IBMV – 12.2

Several days passed since Nicholas dined with the duchess.

He, instead, kept to the studio and kept working.

A large oil painting soon hung in Nicholas’ studio.

It was a scene from the founding story of the Genoa Kingdom. The heroic battle of a warrior fighting against the armies of demons on a vast canvas.

The warrior’s face was gorgeous. But I think I’ve seen that face a lot somewhere, so my eyes are empty and not registering.

No, Kian again?

Faces with silver-hair lined the wall of the studio.

Kian everywhere. In fact, it wasn’t the first time Nicholas painted Kian’s face.

But at this point, I was confused about whether Nicholas was an artist or an obsessive fan.

“What’s wrong with projecting my muse into my work?” Nicholas asked calmly.

Nicholas’ masterpiece had a sense of grandeur.

He was a fan of a different scale. If I had a golden hand, I could have been a fan like that…..

Somehow I was upset, but the butler showed up and told me that the guest had arrived.

“The VIP of the Kingdom of Genoa is on the way.”

Come to think of it, today was the day the Princess of the Kingdom of Genoa would be visiting.

For helping Nicholas with his paintings, the Queen of Genoa wanted to reciprocate with a visit from royalty.

In the past, even the Queen had been rejected for requesting Nicholas to paint.

But this time, I succeeded in obtaining a painting due to my arbitration.

It was easy to persuade the picky Nicholas. Because I could simply mention Kian’s name.

I left Nicholas’ studio and came down to the first floor.

The procession of carriages passing through the front gate of the mansion was visible.

There was even a carriage carrying a gift from the Queen to me.

In the middle of the procession was a carriage bearing the seals of the Genoa royal family.

A moment later, the splendid carriage of the Genoa royal family stopped in front of the mansion.

Under the escort of a knight, a girl stepped lightly off the carriage.

A cute and lovely girl with a bright smile.

“Nice to meet you, Lady Olivia,” she was the Princess to present the gift on behalf of the Queen.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Your Highness,” I greeted the royal daughter with a smile of welcome.

A little later, I sat face to face with the royal daughter on the sofa in the drawing-room.

The maid just served the freshly baked cookies and tea. I opened my mouth by recommending it.

“Wasn’t it tiring for you to come a long way?”

the Princess smiled brightly, lifting the teacup with graceful movements.

“Not at all. I decided to come here.”

You volunteered?

Of course, I thought the Queen made you come.

I wondered why. But my curiosity wasn’t held in suspense for long.

The royal daughter suddenly changed the subject.

“Kian, the slave of the princess·······.” she said with a look of purity.

“I’d like to see him once, could you call him?”

The big eyes of the royal daughter looked pure and innocent.

So I couldn’t help but be confused.

What is she up to?

What if she offered to buy Kian like Countess Lawrence?

I agonized over the teapot…….

Still, it would be a little hard to reject the royal daughter.

The royal daughter opened her mouth with a sullen look.

“Was it too much to ask?”

” Oh, that ‘s-····.”

I thought for a moment and then opened my mouth.

“Can you promise not to trouble Kian?”

“Of course, my honor… No, I swear on the honor of the Kingdom of Genoa,”

The royal daughter said without hesitation.

Okay, so you don’t have any plans for that… In the end, I decided to trust the royal daughter.

“I humbly greet you, Your Highness,” said Kian, who followed the maid into the drawing-room.

He tried to stand behind me quietly after greeting me.

It was because a slave could not sit or do as he pleases without his superiors’ permission.

Kian, so to speak, was trying to behave as usual, but…

“Come and sit down here.”

The royal daughter gestured for him to sit next to me in a friendly tone, pointing to the seat.

It was very unexpected that the royal daughter thought of Kian.

I was a little relieved by her kind attitude.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“Not at all. Because this was exactly what I pictured!— I wanted this so much.”

“… Yes?”

I asked back, who didn’t understand what she implied.

The royal daughter shyly revealed her innermost thoughts.

“A few days ago, I heard a rumor… The story of a woman who refused the Prince’s love, causing offense and decided to be with a low-profile lover.”

No way….. is that what this is about?

When asked with a puzzled look, the royal daughter nodded.

She spoke in a voice filled with emotion.

“When it comes to love, it’s not easy being a noblewoman! That’s why I was even more impressed by the princess’ courageous choice.”

Said the royal daughter excitedly, her big eyes twinkling.

“I support your love. Love beyond status, how romantic!”


For a moment, I was utterly speechless.

When did this absurd rumor spread?

Rumors were said to be faster than the wind, but rumors spread all the way to the Kingdom of Genoa?

I managed to control my expression and organize my thoughts.

Wasn’t she 17 years old this year?

When I was that age, I also enjoyed reading novels with larger than life romances that overcame enormous odds. (T/N: girl, I’m ten years older, and I still enjoy that stuff)

I decided to empathize and agree with her story first, as it would be difficult if the atmosphere became awkward.

“I’m attracted to romantic stories, too.”


“Of course.”

There was no way that a girl with a cute girl’s sensibilities wouldn’t.

Then, the royal daughter took something out of her arms and put it on the table.

There were two small glass bottles of index finger length.

One contained a liquid in red and the other in blue.

“I brought it to cheer for your love. One is for the Princess, and the other is for Kian.”

I’m sure we’ll appreciate it, but what is it for?

When I asked, the royal daughter confessed with an ashamed blush.

And, her subsequent answer was far beyond my meager imagination.

“I’ve prepared it for you two…. for a good night. Do you like my present?”

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