HCM – 95


An arrow flew and stuck.

Assailants dressed in black fired arrows in succession, and those in front drew swords and charged. Every attacker was wearing a mask, but it was clear who the target was.

The coachman started moving the carriage, and the knights also ran.


Pushing Frisia into the inner seat, Juliet wrapped her arms around her intending to become her human shield.

In front of them, Lana, a knight, and her escort, was hiding with her heavy sword drawn.

Frisia felt her body tremble uncontrollably. The fact that there was an attack now meant that the monster and the victim who lured Aslei away could have been a lie from the very beginning.

‘Is Aslei alright?’

The moment she thought that there was a scream of ‘Argh!’ Frisia shrank her neck and touched her magic tool that was on her finger.

I am not powerless. You can fight.

However, it is unknown how far it would work against assassins or even regular soldiers.

In Frisia’s mind came the image of the transformed Clarisse, who was flying after her procession, but she could not call her for help.

She was a research-oriented mage who wasn’t well-versed in attack magic. She was talented in transforming into a small mountain bird and flying around, but she never fought monsters properly before.

All Frisia asked Clarisse was to carry her corpse and decorate a scene. But she could not assist her in an actual battle.

Her heart was pounding. Aslei selected the most outstanding knights to escort Frisia. So, they could hold out until Aslei’s group returns.

Or they might even defeat their enemies before he came. They could kill all those assassins and wait for Aslei with pride.

Perhaps. Maybe—Even if it’s a very shallow possibility.

“There are too many!”

The commander shouted; the knight’s cry squeezed the hearts of Frisia, Lana, and Juliet in the carriage.

Frisia wanted to make sure that her guards were all right, but Lana stopped her. With arrows flying in succession, pulling back the curtains in this situation was suicidal.

The wagon rattled along a cliff. The knights realized they had been driven there belatedly, but it was already too late.

The coachman was desperate not to drop the carriage over a cliff. If it hadn’t been for the skillful coachman brought from the Duke’s residence, they would have already fallen off the cliff.

Beep! Tweet Chirp Chirp!

Clarisse, the bird watching over her head, cried loudly. She seemed to have noticed something.

Guessing something might come up, Frisia thought she should stop the carriage.

But how could she stop the carriage running at this speed? Even if they stopped, a group of assassins were chasing after them!

Without much thought, Frisia grabbed Juliet’s arm as she prepared to activate her defensive magic tool. There was a limit to the range she could operate it.


Frisia called out to her while holding Juliet in her arms at the terrifying heat that surged from the floor. Lana was probably just moving to protect her master.

There was no way that a single knight could stop the heat surging from below a shattering wagon, where even the carriage’s defensive magic was destroyed.

However, Frisia activated her magic tool when Lana came within her range.

In their vision, everything was stained red. Even if you were standing in the middle of the fires of hell, you wouldn’t be burning like this.

It was clear that their enemies had set up a magic circle on one side of the cliff and activated it when their wagon passed by. Outside, the screams of the knights calling them were echoing.

Crack, shatter… … .

Frisia’s magic tools were cracking; the magic circle was too powerful. The defenses surrounding them also became incontinent.

As if foreboding their doom as the fine cracks multiplied on the shield like ice, Lana and Juliet wrapped themselves around her.


The magic circle that was activated again began to fall down the cliff like the carriage, maintaining its shape even as it collapsed the ground.

In the instant the carriage fell about to crash, Frisia thought of Aslei as the shattered magic circle and heat overcame her.

If she knew that it would be the last time they saw each other, she wouldn’t have sent him off like that.

She didn’t even say goodbye, and he left without feeling the warmth of his hand, let alone a hug. She screamed from the terrible heat; flames seemed to pour into her open mouth.

So she was unaware that something had rushed in through the melted glass of her window.

It took the people who had become a melted lump and one body and disappeared. What was left was a corpse resembling Frisia, which had fallen automatically.

It crackled and burned into a shape alien to its original form.

❁ ❁ ❁

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  1. Wow, that’s heartbreaking. It seems like Clarisse might be able to save Fresia, her knight and her maid (if they can even be fully healed after what happened to them), but the rest of the knights protecting her just died. All of them. Wasn’t it 16 or so of Aslei’s best? Plus the maids and staff members traveling with them. Oh, even the last survivor of that village died. Wow, how awful. I hope Aslei won’t give up after he thinks Fresia has died. Poor dude’s heart has been through the wringer lately.

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