HCM – 90

She didn’t know when their lips collided or when they undressed each other and climbed onto bed. They were just busy feeling each other and digging into each other’s warmth with the fervor and ardor of savoring each other’s preciousness.

Indeed, Frisia yearned to touch him too, but quickly Aslei became the zealous initiator.

It was inevitable because she was more sensitive, and he was bigger and quicker to act.

Although Frisia begrudged the order of things, she did not object or restrain him. She gave Aslei practically free reign to do everything and anything he desired.

So Aslei became bold. He bit and licked all over her body without rest or release.

Frisia moaned as his scalding hand grazing her skin seemed to paint his passion all over her. Aslei kissed her, swallowing up even that sigh, and continued to fondle and caress every part of her.

‘Oh, not there… … .’

However, in front of the ardent Aslei, Frisia disregarded her reticence.

Tonight, she was willing to console him. She didn’t know what would happen tomorrow, but for today, she wanted to cherish and indulge him more than herself, so she suppressed her shame.

Aslei’s voracious lips approached between her wide-open legs. The inside of her soft thighs was already full of traces he had left, and his hot hands and even hotter tongue and lips focused on scanning and tasting them.

“Ugh, ah… … .”

Every time her body curved and reacted, Aslei’s excitement grew. When his lips finally touched her wet, soft entrance, his tongue dug wildly into her slit.

Her back bent in thrill as he tasted her insides, his hot, thick, soft tongue coming into the gap. Her embarrassment grew as well, but Frisia only let out moans.

She was too shy to raise her head, but she found Aslei’s actions were endearing and lovely: he was trying to feel and remember everything about her.

Frisia also wanted to imprint the joy of this moment into her memories.

“Hwh— uhhhhh, ah!”

It was incredible when his tongue dug in, spread open her insides, and she felt his breath there. Feeling ashamed with a tear-stained face, she orgasmed with Aslei’s tongue and lips repeatedly.

Aslei watched her with a burning gaze, taking in the sight of her growing frantic and racking her fingernails on the bed sheets.

This night will not be the last. There will be times like this in the future, and even then, he will make her feel like this again.


Aslei’s patience had reached its limit. He came out from between her legs, trembling with the afterglow of a climax, and licked his lips.

Frisia’s face heated up from traces of the clear liquid he licked up that was evidently her own.

“Hic-cup, ah… … .”

He approached and embraced her again. Aslei’s thick and hard desire pushed between her legs, opening her drenched, soft hole soaked with saliva and love juices.

Frisia hugged him.

As Aslei pushed his back into her depths, she felt his colossal body widen her insides, skillfully immersing himself into her inner flesh.

At sweet pleasure, Frisia felt saliva pooling up in her mouth.

Aslei held her body close enough to touch stomachs, so she could feel his waist teasing her as if he was drilling into her.

“Ah, ah! Ah-hak … … .”

Obscene bliss made her forget tomorrow. She couldn’t bother worrying about the hardships she might face— being in the capital, the intrigues of the emperor, and the perils she might encounter on the way—at least for now.

Frisia looked at him, focusing only on Aslei and the pleasure he gave her. Today, she wanted to concentrate only on him.

“I love you.”

Aslei’s eyes were wet as he whispered words that made him cry no matter how many times he had said them before. He clenched his teeth and hugged her.

Conceivably they may encounter no danger when going to the capital. Since the terrible Duke of Atreille was on their side, this could end –unexpectedly– in vain.

Still, he was anxious and afraid. One of the princes had died, and the imperial family blamed Frisia.

“You will be safe. Nothing will happen,”

Aslei declared in a hot voice. Frisia believed in the sincerity of his words. She believed him, but… … .

‘I’m not the main character.’

Perhaps, she wondered, her role in the world of this story was set to be Aslei’s deceased wife.

It was one of the male lead’s scars, and it was the seasoning to make something like a cold northern grand duke. However, Aslei was the Duke of the East, not the North.

‘He doesn’t love Marianne. Therefore… … Aslei is no longer the male lead.’

So you and Aslei will be fine. Frisia only clung to that thought.

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