HCM – 78

It was after that that an invitation came from a lord near Mulia. He said it was a banquet to say goodbye to the two princes returning to the capital.

‘It’s an invitation that’s so obvious.’

It was something I wanted to reject with a curse as an excuse. But he was Duke Tintalion, and all the powerful nobles and lords of the region would attend this invitation.

He had already committed disloyalty by not taking the princes to the Duke’s residence. In addition, if he refused even this invitation, it would be announcing he was ignoring the imperial family.

But regardless, didn’t the relationship grow wider and cooler between them as was inevitable?

Since the trap was obvious, Frisia hoped that Aslei would not attend. But, to be honest, she didn’t want to go there either.

However, they could not easily refuse, as nobles have noble responsibilities.

“My dear wife does not have to attend.”

Aslei also didn’t want her to accompany him to a dangerous place. She was uneasy but didn’t insist.

Whether it was a poisoning attempt or an assassination attempt, she knew she wouldn’t be of any help.

If Frisia accompanied him, he would only be at more risk while trying to protect her. Therefore, it was better to wait at the Duke’s residence for him to return safely.

‘If I had known this would happen, I would have made a contract with the spirit in advance.’

Watching Aslei prepare to attend the banquet, Frisia regretted not making a contract with the spirit. She could still see the smaller spirits around her, but she hadn’t seen one whose presence was large enough to make a contract with.

‘Or would it be better to sign a contract?’

When she tapped the cheek of the flying spirit around her, the spirit chuckled. It was an adorable sight, like a child.

Now that she had no intention of divorcing, she had no reason to hide her new identity as an Elementalist. Aslei also quickly burns their contract, afraid Frisia might change her mind.

‘By the way, what kind of spiritual affinity do I have? I can see all kinds of spirits around me.’

Usually, it looked like a wind spirit, and among those spirits, light spirits were also seen sparsely. Finally, fire spirits could be seen in a lantern or fireplace.

It was the spirits of the earth that huddled together and chattered on the ground. The water spirits were seen in the washing water or a teacup.

They were all small and cute, so it was fun to watch. When they made eye contact with Frisia, they smiled and waved.

‘So cute.’

Frisia avoided eyes, petting their hair and handing out her own portion of tea and snacks.

She wondered if the spirits could eat it, but it seemed like it could eat at least the crumbs the size of an ant’s eyeballs. The spirits rejoiced at such times and fluttered around Frisia.

Even if she wanted to make a contract, she didn’t know how to summon spirits, and she didn’t know how to make a contract either. She thought that as soon as this was over, she would confide in Aslei and find out how.

It would probably be best for her to invite an Elementalist to the Duke’s house to listen and learn from. But, unfortunately, it seemed that even books about elementalism and spirits were rare.

“… … Just in case, take the wizard with you.”

Aslei was going to attend wearing a magic tool. It wasn’t good for him if there were enemy wizards amid the groups belonging to the princes or other hostile nobles. He needed someone to defend his side too.

“I will do as my dear wife says.”

He was grateful that she did not insist on accompanying him. Frisia took his hand and looked over the invitation once again.

The date of the banquet was set for tomorrow. With an uneasy foreboding that something was about to happen, Frisia felt the urge to stop Aslei. She thought that no matter what the imperial family said, it would be enough if they endured it.

However, the high-ranking aristocrat, Frisia, knew better that things would not turn out that way. She looked at her husband worriedly and rested her head on his chest.

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  1. Aww, they are adorable together. I can just picture Aslei holding the contract with a nervous but excited look, “I’m going to burn it, okay?!” The little spirits are pretty cute too. Sitting in a teacup that someone drinks sounds a bit perilous though! ;;;

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