HCM – 72

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Frisia’s explanation was long and convoluted because she didn’t remember every part of the original work. Nevertheless, Aslei listened to her rationale without raising an eyebrow.

She confessed that the scenes in the novel she had seen in her dreams were very similar to reality.

Frisia didn’t divulge everything. Like the fact that she remembered a previous life—she left that out.

One day, she explained, she had a dream in which she was reading a novel about the future of this world. Because that was true to some extent.

“… … But isn’t my wife different from the Frisia in the novel?”

That part always made Frisia feel ambiguous. Because even before she remembered her previous life, she was completely different from the original Frisia.

The original villainess, Frisia, was entangled in a strange cooperative relationship with her father and older brother. However, now, Frisia had only a superficial relationship with them.

“You are only you. I am just me.”

Aslei felt like all the puzzles were finally coming together. He now understood why Frisia wanted a divorce from him, even though they seemed to get along.

“I will never forsake or abandon my dear wife. No matter what evil you do, I will always be on your side. Already… … .”

—Don’t I belong to you? he whispers.

He was firmly convinced that Frisia had brought him back to life. If he had been left in the woods and couldn’t return to his original form, he would have died.

He even thought he did not want to become Frisia’s nightmare while living as a beast.

“Her wife’s dream story is wrong. You’ve never been a villain, and you’re the only one I love.”

Aslei now understood it must have been for the same reason Marianne was so arrogant when she met him. It seemed that she also had a similar dream.

So she seemed to believe that he would love her.

‘Rather, that certainty became poison.’

Even before he had heard of a future that would not come to pass from Frisia, Aslei had not been interested in the human named Marianne.

After hearing her story that he would harm Frisia because of Marianne, her presence was rather irritating.

Although he rebuked himself for thinking of such, a desire occurred to him: he wanted to kill Marianne in order to resolve Frisia’s misunderstandings.

“You’re the only one for me. If my wife wishes, I will not be in the same room with her, nor breathe the same air.”

‘So please don’t abandon me,’ pleaded Aslei.

Frisia mistook him for being just a good person, but Aslei knew he was not.

He was just being good because living in the world like that was advantageous.

It was how he was instructed. He was taught that one could survive only by being obedient, patient, and doing hard work.

However, Aslei was a man who would do anything to get Frisia. It’s just that he didn’t want her to get hurt.

It was well within his capacity to kill Marianne on a whim or any of the ‘sub male leads’ and everyone else who was a possible threat to her.

“Madam, my Frisia.”

Aslei pulled her into a gentle embrace. He whispered in Frisia’s ear several times in a hot voice:

“I love you.”

He was afraid that no matter how much he whispered, he wouldn’t be able to reach her heart. Aslei repeated over and over again, feeling his eyes watering.

I love you. It seemed that no matter how many times he confessed, it would not be enough.

Fear was inherently irrational, and if she said that being by Aslei’s side made her anxious and distressed… … .

Aslei became afraid that just barely imagining it made his thoughts dark and twisted.

He loved her and wanted to make her happy. If being by his side made her suffer from anxiety, he’d let her go. Tears flowed from Aslei’s eyes at the thought of missing her, his heart broken.

“Please, Frisia… … .”

At his whispered forlorn sigh, Frisia blinked and blankly looked at him. She was still uneasy and concerned but sure of one thing.

Aslei’s crying was pretty, but it made her heart ache. It bothered her; she hated him being in pain.

‘I’m not a good person.’

Frisia thought she was a selfish person. She pretended to be a just figure in public, but the standard of fairness she upheld was always according to her own convenience.

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