HCM – 69

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After a long time passing through the grounds and garden of the Duke’s residence, they were able to meet their colleagues waiting in front of the door.

The soldiers guarding the main gate opened the door and let them out when they arrived.

‘Augh… … .’

Marianne even felt a pang in her chest. She had a feeling that if she left now, she would never return.

She didn’t come for this. It was their reunion for the first time in years, but Aslei looked at her as if she was worse than a stranger and that woman… … .


‘It can’t be like this.’

Everything was taken away. She was deprived of everything: no man, no ability, no position. Because of that woman! She had it all from the beginning!

Prior to her return, Frisia was a woman who could be said to be Marianne’s nemesis. Even though she was Aslei’s ex-wife, she could only suppress her because she was born with the status of the ducal princess of Atreille.

Frisia’s bullying was painful, but she could endure it because Aslei and many others defended her.

‘As expected, she is my enemy—Frisia Atreille!’

Rather, it would have been easy for her if Frisia had antagonized her. If she had not concealed her malice and had vented her anger wherever she encountered her, Aslei would have turned away from Frisia without hesitation.

Before her return, Frisia had been so stupid.

After being tried, imprisoned, and flogged ….… . With such an ending, she seemed to have learned how to use her brain a little.

Not only did Marianne live this life differently, but Frisia Atreille faithfully rewrote her life after her regression.

“The date given is pretty tight. It must be a warning to leave the duchy without delay,”

Ian, who opened the map, explained to her colleagues. The timeline would be sufficient if they took the safe route from the Duchy of Tintalion to the capital.

Part of the reason for the schedule he set was that he was concerned that Marianne was showing a peculiar attitude only when it came to Duke Tintalion’s affairs.

However, the date given by officials was short. It was a not-so-subtle nudge to leave the territory immediately, not to look around the area or think about wasting time.

If they did not pass the gate on the set date, a wanted order would be issued within the duchy, and if caught they were that time, they would be serving a sentence this time.

Ian explained, pointing to the corner of the map with his hand.

“The two Highnesses are coming down from the capital. If the routes overlap, our journey may be delayed… … .”

“The two? Are you saying the princes are coming down?”

asked in a shrill Marianne voice, broken out of her stupor. Ian felt uneasy about her reaction.


It was a generous tip offered by the official who informed them of their timeline when they were about to depart. ‘The two princes aren’t on good terms, and since they’re coming down to the duke’s mansion like they’re in a competition, it’s better for you and your companions to not get entangled.’

It was a thoughtful remark. It was probably the Duchess that ordered him to be tipped off to help the marquis, Ian.

Hearing this, Marianne swallowed her dry saliva. The fact that Aslei was cursed and the two princes came down here had never happened before the return.

‘The Emperor hated the union of the Duke of Tintalion and the Duke of Atreille!’

So, he welcomed Aslei’s divorce with open arms. It was the emperor who supported Marianne, who was of low status.

Marianne was not completely ignorant of politics. When the emperor heard that Aslei had been cursed and became a beast, he must have thought it was a good opportunity to get rid of him.

If he was cursed to become a demon and died as he ran amok, or if there was some excuse that he had perished in an accident, everyone would accept it. It was a perfect chance to kill Aslei.

‘But Aslei has returned to the Duke’s mansion.’

Even if they delivered such news now, the princes could not turn their procession around. With the pretense of ensuring the safety of the cursed Duke they would still have to pretend and carry on.

In the first timeline before the regression, the 2nd Prince Julien tried to kill the 3rd Prince, Aaron.

It will happen much later than now, but Julien’s attempt had failed. The emperor is enraged and seemed set on making the third prince the crown prince.

‘Julien… … .’

He accused the Countess of assassination who was present at the scene. The Countess was an acquaintance of Trevor’s, so she and her companions scrambled to rescue her.

In the end, Marianne saved the Countess and uncovered that it was Julien who tried to assassinate Aaron.

The emperor, unable to cover up the incident because the Duke, Aslei, was her colleague, sent Julien into exile.

‘But if—if I help the second prince kill the third prince… … .’

She wouldn’t even need to intervene deeply in the case. Just by giving him some wisdom, Julien would succeed in the assassination. Instead… … .

‘What if I ask him not to accuse the countess, but to charge the Duchess Tintalion… … .’

Wouldn’t the second prince, Julien, listen to her? Even though the power of the Duke of Tintalion was strong, the murder of the prince was a sin that could not be easily eluded.

The Countess was cleared of the false accusation with their help, but Marianne had no reason to help Frisia. Because she was the villainess who took everything from her.

“I have something to tell everyone.”

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