HCM – 85

Even in the midst of this, the emperor judged that it was entirely reasonable to frame the Duke’s wife rather than the Duke of Tintalion.

The Duchess of Tintalion had no children.

It was unknown whether she was barren or whether the Duke and her planned and agreed not to have children, but regardless she was a card that the Duchy of Tintalion could dispose of. [t1v: damn the judgment of not having children after being together publically after only three years 💀]

‘The imperial family shed blood. I lost face too.’

Even aristocrats with half a brain would know: Why did the emperor send both princes there?

Instead of achieving their purpose, they fought each other, and one ended up murdering the other. And the criminal laid the blame on his original target, the Duke of Tintalion.

The Duchess of Tintalion was a member of the Duke of Tintalion, but she was also the princess of the Duke of Atreille. She was someone’s wife and daughter.

‘… … and yet you wouldn’t feel even a tenth of the pain I feel.’

He lost his successor. All that remains is a wretched, sordid brute that preyed on his own flesh and blood. If the time and possibility came, the snake-like creature would bite off his father’s neck without hesitation.

‘But I can’t abandon him. My flesh and blood must inherit the throne!’

The emperor knew tears were wetting his cheeks, but he did not know for whom they were for.

He wanted his enemies to feel this misery as well. Even if it wasn’t exactly the same despair he felt, blood couldn’t be shed only in the imperial family.

The emperor slowly rose from his seat and glared at his remaining son.

Julien. He was a child whom he did not know how far he would sin for his greed.

“We must pursue your plan.”

At last, when the emperor finally declared his determination, Julien laughed, not knowing how he looked. Grinning with his eyes shining with darkness casting a halo, he resembled a demonic ghoul.

❁ ❁ ❁

A robin waiting for an answer was peering back and forth from the window sill. Frisia dragged on by not finishing her sentence properly.

On the back of the stationery, on which she was writing her letter, was a letter from her close friend, Clarisse:

I’ve been hearing about you from time to time.

The blue flower you wanted me to prepare is in my hand. But I heard news that you couldn’t conclude the contract.

What happened? A change of heart?

I’m worried about you.

If you are in trouble, I will be your consolation. My bouquet will help.

P.S. – Please write your reply on the back. Hold it out to Belle, and the magic will work.

Clarisse was a friend of Frisia’s when she was the princess of Atreille. She was the daughter of a peasant who lived in the Duchy of Atreille and was gifted with magic.

Frisia found her playing with leaves and petals in the forest and took her as her playmate.

At that time, Clarisse was on the verge of being sold as the concubine of a wealthy merchant, so she was very grateful to Frisia.

She introduced Clarisse to her family’s sorcerer, who taught her magic. Later, when Clarisse became independent, she asked for help.

The ‘blue flower’ that Clarisse mentioned in her letter referred to a corpse similar in shape and appearance to that of Frisia. 

‘Consolation’ or ‘bouquet’ referred to the plan that Frisia and Clarisse had concocted together.

Frisia was bracing herself for the worst-case scenario when her contract marriage to Aslei ended.

The only way to escape the eyes of the male lead, Aslei, or the Duke of Atreille, was to fake her death.

Frisia pondered for a moment before writing down her last sentence. She then double-checked what she had written on the stationery:

I was just wondering about you too.

It is as you’ve guessed. I’ve had a change of heart

But the situation is complicated, and it hurts. I still need consolation

I’m still thinking about it, so can you keep an eye on me?

I’d be happy if you could send me the bouquet at the right time. It’s better if you don’t let me go.

Frisia hadn’t confided in Aslei about this yet. Because she thought the plan would never go into effect.

‘The corpse… … Didn’t you say you’d buy it from the right place?’

If you hired someone, you could buy a corpse from a commoner or a fallen noble. Because of their prejudice against wizards, they wouldn’t think it strange for her to buy a corpse.

Most people didn’t even know that Frisia and Clarisse were friends.

‘This plan, maybe I’ll have something to use.’

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