HCM – 76

Because they had been on many adventures together for many days, they had fostered belief in each other. Jen thought Marianne was doing something similar to help Duke Tintalion.

Considering the treatment they received from the Duke, he wondered if they needed to go this far. But, on the contrary, it was true that they deceived them, and he thought the food was not bad. Accommodation too.

‘I guess you could call it a semi-basement, it was okay. But I’m angry about being locked up.’

Jen watched as Julien and his men had been meeting for several days until the conference ended, with Julien losing his temper. However, since Duke Tintalion was a man of considerable skill and power, it was not easy to devise a plan to assassinate him.

His men left the conference room, and Julien, who was left alone, had a tantrum. Finally, after making a mess and throwing the broken bottles and goblets for the attendants to clean up, he returned to his bedroom.

‘He seems like a bad guy.’

Jen wanted to taunt him, but he decided to prioritize Marianne’s task. He took a step and headed to Julien’s bedroom.

The bedroom was dark. While he was peeping through the balcony’s glass door, Julien entered the room with an attendant at the fore.

The bedtime preparations were complete for the picky prince. After checking the bed once more, the attendant stepped back, and Julien went into bed.

The lights went out, and the attendants with lanterns withdrew. He looked like he was already half asleep, perhaps because he drank before going to bed.


Jen skillfully cut through the glass with his fingernails. Iron might be difficult to tear, but a beastman’s fingernails could easily cut through glass.

He pushed the glass with his fingertips, and the glass the size of his coin fell.


There was a cracking sound, but it was not loud. Julien, who was lying on the bed, was motionless. Jen slid his finger into his hole and unlocked the glass door. And he entered Julien’s bedroom.

‘It’s a good opportunity to slit his throat now.’

He was aware that there were two princes in the empire, and he knew that one of them would ascend to the throne. Jen thought that nothing good would happen if a guy like this became emperor.

‘… … But it’s not my country. Marianne didn’t ask for it, so there’s no need to kill him.’

Jen moved closer to the bed and looked down at sleeping Julien. He pulled out the letter, thinking he was an intrusive fellow, and he tucked it under his face.

Julien didn’t wake up even though his face touched the stiff envelope. He only frowned.


Backing away, Jen came out onto the balcony. Jen came down to the garden of the lord’s castle instantly and picked up a stone from the floor to wake Julien as well.

A sharp sound rang out as Julien threw a stone at the glass window where he was asleep. It was a noise that could not be compared to when he punched a hole in the balcony glass door.

A light appeared in the dark hallway, and guards and knights ran. Then, thinking of Julien, who had been fast asleep, Jen fled the garden in a flash.

The sound of his giggling sneer of derision faded into the darkness.

❁ ❁ ❁

Julien was furious and ran wild in anger. It was because there was an intruder in his bedroom where he should have been the safest. He criticized the lord of the castle and cursed the knights.

Only when he saw the letter’s contents tucked under his face did his anger finally subside.

Julien ordered Viscount Gaines, whom he had as an attendant, to read the letter because it might be poisoned.

After confirming the letter’s contents, Gaines brought it to Julien with his eyes wide in surprise.

“Your Highness! This… … . You must see this!”

“What is it about… … . hmm?”

Revealing his displeasure, Julien turned his eyes to the letter Gaines held out and quickly snatched it away.

… … His Highness is troubled by the assassination of Duke Tintalion, so I would like to lend my wisdom.

Your Highness, aim for Prince Aaron, not Duke Tintalion.

Instead of blaming Prince Aaron for assassinating Duke Tintalion, we need to put the blame on the Duke after killing Prince Aaron.

As he read the letter, Julien’s eyes also became the size of a lantern. In the letter, it specified Duke Tintalion would be difficult to destroy with either force or poison.

Instead of trying to harm a difficult-to-kill-Duke, the letter told him to kill Prince Aaron.

It reminded him of why he wanted to annihilate Duke Tintalion in the first place.

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