HCM – 71

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Why has the curse not lifted?

Any trace of the curse had surely disappeared from Aslei’s firm chest. He himself said that his endless lust for Frisia had subsided to some extent.

Although the desire he originally had for her did not disappear.

His chest was clean, and the pain from before was gone. Now all that remained were his wolf ears and a tail… … .

‘Why isn’t it disappearing?!’

From yesterday’s day to night. And from the night again until this morning, Frisia did it again and again with Aslei.

Although she devoted herself to it with all sincerity, Aslei’s wolf ears and tail were still intact.

“Why… … .”

Was this a punishment for her fake confession? Or was the goddess telling her he’d remain the same until the honest confession?

Watching the tearful Frisia, Aslei’s mind became complicated. She was cute when embarrassed but also pitiful at the same time.

Do you want to end the curse so quickly? That way, if there’s no curse, you can run away from me without feeling guilty.

“… … Maybe this is the aftermath of the curse. Perhaps I will stay like this for the rest of my life.”

At the word ‘the rest of my life,’ Frisia looked shocked. Aslei smiled wryly at her devastated expression.

“You don’t have to worry.”

“How can I not worry when you look like this!?”

The Empire was a place of inflexible discrimination. It was only through great merits that it was possible to increase one’s status to some extent in the rigid caste system, but that was only for full humans. Severe bigotry against the beastmen tribe was widespread.

Even though slavery was illegal, many tried to capture and enslave beastmen.

If the fact was known that Aslei became a beastman through a curse the position of Duke Tintalion among nobility would be jeopardized.

At worst, there was the very real possibility that there would be a debate about revoking the Duke of Tintalion’s title.

So, Frisia had been paying close attention and given firm warnings to the attendants of the duchy.

Only the closest servants working in the main building were partially privy to the secrets, and the rest did not know that Aslei still had wolf ears and a tail.

“I ordered the wizard to receive these.”

Aslei took one of his rings from a drawer and put it on his finger. Then the black wolf ears visible through his hair and the tail from his buttocks disappeared.

Frisia stretched her hand over Aslei’s head, her eyes wide.


She couldn’t see them but could feel his fluffy ears. Aslei’s cheeks dyed red as if Frisia’s touch was pleasant and mumbled:

“It is invisible to the naked eye, but it is not really absent. It is said that it is a magic tool used by the beastmen tribe. This will fool them for a while.”

Frisia removed her hand from his head and sat down. For some reason, she suddenly felt very exhausted.

“Then… … . you’ll be fine for the time being.”

“For the time being, yes.”

That is unless Aslei needed to go up to the capital and have an audience with the emperor. But, unfortunately, the imperial palace in the capital was covered with magic shields that repelled magic, so illusion magic wouldn’t work.

If he entered the imperial palace, the mana of the ring would be broken immediately.

“Sorry for not telling you earlier.”

“Oh, no. We had to lift the curse anyway… … .”

Frisia sighed and pulled the blanket wrapped around her.

They had just finished making love and having breakfast. Since she hadn’t even washed yet, only Frisia was covered in a blanket.


Aslei suddenly grabbed her hand; she raised her head. His serious blue eyes were on her.

“Are you still determined to divorce?”

Frisia trembled at the gentle question. He had asked the question she least wanted to face.

“Wh-why are you asking that now?”

“My heart remains the same, but my wife seems to be preparing to leave me.”

Each soft-spoken word left Frisia speechless. Because he was so accurate. Frisia was trying to break his curse before the contract with him ran out and the date of its expiration came to pass.

“Can’t we still—? Can’t I and my dear wife stay together?”

“… … .”

Frisia looked at Aslei, unable to answer. She liked him but… … .

‘Would remaining like this be okay?’

Marianne, whom she had been the most worried about, seemed not to be a problem. Aslei had met her the day before and had only glared at Marianne.

There is no place for Marianne in his heart.

Concerning that turn of events, Frisia was both anxious and happy. However, from the moment she realized her feelings of elation, she noticed that her divorce plans from Aslei had gone awry.

‘But… … .’

This world was a world of fiction in a novel, and she was afraid of the original storyline. Unfortunately, this was still the case even though there were already only a few similarities to the original work.

After Frisia, in the novel, is whipped, she is tied to a tree. The soldiers light incense around her to attract her monsters, leaving her to be eaten by her monsters.

All of those sentences and punishments were done under Aslei’s direction.

It happened because Frisia hurt Marianne in a similar way. Of course, it was self-inflicted in the novel, but she was also afraid of the possibility of it happening in real life.

Even if the reality is different from the novel, considering the prospect and anxiety, she wondered if she should stay by Aslei’s side.

‘I can’t persuade Aslei by only insisting on breaking up randomly.’

Having made up her mind, Frisia held his hand. Perhaps she could try now because he was not interested in Marianne.

“I have something to tell you.”

At her words, Aslei slowly nodded.

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