HCM – 94

“Is anyone alive?”

cried Eli, who had the loudest voice among the knights. This was to find survivors but also to attract demons.

If the village had reached this point, defeating the witchbeasts and going to Frisia would not be enough. They had to slay all the monsters, send someone to fetch Frisia and bring the rest of the party to come this way. It would take some time to fix.


Kyyyyeeee, kieeek! [sfx: screams and roars]

It wasn’t the villagers who responded to Eli’s call but hordes of nightmares that filled the streets. Aslei commanded the knights into formation.

It was strange that there were so many demons in the village. Even though the situation was suspicious, it was necessary to clear this place immediately.

The knights, with their swords upright, clashed with the beasts.

❁ ❁ ❁

Jeremy, perched on the roof, was watching the situation with glee. The village was not his business.

‘It just happened to happen.’

Jeremy was not interested in the stories floating around in the world. Still, his eyes and ears naturally focused on the confrontation between the Duke of Tintalion and the Imperial family.

It was a story that his wife, the Duchess, was accused of instigating the assassination of the third prince.

“How can that be!”

The villagers were also disbelieving, declaring it was nonsense. They were convinced that the second prince had killed her brother.

That an assassination was instigated by the Duchess, who was famously preoccupied with caring for her cursed husband, reeked of utter nonsense.

So people whispered that the death of the crown prince and the death of the youngest prince, previously known to have died of an illness, was actually murdered by the second prince.

Considering how precious children were to the imperial family, it was unbelievable that they would all die one after another like this.

‘It’s none of my business.’

He was happy that Duke Tintalion was troubled but felt sorry for the Duchess. It was a very superficial sentiment, though.

‘But to think that he would do something like this just to bring out that guy… … .’

The second prince seemed to be a fearless man. Or an idiot who didn’t care about nobility or people at all.

Jeremy lurked as if waiting for his group and fidgeted with the dagger hidden against his chest. It was one of the many treasures hidden in the Tower of Magic.

It is a ceremonial dagger used in sacrifices to the demon Galot to gain strength.

He had entered the prison in the dungeon of the Sorcerer’s Tower and took this dagger.

The Tower of Magic itself caught criminals and imprisoned them in prison in the basement of the tower. It wasn’t a very attractive sacrifice, but he figured that the value of a wizard would be greater than that of a common criminal.

He had been discreet, but after killing all the criminals in the tower’s dungeon, another wizard had discovered him.

Jeremy pierced all the mages who attacked him, who opposed or mocked him with his dagger.

It was only when he saw his teacher, the Master of the Magic Tower, roaring at him that he finally came to his senses.

He had been confident that the Tower Lord would pursue him as he ran away in a hurry, but the Archmage did not. He only stared at Jeremy with eyes filled with shock, grief, and pain.

Jeremy was offended by those eyes. 

Why do you look at me as if you were looking at a pitiful, miserable thing?

‘I know for a second I went crazy. I know, but… … .’

He intended not to use Galot’s dagger when fighting Aslei. Losing your senses and fighting like he did in the Tower of Magic was dangerous.

There was no way Aslei would overlook his deeds like the owner of the mage tower. 

–No, it didn’t matter if he didn’t let it slide.

After sacrificing dozens of people, the power he received was beyond imagination. Jeremy’s brain, polluted with black magic, thought that was why the Archmage hadn’t pursued him.

Because I am strong! That’s why the Master knew and perserved himself.

‘Since Aslei is a monster… … . I’ll offer him to Galot right before he takes his last breath.’

The evil god would be delighted and give him infinite power for such an outstanding offering. For he had the reputation of being one of the strongest on the continent!

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