IBMV – 11.1

I didn’t know the bum-looking man was a painter.

It’s nice that he wants Kian to model for him.

But there’s one thing I’m concerned about.

Modelling work is harder than it seems.

It isn’t easy to maintain the same posture for a long time.

So I hesitated to say yes, and the unknown painter begged.

“Please allow me. I really want to draw that young man. He’s the perfect model I’ve been looking for!”

The painter’s eyes were filled with emotion and joy to prove that the words were not false. He spoke in a heated tone.

“I swear that young man is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. He’s beautiful.”


How did you know that? I admired the artist’s insight.

The most beautiful creature in the world.

That was not an exaggeration but a fact.

Because Kian *is* the most beautiful person in the novel, the author said so.

I can’t believe that painter recognized the true value of Kian.

I asked Kian in a slightly excited voice. “Kian, what do you want to do?”

Kian looked a little sorry for the man when he looked at the artist. He said:

“If you’ll let me, I’ll do as he says.”

Perhaps he felt sympathy for the beggar-looking painter.

If Kian wanted to do it, I had no reason to stop him, so I immediately replied:

” Okay. I’ll allow it.

“Haha! Good thinking!”

The painter stood his easel on one side of the street with great joy.

After making Kian pose, he began his work with a palette in one hand and a brush in the other.

The artist began to observe and described Kian with a delicate brush.

The background was simplified and carefully drawn through Kian’s face.

Clear sky blue eyes, smooth nose and peachy lips.

Twinkling silver hair and a graceful tux.

When Kian was given a break in between, the painter did not let go of his brush.

He painted with great concentration, just as the painters did when they burned with the spirit of art.

I watched the scene from a few steps away.

His ability was eye-catching.

When the painter finally put down his brush, admiration bursted out of my mouth without censure.

I thought Kian in the picture was looking at me and talking to me,

“You’re a master.”

He had such an elaborate talent that there was no other way to describe him.

Is this guy a genius?

You must be a famous painter. Why haven’t I recognized you?

When I asked his name because I thought so, the artist said with a false smile.

“I’m just a painter who sells his humble talents to make ends meet.”

Ha! Said like an eccentric genius artist.

The evasive response made me doubt the reality of his words.

I wanted to ask more questions, but I wanted to give Kian a quick rest, who must have had a hard time being a model.

I was worried that Kian might catch a cold because of the strong wind.

Intending to return to the mansion, I called up a carriage.

“Thank you. I’m the luckiest artist to be able to paint you.”

Before getting on the wagon, the painter said to Kian.

The artist looked at Kian with eyes that would have kissed him on the back of his hand if he were a woman.

Kian laughed with a bashful face.

Anyway, our main character’s beauty was overwhelming and bound to create problems because it’s effect is perfect in all directions.

I closed the curtains in the carriage.


“Attending the Imperial Art Exhibition?”

Invited to Duchess Wedgewood’s mansion, I asked back, savoring the subtle aroma of tea.

“Yes. Aren’t you also looking forward to it, princess?” asked the Duchess, with her eyes glistening.

The exhibition is held once a year at the 6th Imperial Academy of Fine Arts.

The Imperial Art Exhibition is, so to speak, a gateway for artists.

When the judges’ attention is received at the art exhibition, a stable future as a painter is virtually guaranteed.

As paintings are sold at high prices as well as gaining fame, countless artists who want to grab wealth and fame display their works.

At the end of the exhibition, the paintings on display are sold to the public, and the better the judges score, the higher the price.

Therefore, it was vital for me to participate in the exhibition and check the paintings’ ranking.

“Let’s attend the exhibition together, won’t you?”

Said the Duchess with a friendly smile.

Perhaps because we had similar interests, she was very kind to me.

I answered with a smile.


Even though it’s not strictly business-related, I’m willing to go.


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