HCM – 8

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Don’t hurt her. You shouldn’t have hurt Frisia.

He was a man who had to endure and suffer. Frisia tried to limit his movement by binding him, but…….

‘It’s useless.’

Aslei didn’t tell her because she was already frightened. That he could release himself from these shackles just by pulling them.

And the bed the restraints were connected to would be destroyed even before these iron cuffs were broken, but it was clear that he could not be bound anyway.


Her body sitting and collapsing over, shivered and twitched. He felt her flesh tightening and wrapping around his desire. It felt so good that Aslei wanted to move recklessly with abandon.

He had really wondered if there was such joy in the world.

He was also a man, so there had been times when he had comforted himself. But compared to the feeling of pleasure now versus then it was completely different.

He desperately wished he could move. He wanted to make a mess because he didn’t care what happened to him, but Frisia only shifted a little further.

“Ugh, ah…”

Just noticing how her body was shaking thinly, he realized that she was in pain. The moment that realization hit him, fear took over, but Frisia moved again.

Further down. She moved in a direction she allowed him to settle deeper inside her.


Frisia made soft exclamations as she swallowed him down to his roots. Aslei could only hope and pray that the potion she had applied on him would be of good use.

‘……..how weird.’

Frisia could feel Aslei’s stuff that filled her insides. This side and that side were slippery because she had applied medicine and solution [aka lube].

It would be because of a mixture of potion and herbal aphrodisiac medicine. But, even if it wasn’t that, the inside was soaked with the drug’s effect, so it went in easier than she thought. Even though it was so big.

‘Regardless the hero has too much excess!’

She was still struggling because it was enormous. There was a strange and eerily feeling like it was moving inside of herself. Even though it was Frisia that was actually moving.

“Oh, uh, uh… Uh…….”

She slowly pushed her ass up and down and teased her waist as if she was rubbing her flesh against Aslei’s penis. It was so embarrassing, and she was shy, but Aslei’s eyes were covered so it was tolerable.

‘Good, it’s alright to feel good.’

They were not doing anything shameful. Aslei allowed it, and it was also to break his curse. So.……

‘It’s alright. I’ll be fine.’

Focusing on Aslei’s stuff filling her interior, Frisia chanted to herself.

❁ ❁ ❁

He ejaculated once, but Aslei’s desire did not subside. The changes caused by the curse were still there, so Frisia had to ride him until her back ached.

Aslei came in Frisia over and over again, but she never climaxed.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like his body or that she didn’t feel it. It was because she, from the beginning, set her intention to not orgasm with Aslei.

‘What’s wrong?’

The curse eased but did not disappear. The mage had warned her that she would have to have intercourse several times before he had left the duke’s estate.

‘Do I have to do more?’

Exhausted, Frisia caught her breath and looked at the dark red veins on Aslei’s cheek. The blood vessels were stained dark red as if poison was spreading, but it wasn’t to the extent that it was ugly.

Rather, since he had tasted his climax over and over, and his cheeks were dyed red. He seemed to be ashamed of himself but couldn’t help but feel it.

It wasn’t risky for Frisia either. She would have been hurt and offended if he had touched her.

“…… Are you still hot?”

‘You can answer me,’ Frisia had added. Aslei, who was breathing slowly, answered.

“It has eased up. Now that I can tolerate it, there is no need to overdo it.”

Perhaps this was the end of the night. Frisia didn’t want to have to repeat the same thing over and over again to break his curse, but… … .

‘It doesn’t seem like it will be resolved in a day or two.’

It was unavoidable; her heart sank down miserably. Frisia hoisted herself up, exhausted and with a weary spirit.

She felt an erotically strange sensation as his penis brushed against her insides. That not-unpleasant sensation made her depressed again.

Aslei groaned, and his semen poured down her entrance. She was embarrassed, but at the same time, she was angry.

‘Why do I have to go through this?’

She wanted to be angry with Aslei. But he was not the perpetrator. He was the victim of an unfair curse, and he also yielded everything according to her conditions.

Her legs trembled from overexerting herself. She squeezed the last of her strength and came down from Aslei’s waist, smoothing out her outfit.

His semen ran down her thighs and down her calves, but it was tolerable.

“…… I will release you now.”

Aslei’s heart sank at the sound of her subdued voice. She untied him from the shackles on his ankles and unshackled his handcuffs.

With his wrists loosened, Frisia stopped him when he tried to remove his blindfold.

“Take off the blindfold after I leave.”

As she spoke hastily, Aslei looked at Frisia with clothe still over his eyes.

“Frisia, are you alright?”

She was going to say she was fine. It didn’t hurt as much as she expected, nor was she in pain. It was bearable. Still, she couldn’t open her mouth.


“I’m al…… right.”

Feeling like she was about to cry, she lowered her head. She thought it was a good thing she had him put on a blindfold.

She wasn’t really alright.

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