HCM – 91

The long night didn’t end until late in the morning. It was a morning where they were in a hurry.

After being tormented all night, Frisia allowed Aslei to accompany her to the bathroom. She also consented since she would be sleeping in the carriage anyway.

‘… … You have good stamina.’

Frisia’s cheeks grew pink as she thought of Aslei, who released his desire within her several times. She had felt too much as she accepted his.

Maybe this fervor was an aftereffect of the curse? But she couldn’t bring herself to ask. It was too embarrassing.

After bathing with Aslei and getting ready, Frisia came down the stairs with him. In the hall, the knights of the ducal family and those accompanying the procession were already waiting.

Frisia felt sorry for them, but Aslei seemed dissatisfied that they came out early. Reed stepped out first to explain the schedule and their destination for the day.

There was a vast difference between arriving at a lord’s estate, staying at the manor, and sleeping on the road, even if one was prepared with tents.

Aslei carried Frisia up to her carriage and then mounted his horse. From the wagon, she looked back at the family’s employees who had come to bid farewell to her.

Their faces were full of anxiety when they saw the duke’s mistress parting. Inside she was surprised, realizing she had become close to them over the past three years.

“Please return safely,”

Bunter spoke on behalf of all the servants. He wasn’t only referring to Frisia.

Aslei announced the order to depart. The carriage slowly passed through the front yard of the duke’s castle, passing the garden.

Frisia turned her head to watch the increasingly distant mansion.

She had an ominous premonition. But tried hard to shake off the feeling.

‘It’s all right. I’m not alone.’

Aslei was riding on his horse alongside the carriage, watching over her. There were escort knights and maids in and around the wagon, as well as spirits.

Although she hadn’t yet signed a contract with any spirit, the spirits were always by Frisia’s side.

‘… … So it’ll be fine,’

thought Frisia as she looked at Aslei. Everything—everything will be fine.

❁ ❁ ❁

Jeremy was thinking of Aslei. His labs were scattered all over the continent besides the one at the Magic Tower, but only three or four were used as hideouts.

‘Marianne didn’t set a deadline.’

He didn’t know what was happening in the capital, but he knew Marianne was up to something.

She was an intelligent woman; she knew what she was doing.

‘Perhaps it’s because she thought I can’t achieve it.’

Jeremy felt his mouth twist from laughter. Perhaps her request was impossible to achieve.

Unless he killed Aslei Tintalion.

It was clear that Marianne never thought he could kill Aslei. She was a woman who could think of that loophole.

But she thought he was weaker than Aslei.

Even Jeremy knew that Aslei Tintalion was stronger than him. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t a way. Hadn’t he put a curse on Aslei before?!

‘You just have to think of a way—a way… … .’

There must be a way for him to defeat Aslei, just as he mixed his sorcery with the holy powers of a god and cast a curse. If he couldn’t do it by himself, he had to borrow the power of others.

Like the power of the goddess he borrowed last time.

‘Goddess Astera will not lend her strength again. But maybe I can find another god who will lend me their power for an ulterior motive… … .’

A god who had to have the will and meaning to do so in this world.

Many gods ruled this world. Governing over them was Astera, a heavenly god, but there was also a god who refused Astera’s authority.

The evil god Galoth was a self-ruling god.

‘Galot is not a god who lends his strength without sacrifice.’

He wasn’t called evil for nothing. He was a god who gave more power to people the more they sacrificed innocents to him.

Will Marianne be mine even after doing such a thing?

After Jeremy kills Aslei, Marianne’s actions couldn’t be predicted. He had wanted to kill Aslei for a long time but couldn’t because of Marianne’s presence.

He could see it clearly now. All Marianne wanted was Aslei.

‘As long as Aslei Tintalion is alive, I have no chance.’

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