HCM – 73

‘Of course I like Aslei.’

He was undoubtedly a kind, strong and beautiful man.

He seemed to think otherwise, but the Aslei she knew was.

If he were the same as in the original novel, her assessment wouldn’t change. It was only that the current Aslei was more affectionate and kind to her because of his infatuation.

‘Is this not love? Is it friendship?’

Frisia thought she honestly didn’t know love or friendship.

Her emotions were so soft that they changed this way and that way and confused her. It was only until much later that she realized what that feeling was. A loner and recluse for most of her life, her emotional intelligence was zero.

‘I can’t discern even more because it’s my feelings.’

Is this love? Is this heart pounding an aching? Or is this heart pounding due to excitement?

Many times before, she made excuses that Aslei was an attractive, sensual man and that all the throbbing and pounding her heart was going through was natural.

So was it not love? Hadn’t she put herself in danger, wandering through a forest he didn’t even know well, to find him?

When the wyvern’s shadow passed over her head, she honestly resented him. She had the conscious thought that she risked her life for nothing.

Still, she thought she would do the same thing if she went back in time.

‘Ah… … .’

Damn, I must have fallen in love.

She kept her distance to avoid becoming a wicked woman struggling with fiery jealousy, hatred, and resentment. She realized how arrogant she had been.

She knew she wouldn’t fall in love if she made up her mind. How stupid she had been.

How could she be so blind to her own bloody emotions!

Frisia watched his tearful countenance. Wondering why he looks so pretty. Regardless of men or women, finding someone who looked pretty when he cried was rare.

“… … Did you really not feel anything when you saw Viscount Rowaine?”

When she asked, Aslei met her eyes squarely and said clearly:

“I just felt vexed with her and her company. I have no feelings for her. I swear.”

Aslei thought she was a goon who came to ‘help’ and instead made trouble for his wife when she was in a crisis because he had been cursed.

Some of the warriors looked useful, but the other characters were of no interest to him.

It is true that when he ran into Marianne in the past, he felt a slight interest. But due to her staring and tone of voice, he felt reluctant around her.

Now having heard the contents of suspicious dreams from Frisia, Aslei was determined to keep his distance from her.

‘… … If the viscount also had the same dream.’

Unlike Frisia, it was clear that she had used the information to her advantage. Even if not all of the dreams did not come to pass, some of them did come true.

Thus the daughter of a Baron, Marianne Nelson, was able to become Viscount Marianne Rowaine.

Aslei found it difficult to erase the ominous sensation he felt at her strange smugness in herself. Even if she knew her future, it did not mean she knew his. She was unusually vain.

It was hard to blame her for knowing the future and using it, but she was a nuisance and intruder.

“How can you trust me? That the only person I love now and in the future is you, my wife.”

It didn’t matter if it was in a dream or a future lover that would never happen; if it was an obstacle between Frisia and himself, it was just an existence he wanted to eliminate.

Aslei held his breath, resisting the urge to say he could kill her and get rid of her fears. If he revealed his true intentions, Frisia would not be happy, but rather repulsed by him.

“… … I will believe you.”

Finally, when Frisia whispered, his heart leaped. He looked at her with disbelief.

“I’m still afraid… … . I will trust you even if it takes a long time, so can you wait for me?”

Aslei was simply at a loss for words as his heart swelled. She hadn’t yet told him that she loved him, but his heart felt like it was beating again with hope.

“Of course. Just… … Please stay by my side.”

When he said it didn’t matter if it took a hundred or a thousand years, Frisia said it wouldn’t take that long and dug into Aslei’s chest.

Aslei felt overflowing joy at her unreserved skinship. But, until now, unless they were having intercourse to break his curse, she had hesitated to touch him, even when he wanted to hold her hand.

“Thank you, Frisia.”

Aslei hugged her with his whole body and whispered:

I love you.

❁ ❁ ❁

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