HCM – 87

‘You’re going to torment me till the end. Even though you already have everything!’

As Princess Atreille, she didn’t have to have Aslei. She could have her pick of any number of men she chose. Aslei was supposed to be hers alone… … .

On hearing news of the Duke on the street, Marianne hurried back to the inn. Jen worried about her condition and suggested they leave the duchy again, but she evaded answering him.

Marianne calculated the cards she could use.

The men who followed her supported her and gave her devoted love no matter what she asked of them in the past.

They had changed in this life. The stark discrepancy between before and after her return was evident, and the injustice Marianne felt made her want to vomit with frustration.

‘Ian—no Ian. He has started to judge me. Trevor isn’t an easygoing guy, Kion will try to convince me that what I’m doing isn’t right, and Ruud is too… … .’

What she was left with was Jen, and only because he was relatively obtuse with human affairs and had absolute trust in her. Jen still seemed to trust Marianne, but he was not suited for the job. Because Aslei was strong.

Few could stand up to him and stand their ground.

Trevor and Kion, maybe Ian, could have pulled Aslei out and stalled him with an appropriate stratagem.

Lastly, there was Jeremy. In the future, before her regression, Jeremy became the Master of the Mage Tower.

‘Jeremy would help me.’

He showed blind love to Marianne even in this life after her return. He tried to hide it, but she couldn’t help but notice it.

Because of him, she had lost everything and hated him, so it was palpable and evident to him, who adored her.

If she asked him, he would listen and do it. But she didn’t think he’d do it for free.

Marianne pondered and took out the magic tool that Jeremy had given her.

Although they stayed at the same inn, Jen got a separate room. When Marianne said she would rest inside, Jen went out and said he would look at the situation.

So now there was only Marianne in the room.

“Show up, Jeremy. I need your help.”

She spoke and shattered the amulet’s jewel with her dagger. Light spread out from the charm and flew into the empty area of the room.

As far as she knew, Jeremy was on the run, pursued by the Duke’s knights. However, in this situation, she thought that the knights would return.

‘You should be able to come now.’

The amulet was surrounded by light, and parts of the room were distorted, revealing a space beyond. As if in the middle of a forest, Jeremy blinked and raised his eyes when he saw a portal appear before him.

He saw Marianne’s figure and stepped through the hole without hesitation. As he entered her room, the amulet lost power and fell.

“Uh, what happened? Did you use it because you were worried about me?”

His affectionate voice, reserved only for her, made her sick to her stomach. But Marianne approached him and hugged him, trying to be as gentle as possible.

“I heard you were being chased.”

When Jeremy handed Marianne the magic tool, he told her how it worked. So she knew, too, it may appear she thought Jeremy was in danger and she was giving him refuge.

‘I didn’t use it for you, but… … .’

Anyway, that illusion was about to be broken shortly. Her request would distort his expression. Marianne thought she should fully enjoy the fact.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

It didn’t take a few seconds for his joyous expression to warp. Jeremy desperately managed his face, not wanting to lose points from his beloved Marianne.

She proceeded without regard for his feelings.

“Soon the Duke of Tintalion will go up to the capital with his wife. At that time… … I want you to keep Duke Tintalion out of the capital.”

In order for Julien, the second prince, to kill Frisia, she had to separate her from Aslei.

Julien would attack Frisia using the emperor, the ultimate power move but Aslei was not an easy man.

Marianne knew that the current Aslei was hiding his power.

He was always a person who couldn’t reveal all of himself. Only later did she find out he was a man of such ardent feelings and intense jealousy.

‘The second prince cannot stop Aslei. He won’t even be able to catch his ankle.’

But with Jeremy, it was possible. Because he was the man who would become the Archmage of the Mage Tower in the future.

“Why do you need that?”

From the moment Aslei’s name came up, Jeremy protested. Displeasure oozed from his face; it couldn’t be concealed even with all of his masking in front of Marianne.

“I can’t tell you. However, if you listen to this request, I will do anything for you. Whatever you wish for… … .”

Jeremy’s expression brightened at her words. Marianne said as much because she knew that Jeremy would not be able to grant her request in the end.

Because she never specified how long to keep him out of the capital.

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