IBMV – 58

Thank you C for your Ko-fi donation! Thank you to raw provider: Aii Count Selton made a bold lie without his face contourting. Like a person who had premeditated his excuse if he would be caught. Caroline’s turned even paler, blood draining from her face from the shock. “No, I swear I didn’t do anything like that!” “Right,Continue reading “IBMV – 58”

IBMV – 57

Thank you to raw provider: Aii I parted with Alexis in front of the orphanage and, arrived at the mansion instantly with Kian’s transportation magic. “Thank you, Kian. You worked hard and helped out a lot today. I am lucky.” “You’ve were very busy today, rest well,” Kian said as his eyes smiled at me.Continue reading “IBMV – 57”

IBMV – 56

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The children opened their mouths looking at it. “Wow, that’s amazing!” “How did you do it?” Kian answered with a gentle smile. “Using magic.” “Then are you a wizard?” “Of course.” The wide-eyed children ran and shouted. “Guys! This older brother is a wizard!” “Wizard? Really?” “I want toContinue reading “IBMV – 56”

IBMV – 55

Thank you to raw provider: Aii We moved to the orphanage with Kian’s teleportation magic. When the swirling landscape subsided, a gray stone building stood looming over me. A bronze sign hanging from the door had the words Shelton Orphanage embossed. The loud laughter and boisterous chatter of children could be heard from outside. “ThenContinue reading “IBMV – 55”

IBMV – 54

Thank you to raw provider: Aii Kian felt terrible. It wasn’t because the weather was overcast, it wasn’t because things weren’t going well. He thought it might be because the Commander of the 3rd Magic Division of Wizards was constantly bothering him to duel him but it wasn’t that either. Just, for no reason, heContinue reading “IBMV – 54”

IBMV – 53

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “An orphanage?” It was an unexpected suggestion, so I asked without realizing it. “Yeah. I thought it would be good to use it as a children’s toy.” Alexis handed me the soldier-shaped sculptures. I took a closer look at them. Soldiers in uniform with long guns on their sides,Continue reading “IBMV – 53”

IBMV – 52

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “So you don’t want me to interrupt you?” “Well, that’s not what I meant… … .” As the situation unfolded, the boy who had been looking at Alexis like a savior–his expression had now darkened. No matter how princely he was, he could not change the law at will.Continue reading “IBMV – 52”

IBMV – 51

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The atmosphere became heavy, and I hesitated not knowing what to say. Thankfully a cafe employee showed up at just the right time. “Here’s the strawberry cake you ordered.” The waiter cleared the empty plate and placed the freshly ordered cake. Alexis looked at me curiously as I ateContinue reading “IBMV – 51”

IBMV – 50

Thank you to raw provider: Aii My original purpose was to congratulate Anna. But all sorts of things happened in between. Nonetheless, I gave Anna a brief congratulations. I wanted to talk longer, but she couldn’t afford to because she had so many customers. I left the store, promising Anna to meet and toast toContinue reading “IBMV – 50”

IBMV – 49

Thank you to raw provider: Aii What he wants is to find and destroy the criminal who made him a slave for 20 years. He had no desire to the guilty party try and atone. But there was no need to tell this man that far…  …  . “Do what you like.” The man’s faceContinue reading “IBMV – 49”

IBMV – 48

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The salty sea breeze tickled his nose.  At the same time, a loud noise penetrated Kian’s ears. He arrived at a market built near the port in the southern part of the Empire. The yells of solicitation by the merchants was loud enough to be annoying. And a familiarContinue reading “IBMV – 48”

IBMV – 47

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The front of Anna’s dressing room was crowded with people. “Do not push, stand in one line!” A clerk in the dressing room exclaimed, sweating profusely. “It’s been out of stock for several days, so I couldn’t buy it…  …  .” “Aren’t you taking reservations?” “If I had knownContinue reading “IBMV – 47”

IBMV – 46

Thank you to raw provider: Aii A few days later, I went back to the dressing room. The inside of the store wasn’t quiet, but there wasn’t crowded either. Really, people aren’t ready to accept black dresses yet……. With a clouded expression, Anna said, “I am worried that I have troubled the princess.” I feltContinue reading “IBMV – 46”

IBMV – 45

Thank you to raw provider: Aii Ever since I became business partners with Anna, the plan to open a dressing room has been going well. First, Anna quit Isabella’s boutique. During the months she was with Isabella, Anna barely slept, wholly devoted herself to work, causing her skills to improve remarkably. The strict Isabella saidContinue reading “IBMV – 45”

IBMV – 44

Thank you to raw provider: Aii At that time, the court musicians located on one side of the hall were busy moving. The interlude was over, and the second dance was about to begin. Kian gently pulled me towards himself, who was standing near Alexis. “Well, we’re going to leave now.” Kian said with aContinue reading “IBMV – 44”

IBMV – 43

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “You were the…….” He seemed to recognize me too. I smiled awkwardly and greeted him. “Olivia Ashford meets His Highness the Second Prince.” I said as I “Thank you for last time. I didn’t know who you were.” Alexis said as if it didn’t matter. “It’s fine. NotContinue reading “IBMV – 43”

IBMV – 42

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The hall, where the banquet commemorating the return of the second prince Alexis, was held was lit up with colorful lights. Alexis, the main character of the banquet, had not yet arrived. In the meantime, the nobles were gathering and talking to each other. I drank wine with theContinue reading “IBMV – 42”

IBMV – 41

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “Once the dress is complete, I will show it to the princess first.” “I look forward to it.” After dining in a friendly atmosphere, I got up from my seat. After paying the bill, I left the restaurant. I was wondering if I should go out for a whileContinue reading “IBMV – 41”

IBMV – 40

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “Ah yes. Did you come for Anna? She must be talking to Ms. Isabella right now…… Shall I get her?” Perhaps they were talking about work? Then I shouldn’t interfere. “It’s okay. I’ll wait while looking at the clothes.” The clerk said with a friendly smile, “Then, would youContinue reading “IBMV – 40”

IBMV – 39

Thank you to raw provider: Aii Fresh flowers freshly picked from the garden were decorated on the tea table.  High-quality teacups, teapots, and various desserts to accompany tea were placed beautifully.  “Alright, that’s enough.”  At the same time as I nodded with satisfaction, an employee announced,  “Lady, the guests have arrived.”  Women in striking dressesContinue reading “IBMV – 39”

IBMV – 38

Thank you to raw provider: Aii  “That’s right. Is there a problem?”  In response to his nonchalant, casual answer, voices of opposition poured in.  “Wyverns are an advanced species. Besides, we’re not talking about one or two!”  “A powerful spell can destroy them all at once.”  “It will be too slow! Do you know howContinue reading “IBMV – 38”

IBMV – 37

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The walkway in the garden led to the hill behind the mansion.  There, you could glimpse the capital from the overlook.  The square’s bell tower, red brick roofs.  The city, which boasted of it’s majestic dignity, was colored orange.  Kian said as he looked at the city bathed inContinue reading “IBMV – 37”

IBMV – 36

Thank you to raw provider: Aii Four days later, an invitation came from Kian. In the letter, it was written in neat font that he wanted to invite her to his mansion and have a meal together. I picked up the pen right away to reply.  When asked to inform him of a convenient date,Continue reading “IBMV – 36”

IBMV – 35

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “Tsk, is he losing his mind?” “It is what it is.” “I knew he’d end up like that someday.” “No matter if he is the cousin of the Empress, he has been too arrogant.” The aristocrats deeply resented the Marquis of Stanley, fueling their whispers. It seemed that thereContinue reading “IBMV – 35”

IBMV – 34

Thank you to raw provider: Aii While I was still in my thoughts, my makeup and hair was finished.  “My lady, it’s all done.”  The maids were proud of their incredible work.  I was also happy with their skills.  I changed into the dress I chose earlier.  After wearing the headdress and earrings, my ensembleContinue reading “IBMV – 34”

IBMV – 33

Thank you to raw provider: Aii Underneath the Imperial Palace, there is a secret space that only emperors can enter.  Emperor Sigmund III stood in front of a massive door.  As he put his hand on a marble embedded in the middle of the door, the marble shined. Rumble.   As if there were aContinue reading “IBMV – 33”

IBMV – 32

Thank you to raw provider: Aii A few hours after Nicholas took Kian out to drink. Kian returned to the mansion alone. While enjoying and breathing in the night breeze on my room’s terrace, I spotted Kian who appeared at the front door of the mansion. I waved at him. “Welcome back, Kian.” Kian, whoContinue reading “IBMV – 32”

IBMV – 31

Thank you to raw provider: Aii However, Kian did not intend to do anything bothersome, like building a kingdom. What would he do if he found the person who sealed his mana and took his revenge? Besides, there was another difficulty when he became king. Olivia would be the Duke of Ashford. But if heContinue reading “IBMV – 31”

IBMV – 30

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “Kian, congratulations on your liberation!” In front of the bar table, where fine liquor was displayed, Nicholas lifted the glass. He heard a cheerful sound of ice hitting the glass with a clang. Kian had a light drink with Nicholas, and then he moistened his throat. He was strangelyContinue reading “IBMV – 30”

IBMV – 29

It’s my birthday! Please Enjoy! Thank you to raw provider: Aii The army commander of the Kingdom of Eus, the mercenary leader of the Three Great Guilds of the Continent, and even the envoy from the Linh Empire of the East.…. Great people with prestigious titles lined up all day to meet with Kian. TheContinue reading “IBMV – 29”

IBMV – 28

It’s my birthday! Please Enjoy! Thank you to raw provider: Aii That evening. As we ate together, I asked Kian, “Have you thought about what you’re going to do from now on?” Now that he was a wizard, I wondered how he intended to live his life. When I raised the question, Kian, who wasContinue reading “IBMV – 28”

IBMV – 27

Thank you to raw provider: Aii That’s why I have to free him. He had to be released from slavery. And that belief remains unchanged even now. I continued to persuade Kian. “I’m not asking you to leave me. I’m just asking you to be a free man, a full citizen with legal rights—not aContinue reading “IBMV – 27”

IBMV – 26

Thank you to raw provider: Aii “Master, it is me, Kian.” As soon as I answered to come in, the door immediately opened. Kian and I sat at the table facing each other. A maid set down steamy black tea and refreshments in front of us. When the maid left the room, Kian opened hisContinue reading “IBMV – 26”

IBMV – 25.2

Thank you to raw provider: Aii A good result meant to get a higher grade in magic power measurement. The Empire evaluates the sorcerer’s talent and mana by measuring mana. It has a maximum of 1st to 9th grades, and a minimum of 3rd grades is required if you want to become a court wizard.Continue reading “IBMV – 25.2”

IBMV – 25.1

Thank you to raw provider: Aii The Count, who was panicking in a cold sweat, said, “I do not know……. It’s been so long that I can’t remember.” Kian glanced at the Count. I don’t think you’re lying……. I didn’t expect him to remember the name of a slave dealer in the first place. ItContinue reading “IBMV – 25.1”

IBMV – 24.2

Olivia fell asleep again after finishing her meal. Even though she regained consciousness, she shouldn’t overdo it. You have to recover your energy fully. Kian left her so she could rest comfortably. He walked a long way from the main building and headed for the northern garden, where employees rarely visited. Colorful flowers were bloomingContinue reading “IBMV – 24.2”

IBMV – 24.1

There were several people I suspected of being behind the assassination attempt. The first thing that came to mind among them was Uncle James. When I, my father’s only flesh and blood, is gone, Uncle James will be the likely successor to the title. That alone was enough to motivate my ambitious uncle to assassinateContinue reading “IBMV – 24.1”

IBMV – 23.2

It sounded as if he was talking to a person who woke up from a long sleep. How long have I been lying down……. I couldn’t guess. Nevertheless, the horrible events of that night were as vivid as it happened just moments ago. I was heartbroken recalling Kian who was terribly wounded, while trying toContinue reading “IBMV – 23.2”

IBMV – 23.1

Failure: Mission to kill Olivia. Upon hearing the report from Hunter, Crown Prince Harrison cackled bitterly. “Mission failed……”?” I feel like I’m in the middle of an irritating prank that’s not even amusing. Failure? I could never have even imagined the possibility even in the first place. Two people were enough to handle the Duke’sContinue reading “IBMV – 23.1”

IBMV – 22.2

The face of a father who had lost his daughter was stained with indescribable despair. He begged, grabbing Christine by the hem of her clothes. “No—you can’t. Save my daughter. Please, please… … .” “…… I’m sorry.” Kian stared blankly at Christine, who lowered her head like her sinner. He took the limp hand ofContinue reading “IBMV – 22.2”

IBMV – 22.1

Time seemed to have stopped. Olivia’s eyelids, which had been heavily closed, opened. When she looked at him, an earthquake of waves shook Kian’s light blue eyes. His voice calling for her was biting. “Master…….” He had thought she was dead, but she was alive. She looked weak, like a twig about to snap. ButContinue reading “IBMV – 22.1”

IBMV – 21.2

I’ve killed a person. Kian slowly looked at the wizard who had been burned and killed with his own hands. I don’t feel guilty. Rather, an emotion he had never felt in his life captured him. The violent pleasure in being in control of other people’s lives. It didn’t feel too bad. After living asContinue reading “IBMV – 21.2”

IBMV – 21.1

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. [A wizard who will destroy the empire will be born on March 1840 of the Imperial calendar.] Twenty years ago, it was foretold by a prophet who visited the Emperor. The Emperor killed all babies born with magical powers in March of that year to preventContinue reading “IBMV – 21.1”

IBMV – 20.2

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. At first he had misunderstood her. It was clear what the hostesses who were kind, actually wanted. So he thought she wouldn’t be any different. But Olivia……. She ran with anxious eyes to save him in danger and shared warmth to his cold hands. She punishedContinue reading “IBMV – 20.2”

IBMV – 20.1

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. When I came out of the opened carriage door, the dark scent of blood stabbed my nose. It was a mess outside. Blood and flesh. Knights who were stabbed by a spear of ice and fell in pools of blood. Cries of pain came from theirContinue reading “IBMV – 20.1”

IBMV – 19.2

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. “Mr. Kian. You have really gorgeous countenance! You must have received many confessions.” stated a red-faced painter. “Do you remember? How many women have confessed their love for you so far?” When asked, Kian helplessly bowed his head, not knowing what to do. The painter whoContinue reading “IBMV – 19.2”

IBMV – 19.1

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. On a sunny afternoon, Nicholas, the famous painter under the Duchy’s patronage, approached me. I opened the mysterious envelope Nicholas had handed me. After checking the contents of the letter, I frowned slightly. “What the hell is this?” “As you can see, this is an invitation.”Continue reading “IBMV – 19.1”

IBMV – 18.2

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. I looked back at her with a smile. “Yes, I’ll be rooting for you, too.” After saying goodbye to Anna, I got into the carriage. On my return to the mansion, I organized my thoughts on my elaboration of the original work. Now that I’ve changedContinue reading “IBMV – 18.2”

IBMV – 18.1

Thank you to Sarachan and littleauntie for the raws. In the original work, Anna was a maid of Archduke Balthazar. She learns the terrible fact that the Grand Duke will stuff Kian alive. Anna risks her life and escapes with Kian from the mansion. They’re trying to leave the empire and live a new lifeContinue reading “IBMV – 18.1”

IBMV – 17.2

Thank you for all the support you give me—yes, I’m talking about you, thank you for reading 🙂 <3 He went wild, ready to overturn the negotiating table if he hadn’t been tied to a rope. “I have the management rights of the spinning plant. You don’t have the authority to interfere in factory management!Continue reading “IBMV – 17.2”

IBMV – 17.1

The door of the old warehouse opened with a harsh sound, irritating to angry and defensive ears. The first thing I spotted was workers armed with tools. Then I saw Uncle James, tied up with a rope. His clothes were dirty, and his hair was messy, but it looked like he wasn’t hit or injured.Continue reading “IBMV – 17.1”

IBMV – 16.2

“Everyone, take out your tools!” Hearing those words–it was their signal–other workers also took out hidden tools. Hundreds of angry workers began to smash the machines, and the factory quickly became a mess. (Organized labor and direct action? Be still my beating heart) The workers at Ashford’s factory were full of grievances about their slave-lakeContinue reading “IBMV – 16.2”

IBMV – 16.1

That night, Kian, who returned to the villa in Trillian, lay in bed, tossing and turning. It was late at night, so the villa was still. Only the sound of the waves rushing in and out of the water was heard regularly. He got up and walked to the window. The sea seen through theContinue reading “IBMV – 16.1”

IBMV – 15.2

Indeed there was a ship floating in the direction the sailor had announced. The ship was hoisting the flag of an Imperial Trade Ship. But when the Duke’s warship approached, the boat suddenly changed course and tried to escape. Thankfully, it was not easy to escape because the wind was blowing in the opposite direction.Continue reading “IBMV – 15.2”

IBMV – 15.1

Kian woke up on a hardwood floor. My vision was blurry, and my head pounded. The whole body was as heavy like soaked cotton. Where am I? I remember going into the alley to pick up the cuff button, and then someone hit me from behind……. Kian slowly blinked. The blurred vision gradually became clear.Continue reading “IBMV – 15.1”

IBMV – 14.2

Kian was pushed by the crowd and heard something popping and falling. The cuff of his shirt felt empty; his cufflink fell. Kian hurriedly searched and scanned the ground. Fortunately, a few steps away, the cuff as big as a thumbnail flashed. It was a gift from Olivia the other day. He bent down toContinue reading “IBMV – 14.2”

IBMV – 14.1

Bang! “Argh!” Uncle James let go of Kian with a cry. He bent down hurriedly as if he really thought I’d hit him. The knife had brushed my uncle’s head and lodged in the painting on the wall. The knife pierced the gentleman’s forehead in the painting. My uncle swallowed dry saliva. He shouted toContinue reading “IBMV – 14.1”

IBMV – 13.2

I said with a graceful smile, ignoring his provocation. “I fully understand how you feel. I’m still immature; however, consider you will not stand out because you are not the Duke, instead you are an assistant manager but there are a lot of eyes on me….. Shouldn’t you cover your words?” Seeing the reporters appearingContinue reading “IBMV – 13.2”

IBMV – 13.1

Gifts for a good night·········. I was speechless when I found out the identity of the gift given by the royal daughter. I’ve never received such a gift in my entire life. But the Princess calmly went on to explain, whether she did or didn’t notice my embarrassment. “If you drink it, you can haveContinue reading “IBMV – 13.1”

IBMV – 12.2

Several days passed since Nicholas dined with the duchess. He, instead, kept to the studio and kept working. A large oil painting soon hung in Nicholas’ studio. It was a scene from the founding story of the Genoa Kingdom. The heroic battle of a warrior fighting against the armies of demons on a vast canvas.Continue reading “IBMV – 12.2”

IBMV – 12.1

Five years ago, a sudden case of artist’s block nearly killed Nicholas. He left even the emperor’s portrait unfinished under the pretext of a slump. The angry emperor threatened Nicholas to cut off his hand if he did not complete the painting immediately. But Nicholas said, ‘I’d rather lose my hand than paint an insincereContinue reading “IBMV – 12.1”

IBMV – 11.2

“Lady Olivia, here you are,” as soon as she got off the carriage, the Duchess of Wedgewood called me in a welcoming voice. I made my way through the crowd, walking towards the Duchess. The exhibition hall, where the Imperial Art Exhibition is held, is crowded with people every year. The vast crowd was proofContinue reading “IBMV – 11.2”

IBMV – 11.1

I didn’t know the bum-looking man was a painter. It’s nice that he wants Kian to model for him. But there’s one thing I’m concerned about. Modelling work is harder than it seems. It isn’t easy to maintain the same posture for a long time. So I hesitated to say yes, and the unknown painterContinue reading “IBMV – 11.1”

IBMV – 10.2

*** “Lady Olivia, it’s a pleasure to see you.” Smiled the Duchess of Wedgewood while appreciating a painting. The Duchess chose a museum as our meeting place. It was unusual. I greeted her. The painting she was admiring was Nicholas Rossetti’s Portrait of Mrs. La Morr. Said the Duchess, who reverently looked at the painting:Continue reading “IBMV – 10.2”

IBMV – 10.1

“Are you feeling better now?” I asked as I unwrapped my arms from him.  Kian’s eyes were red. He nodded instead of answering.  It made me recall the novel…Now that I think about it, Kian shed many tears before blackening.  The Kian in my dreams was a man without blood or tears.  It was disconcertingContinue reading “IBMV – 10.1”

IBMV – 9.2

“….!”  I turned back with a stiff look, and she smiled, narrowing her eyes thinly.  “Oh, you didn’t know.”  “……..”  “Oh my, did Kian neglect his service?”  I avoided an explicit expression. For a second, it didn’t occur to me to recognize the actual sword behind her words.  And how it would affect Kian. Kian’sContinue reading “IBMV – 9.2”

IBMV – 9.1

“I had no idea I would see you here!” said the lady, in a voice of joy and helplessness.  She was so thrilled that she was about to shed tears.  But Kian looked noticeably dark.  Having been self-absorbed and one-sidedly enjoying their reunion, she belatedly noticed my existence and asked.  “Is the person next toContinue reading “IBMV – 9.1”

IBMV – 8.2

The Editor cleared his voice urgently. He stooped back and forth, even though his opponent was not in front of him.  “Isn’t this Lord Spencer? To what do I owe the pleasure?”  -I will not tolerate tardiness for your bill this month. I must receive the full amount on the due date. It was likeContinue reading “IBMV – 8.2”

IBMV – 8.1

I almost screamed.  “Master?”  Entreated Kian anxiously; he had a momentary look of surprise.  I said with a hasty look on my face.  “Something was moving over there. It must have been a squirrel.”  The rat is hiding.  A class of scum that came out to spy and trespass on my estate  The gossip reportersContinue reading “IBMV – 8.1”

IBMV – 7.2

Since morning, the maids were smoking meat and preparing food.  It was a fine day without a cloud in sight.  It was a perfect day to go out with Kian.  The maids who chose to accompany him to the picnic were also excited.  The picnic was to be held in a forest on the outskirtsContinue reading “IBMV – 7.2”

IBMV – 7.1

‘No way……’  A wild idea sprung up, but I shook my head lightly and erased it.  It didn’t make sense to think that far.  “She” would be alive somewhere in the world.  I see he’s opened up a little bit about today. But this wouldn’t be a rational favor.  If it’s a human favor forContinue reading “IBMV – 7.1”

IBMV – 6

It was funny to see her embarrassed face as soon as I poked her weakness “What do you mean? There’s no problem—as soon as our ships arrive carrying goods from the East, we will be in the black again.” “Well, if you want to come from the East to the Empire, you have to goContinue reading “IBMV – 6”

IBMV – 5

-Wine Warehouse—! “He’s in the wine cellar.”Having obtained a confession from John, I hurried to the basement of the mansion. The thick wooden door of the wine warehouse was securely latched. I was in a hurry, so my hands kept slipping off the latch. When I finally opened the door, I saw a crouching whiteContinue reading “IBMV – 5”

IBMV – 4

Lately, John, a servant at the duchy, had been in a terrible mood. The cause? The slave Kian the Duchess brought in a few days ago. He couldn’t stand it. Kian was a thorn in his eyes. To be exact, he hated the way Kian was preciously treated. Aren’t slaves like livestock? Then you shouldContinue reading “IBMV – 4”

IBMV – 3

My carriage stopped in front of the department store on the main street.  “Arrived, my dear,” said Lord Hans, my escort, who opened the carriage door.  I got off the carriage with his guidance.  The department store building was magnificent and splendid to match the name of the first of it’s kind in the Empire. Continue reading “IBMV – 3”

IBMV – 2

A carriage ran through the night streets. The novel’s protagonist, Kian, who I had been looking for so long, was sitting opposite me.  The genius wizard of the century and the man who will destroy the empire. And the one who brutally murdered Olivia in the original storyline.  I formally introduced myself to Kian.  “I’mContinue reading “IBMV – 2”

IBMV – 1

I was standing in the middle of the bloodbath. The slaughtered bodies fell to their feet, and a terrible scream struck their eardrums.  In the banquet hall there were bloody, broken chandeliers sprayed with limbs and people running away screaming.  My foot stuck something too soft and too high to be the floor. I lookedContinue reading “IBMV – 1”

I Became the Master of the Villain

The main character of a novel, Kian, blackens and destroys the empire after 20 years of slavery.

After transmigrating into an extra that will die at the hands of the villain, Olivia decides she must stop Kian from going down the wrong path in order to survive. 

With so much money that it was rotting I put the money to good use and bought the main character from the auction. 

“I am Kian. From now on, I will serve you faithfully.” 

In fact, the main character I came to know was a far cry from a bloody killer. I lived because I was a good person before the impending storm. 

Until the main character wakes up as a wizard. 

I thought my care and sincerity was successful in stopping his villainous route… 


Kian said when I tried to burn his slave deed. 

“Master, why are you trying to abandon me?” 

My heart shook at his pleading look and imploring voice. Strengthening my resolve soon, I said. 

“I’m just trying to set you free.” 

“…Master says she doesn’t need me anymore.”

“No, I didn’t–“

I couldn’t finish my thought. Kian, narrowed the distance between us, bowing his head deeply. His face was so close, it was as if our lips were touching. 

My heart beats wildly unconsciously. He whispered softly, burying his face on my shoulder. 

“I am yours Master, so you may order anything…” 

The certificate of sale flew into the air and fell into Kian’s hand. A moment ago, he, who had lowered his eyes bitterly, growled as low as a beast. 

“Just don’t tell me to leave. That order cannot be followed.” 

What should I do? 

It seems that the main character has turned into a yandere. 

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