HCM – 92

This time he had an excuse. He could give her what she wanted, and she had promised a reward. Jeremy had already felt that since he had cast the last curse on him, he had crossed a river of no return.

He was no longer a wizard of the Tower, and the position of the Lord of the Mage Tower was no longer his.

The only thing he wanted most was Marianne, so he thought she should be his.

‘Even if Marianne cries and refuses, she can’t escape me this time.’

She already made an oath. Even if the world ended, he would make her keep that promise.

‘I will also grant to Marianne’s request!’

He intended to erase Aslei Tintalion from the world so he could never set foot in the capital again.

In response to his plan, Jeremy turned to the Tower. There were so many things he had to do before that was possible.

❁ ❁ ❁

Since the Magic Tower was closed, the teleportation magic circles became useless. Excluding a few wizards who did not belong to the Tower or those who distanced themselves from it, most traveled to the Mage Tower through this method.

But now, only the wagons to bring in ingredients were still coming and going.

Because the teleportation gates were closed, the Duke of Tintalion’s party heading to the capital was slow. The fact that they did not have to rush to the capital also played a role.

Aslei frequently communicated with his retainers and vassals in the duke’s castle and inspected the location of the knights.

Frisia slept most of the time in the carriage. She thought she could not sleep because she was anxious, but the carriage was comfortable, and her body was tired, so sleep came to her naturally.

In her rambling dreams, Frisia had a strange dream. It was a chaotic dream in which memories from her past life were jumbled together.

‘I can’t remember anything after waking up.’

It would disappear instantly if she didn’t write her dreams down or keep repeating them after waking up. When she tried to recall it, nothing came to mind other than an image similar to a memory of her previous life.

Frisia watched the scenery outside the window of the slow-moving carriage. Occasionally she could hear a bird chirping and a cry that distinguished it from other birds.

Beep Beep! That was the code that Clarisse and Frisia shared. Frisia knew that Clarisse’s messenger was still watching her.

She would be safe even if she passed Mullia as long as she traveled in the Duchy of Tintalion. Even the knights knew that there would be no surprises within the duchy.

But it was after leaving the duchy and following the road leading down the mountain to the capital, she could feel the increasing tension amongst the knights.

Even Frisia’s attendants were scrutinizing their surroundings with their nerves on edge.

Aslei stopped the wagon from time to time to take a break. The edict from the emperor only ordered that they come to the capital, but did not set a date.

The longer it took, the more time Duke Atreille had to sway the nobles. So Aslei and his party had no reason to hurry.

It was a procession that mobilized many knights. Because it was a large-scale procession, even low-level monsters did not show up, and the safe and slow trip was unremarkable and repetitive.

From city to town, from small territory to large territory, they moved closer and closer to the capital.

❁ ❁ ❁

‘Damn it!’

Julien gnashed his teeth as he received the report. He broke into a cold sweat when he heard that Aslei was approaching the capital and had mobilized his knights.

He had heard that he had been freed from the curse thanks to his wife, but he thought that if he accused her of the murder of the prince, he would be somewhat cold towards her.

‘Well, the Duke of Tintalion has to keep up appearances, it would look bad if had abandoned his wife right away.’

Julien, who had no understanding of affection, never thought that Aslei would not let go of his wife. For him, marriage and women were only tools necessary to maintain power.

Love could be done at will with a mistress, so why bother with a wife? Because a wife was a being who may have to be abandoned due to politics or power issues, she was not suitable for love.

But there was no commitment to the mistress either.

The emperor, Orle IV, left this matter entirely to Julien. He was convinced he had murdered his brother and did not want to involve himself in cleaning up after Julien.

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