a sip of fragrant rose tea.

“Huh? Ah ······ what, right.”

“You said you have no other schedule other than participating in the ceremony, right?”


“Then, take a rest for a few days while you’re going.”

“Well ·····.”

It was a good idea.

However, John’s actions traumatized me; it became difficult to trust my employees fully.

Would it be okay to leave Kian alone?

Then Kian inquired as if he had read my mind.

“Is it because of me?”

“Huh? There’s no such thing.”

“……..Please tell me honestly.”

“No. I’m fine—it’s really okay.”

I said, shaking my head, with my hands waving, trying to deflect.

Kian lowered his eyes sullenly.

“If it’s because you don’t like leaving me alone….. please take me with you.”

I was surprised and didn’t respond readily to his unexpected proposal.

“Do you hate the idea of me going with you?”

“No, such thing…”

“Then, are you’re taking me with you?”

“Oh, well—that’s……”

“Please take me with you, Master.”

He looked like a big dog begging me to take him for a walk.

If I refuse, you will show your disappointment by lowering your shoulders instead of your tail…

With such an adorable face, Kian looked at me.

He said, blinking his watery blue eyes.

“Can’t you?”

I thought I’d feel guilty if I said no to that face. So I nodded unconsciously.


I got off the train and went to the hotel by carriage. It was a short trip from the train.

The hotel was full of well-dressed nobles.

Most of them were relatives who rush from each region to attend the ceremony.

“Olivia, how long has it been?”

“Dear Aunt, you’ve become even more beautiful since I’ve seen you last.”

I was busy greeting my relatives when, inadvertently, I made eye contact with Uncle James.

“Have you been doing a good job, Uncle?”

As he greeted me with a smile, he laughed, pulling the tip of his lips sharply.

“You’ve finally shown your face to the family event. You should be ashamed of having such an article.”

He was referring to the article from the gossip paper when I had first bought Kian.


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