HCM – 70

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“I have something to tell everyone.”

The faces of her comrades turned towards her. Marianne had decided that Ian and Trevor should be separated if nothing else.

Ian might notice what she’s trying to do. As would Trevor.

Trevor was a quick-witted and calculating man. But he was someone who indulged and didn’t mind Marianne’s selfishness, but this time it would be different.

It’s a scheme to destroy the second prince and the Duchess of Tintalion together.

She felt a little uneasy at the thought of Aaron, the prince. Until now, she had only used her power to save lives.

She wondered if Aaron was not destined to die by nature and if she could kill him. In the before-regression future, he defeated his rival, Julien, and became crown prince.

‘No, it will be fine. There are more people I saved! Aaron wasn’t even a good emperor… … .’

It was said that Julien was more ill-tempered, but what did that matter! People tend to change when they have power. Aaron wasn’t a good emperor after all.

‘I’ll only change one person’s future. I saved more people, so I deserve that much!’

“Let’s split up here and regroup later.”

Ian and Trevor’s expressions hardened at Marianne’s bombshell declaration. The other companions looked at her with astonished faces, each trying to dissuade her.

She had no intention of dropping them altogether. At least one member of the party, Jen, was needed. That fact made Trevor suspicious of her intentions.

“You’re not going to stay here, are you? No— we’ve done enough! I checked. I don’t know how the Duchess did it, but sooner or later the Duke will be freed from the curse!”

At Rud’s words, Marianne almost sneered twistedly. ‘I’m the one that used to be the Duchess. I’m also the one who would break Aslei’s curse— but it was taken away by that woman!’

“It’s not about the Duke.”

It’s about that woman—the Duchess.

Marianne thought that to herself; she would explain everything later. Then, when Prince Aaron died, and Frisia was dragged into prison, then the only thing she’d have to say is:

“I did it because I noticed something bad might happen to the prince. I was afraid that you guys might get caught up too… … .”

Jen, who was the only one allowed to stay by her side, was excited, and Marianne insisted that she be fine. So you guys should leave immediately.

The other party accepted Marianne’s will reluctantly, unable to hide their anxiety. Although Ian’s gaze scrutinizing her was jarring, Marianne ignored him and remained with Jen.

Jen seemed to just love the fact that she could be alone with Marianne. With his lack of common sense about human society, Jen was Marianne’s most gullible companion and easiest to deceive.

‘It will be different this time.’

Frisia would suffer the same fate as before; she would make it so.

❁ ❁ ❁

As soon as they heard Marianne and the others had passed through the main gate of the Duke’s residence, Frisia and Aslei went upstairs. They intended to completely end the curse starting from this day.

‘The princes are still coming to Mulia… … . We need to lift this curse quickly!’

On the other hand, Aslei was thinking about something else while watching Frisia actively lying on the bed. He wondered if getting rid of the curse so fast like this would be okay.

‘If there is no curse, my relationship with Frisia won’t go back to what it was before, right?’

It was possible, but it was difficult for him to think it would happen. They had gotten closer. Additionally, albeit in a rather sleazy way, he could use Frisia’s confession as an excuse.

‘Frisia is so sweet and kind, she will not be able to kick me away.’

Aslei thought her confession was a lie, but he didn’t think her confession was entirely far-fetched.

She had no one in her heart apart from himself, and she had a certain affinity for him enough that her affection was genuine. He thought it was just a matter of working harder to make her like him more.

‘She’s never told me why she wants to get a divorce but… … . it’s not because she never thinks of me.’

At least Frisia liked him enough to risk her life for him. But was that due to cold calculation?

‘I don’t think it’s the case when I look at her expressions when we kiss.’

Maybe she just didn’t know her own feelings. Just as Aslei didn’t notice his heart until the third year of their marriage.

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