HCM – 67

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‘Goddess Astera is an eccentric person.’

As she doubles as the god of war, she is also a fearsome and unforgiving goddess. On the other hand, however, she was known to adore lovers and love stories.

The Archmage transformed his curse so that the Duke’s curse would only respond to his wife. Perhaps that’s why the spell affected the Duchess as well.

Rather than just a curse though, divine power was mixed with that magic.

‘Does the goddess have a special intention?’

He decided that if Goddess Astera had a plan of her own and she lent her powers to Jeremy, Rudd shouldn’t meddle.

Because he didn’t know what punishment a mere human like himself would receive if he went against God’s will.

‘Goddess Astera is generous to the good. He will be fine.’

“I don’t know how you did it, but if you continue as you have, the curse will dissipate smoothly. The aftermath of the spell may linger, but it won’t be of a harmful kind, so you don’t have to worry.”

Just by looking at the form of the curse, he could feel the blessing of Goddess Astera. Jeremy, who had ill- intentions, didn’t seem to notice it.

Rudd’s words eased and made the Duchess more relieved than the Duke, Aslei. Rudd liked that.

‘What an exemplary couple!’

It was admirable to see such affectionate partners. Since they even had the blessing of the goddess, he was certain that good news would come out sooner or later, so Rudd smiled.

Although the result was an unsightly banishment from the duchy, it was pleasing that good people like the Duke and Duchess of Tintalion were safe.

❁ ❁ ❁

Her whole body seemed to tremble with anger. Marianne was desperately looking for a reason because if she stopped thinking about it, she would burst into tears.

Why? Why!

She could tell from Aslei’s expression that he was utterly in love with Frisia. Clearly, it was a gaze that she had not seen even when they were married.

In only three years. During those three years, Aslei seemed possessed by that1villainess. There was no reason she could think of other than that.

‘How could this be?’

Why did I not become an Elementalist! What was the reason I gave up on my child and returned? How dare you fall in love with another woman… … .

Even Aslei’s gaze on Frisia seemed deeper and thicker than when they were in love. As if his love for Marianne at that time couldn’t compare to his greater love for Frisia now!

‘It can’t be!’

Marianne clenched her fists, feeling like she wanted to scream. While Rudd was talking to Aslei, she couldn’t say a word. She just sat next to Kion and stared at Aslei’s face.

Then she saw Frisia, subtly casting aimlessly gazes around her. Other people around them didn’t seem to notice, but Marianne knew.


It couldn’t have been. She thought that no matter how cruel the world was, it couldn’t do that to herself.

Being able to see the smallest and weakest elemental in a visualized form was a phenomenon that could only be seen by the highest-ranking Elementalist.

It was impossible to see a spirit with almost no power, no matter how excellent an Elementalist was. She was barely sure it was possible to feel them.

‘Like me… … . An Elementalist of the level to make a contract with the Spirit King… … .’

Marianne was no longer an Elementalist, so it was out of place to say they were the same. Marianne knew it deep inside which made her even more resentful.

‘Why— why did you go to that wicked woman! It’s my talent!’

It wasn’t certain yet. She might just be mistaken, but Marianne was more than half sure.

She was deprived of everything by a mere villainess.

Before her return, she was the one who had sinned against Marianne and would have been put to death. It was also a terrible punishment to be torn to pieces by monsters after being flogged.

Marianne cried and suppressed her urge to run away as she waited for the time to pass.

She could barely breathe.

❁ ❁ ❁

Now, only a small amount of the curse remained. Perhaps tonight, if she had a relationship with Aslei, it would disappear completely.

“What a relief,”

Frisia said with all her heart.

She worried that even if the spell was lifted, what would happen t if Aslei suffered for a long time from the traces left behind by the curse?

After sending Marianne and her sub-boyfriends out of the drawing room, Frisia was suddenly embraced in Aslei’s arms. The maids, accustomed to this kind of situation, quickly left the drawing room with the rest of the attendants.

Maybe tonight… … Could the curse end?

She was glad that he could end the curse before the two princes came to the duke’s residence and looked for faults.

“But just in case.. … .”

They also planned to have high-ranking priests summoned from the Great Shrine look him over. She thought they would give a similar opinion to Rudd’s, a sub-male lead, but there was nothing wrong with double-checking and being cautious.

At Frisia’s words, Aslei nodded his head kindly.

As he lowered his head and kissed her, Frisia closed her eyes.

She had a hunch that it was going to be a pleasant day.

❁ ❁ ❁

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