HCM – 7

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‘I don’t feel good.’

The self chanting that she was alright was a lie. Although she got married by contract, Frisia also had dreams. At least she wasn’t dreaming about having sex with Aslei.

She also considered herself an unromantic person.

‘Anyway, my first experience in my previous life was not good.’

It was a failed relationship, and it wasn’t with a good person either. Even if it had been clumsy, it would have been a good memory if she had felt loved.

For him, she was one of the numerous women he could have taken to the motel.

‘What am I now?’

At least for Aslei, Frisia would not be one of many. Even if they got divorced, the fact that she was his first wife would not disappear.

“Aslei. I’ll take the blanket off.”

He nodded at Frisia’s words. The part of his naked body exposed outside the blanket looked nervous because the muscles in his arms were taut with tension. Feeling strange, Frisia pulled back the blanket.

Aslei faithfully followed her words. Since she had many prerequisites, he could have asked for the same. Like also asking her to take off all her clothes. But he didn’t.

Instead, he allowed himself to lie in bed naked and be tied up.

She slowly climbed onto the bed.

She took off her gown, but she was still dressed in a white negligee underneath. Even though she didn’t wear underwear, she didn’t plan on taking it off her nightgown. She intended to wear it throughout the relationship.

‘It’ll be alright.’

She hated being in pain, but she was not confident in making herself excited, so there wouldn’t be pain. So Frisia decided to borrow the effects of an aphrodisiac.

When she asked Aslei yesterday, he got it quickly through the butler. He had handed it to her a few hours ago.

Frisia took it out of the drawer and applied it to her secret place.

She heard that it had an immediate and substantial effect. So even if they didn’t want each other, she couldn’t hesitate because she didn’t want it to hurt.

Soon, she felt her vagina getting wet. Frisia carefully put her finger inside her to ensure it was loose enough. It seemed to her that it was still too tight, and her anxiety wasn’t helping.

‘I think it’s going to hurt.’

In the meantime, Aslei, who had been left unattended, held his breath and listened to Frisia’s voice. The sound of her coming up on the bed and taking off her clothes. And…… There was a soft wet sound as if she was touching herself between her legs.


He tried to stop his shameful thoughts, but the thought of doing it with Frisia heated up his body. Of course, blood rushed to his lower extremity, making it stand up.

‘Frisia will see it.’

He didn’t know what she would think of it. While he was embarrassed and unable to raise his head, he also wanted to know what expression she had.

He also wanted to see her touching herself…. Masturbating. With his own two eyes.

Aslei waited for Frisia, swallowing his dry saliva. It smelled familiar, as if she had opened a new bottle. It smelled like an erotic potion.

“……I’ll put some potion on your body. Because I don’t want it to be uncomfortable.”

This time again, he only nodded. He was trying to keep his promise not to talk to her.

Soon, a cold liquid soaked his penis. Aslei had told her to apply potion to reduce the initial pain. He was the one that had prepared it.

It was cold, but he was glad because his body was so hot.

Aslei’s body felt a sweetness as he sensed a cautious presence near his thighs.

‘I wish I could just touch her.’

Frisia was careful. Aslei, before he had become a duke and after, had to be prudent around many people, including the many women he encountered.

They would attack him like a timely assassin or like a beast. He would evade them every time.

Some encountered ‘accidents,’ collapsed, and leaned on him, asking for assistance in getting up. There were also many women who asked for a dance and touched his hands, arms, and thighs.

But Frisia was cautious in everything. She watched his expression as if asking for his consent and quickly moved away if he hesitated even a little. To the point where it was sad.

Even though she was within reach of his fingertips, he was always at a loss about what to do. She would be surprised if he grabbed her, and there was nothing he could say to hold her. Because they had a contract.

“Aslei, I’m going to climb up on you now,”

she said with a soft but nervous voice. He wanted to tell her not to be afraid and that he was fine. But he couldn’t say anything because he had promised her.

Soon, there was a sound of rubbing cloth, and Frisia moved over his body. She didn’t sit on him. Aslei’s body seemed to be positioned between her legs.

‘Can I do it right now like this?’

A voice told her that a woman’s body should be warmed up before the act, but Frisia refused. She told herself she had the power of the aphrodisiac on her side.

Aslei couldn’t dissuade Frisia. Because they were neither lovers nor a couple in a true sense.

While he was worried, he felt a wet opening on the tip of his penis. Soft flesh stretched out, pushed apart, and he felt his own digging into her.


His whole body rang and trembled. He could feel his hot body flush with the desire to go wild and seething with mad lust. It was not like the time when she peacefully slept on the bed while he was on the sofa.


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