HCM – 65

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Aslei had a bad feeling about them. He didn’t like the fact that they were Jeremy’s colleagues, but hiding the truth and coming to the Duke’s residence was considered an insult to the imperial family.

If you claim that encountering each other and exchanging a few words casually meant they were friends, then they have something to do with it. But Aslei hated them for the fact that they burdened his wife during her most difficult period and encumbered her more.

To be exact, he found their opportunistic behavior to be repugnant.

‘My feelings aside, dealing out a punishment is something I have to do regardless.’

It would be different if they offended Frisia, but that was his principle.

“I want to punish them by banishing them from the Duchy. I don’t want them to bother my family and wife again, including this one.”

Determined, Frisia had no intention of confronting the original heroine, Marianne. Unless she came to someone else’s land and created mischief, she had no intention of touching her.

In the first place, they didn’t need the ‘helping hand’ offered by Viscount Rowain or her sub-male leads. The Duke of Tintalion’s knights were already dispatched to solve the problem.

❁ ❁ ❁

Most of her party were relieved at the announcement of release and exile. Ian was displeased, aware that his honor as a marquis was tarnished, but ultimately accepted it.

It was Marianne who became desperate.

“If you are deported, does that mean you will be expelled right away?”

“That’s right. You attach a guard, but he said he won’t do that for the sake of the Viscount and your reputation.”

Saying that, the official glanced at them with eyes telling him to thank the Duke for his generosity.

“But please remember that if you do not leave the duchy within the deadline, you will be punished even more severely!”

After that, the man returned Marianne and her companions’ luggage. They were happy to receive their belongings, but Marianne’s expression hardened.

She couldn’t leave the Duke’s mansion like this. At least she had to meet Aslei and his wife before she could put her own plan into action.

“Please convey my appreciation for the lenient punishment—”

“Is there any way to meet the Duke and Duchess?”

Ian, who was bidding farewell, was cut off by Marianne’s sudden interruption and was taken aback.


The official looked at Marianne with a bewildered expression. He was annoyed by this group of famous adventurers who had ridden all the way from the capital and dared to taunt their lord.

“Don’t you know what situation you are in, Viscount?”

“I just want to say hello before I leave! I know that Jeremy’s crime is serious, but that’s why I’m more concerned about the Duke’s safety… … .”


Ian interrupted her urgent words. Then Marianne raised her eyebrows and raised her voice.

“Why? What I’m saying is true! Everyone knows what a great wizard Jeremy is—His curse couldn’t have been lifted so easily! I have to see it with your own eyes! If the Duke’s condition gets worse later.. … .”

His curse was just an excuse, but it was clear it was a good rationale. Even though the curse looked fine on the outside for now, he might be dealt with a blow later.

In addition, among her companions were a paladin and a priest.

Marianne, who had been ardently arguing and insisting, looked back at her companions and felt apologetic. Her heart sank at the looks of disappointment on their faces.

Why? Why are you giving me that look? You should love me more than that.

Marianne was dissatisfied but couldn’t express that feeling.

However, her excuses seemed to fuel the anxiety of the official. Even though he still donned a look of blatant displeasure, he now hesitated.

Instead, the official left his post to brief his superiors about her request. Soon he returned and told them to wait.

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