TPP – 8

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 8. Breath The Viscount Hardy and Countess Meyer, who followed Erna while keeping their distance intentionally, looked back with bewildered faces. They never dreamed that there would be guests who had not arrived yet. Even more so, that it would be Prince Biern. They retreated first. The…

TPP – 7

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 7. Debutant The breakthrough started with the dress. It was the dress for Erna Hardy’s debutante, to be worn at the royal palace. Brenda Hardy looked at Erna’s dress with a slightly perplexed look. In terms of being pure white, she faithfully followed the tradition of debutante…

TPP – 6

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 6. If you eat, you will die. “She is the prettiest girl you’ll ever work with. If you see her, you will definitely agree with me.” Brenda Hardy glanced at the table clock, trembling nervously. Always during important times like this one, she will go out for…

TPP – 5

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 5. The Beginning of Rumors “I don’t want to see you, so you stop and go out and look!” The voice of the Baroness of Baden, full of anger, shook the tranquility of the country house. The frightened roar of chickens and geese roaming the backyard was…

TPP – 4

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 4. Rolled in property “Like. In one way or other, bankruptcy is imminent, and there is nothing you can’t afford to share with your ex-wife’s daughter. After all, your daughter is a child!” Brenda Hardy screamed fiercely at her husband, who kept his mouth shut. Last night,…

TPP – 3

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 3. Lily of the Valley Even in front of the crowd like a swarm of clouds, Biern showed no signs of nervousness. From the moment he was born, he had been living in the interest of the whole kingdom, and it was familiar as if breathing. The…

TPP – 2

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 2. Love fate The train to Schwerin entered the platform on time. It was around the time when the blue light of dawn had dissipated and the morning had just begun to arise. Erna, who was standing in a posture as stiff as a stick, walked up…

TPP – 1

Thank you editors: jam, mook, dodo and Jasmine 1. Poisonous mushroom in spring Erna Hardi was a good child. Having grown up to be a good lady, it was soon her turn to be a good wife. His reply to the lengthy letter was unexpected. He was giving her a chance to be his good…

The Problematic Prince

From the first translator [names are different]:

Is the Royal poisonous mushroom all right?

The prodigal son of the Royal family, once a beloved Prince of Kingdom Lechen,
had to put down the crown in exchange for being the principle figure of an unparalleled scandal.
The Royal mushroom,

Björn Denyster.

As a property to the Hardy family,
she was scammed and destroyed,
and thrown to be sold into the marriage market. She was

Erna Hardy.

Today, when she was going to be sold as a wife
to either a drunkard or an irredeemable garbage,

the problematic prince, Björn Denyster
appears to be the savior.

You’re just a token, Miss Erna.
Don’t try to consume the poisonous mushroom.

Or you’ll die.


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