HCM – 64

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She was convinced but still puzzled. Frisia vaguely speculated that Marianne might have regressed because of her mistake or sin.

If not, she wouldn’t have been abandoned by the spirits.


Frisia flinched at the sight of a tiny figure soaring around her. A small figure no larger than the size of her thumb was flying through the sky. Not just one or two of them either.

‘What is that?’

With her memories of reading many romance fantasy novels, she guessed what it was. However, she was more embarrassed because she thought she knew.

‘Could it be that I became an Elementalist instead of Marianne?’

So all of a sudden—without any signs beforehand?

Of course, it was said someone could become an Elementalist while swimming as a child, while lighting a fire to bake cookies, or drying her hair in the wind.

There was no requirement for a dramatic element in order to become an Elementalist, like dying and coming back to life. So this would be normal. Frisia knew that.

‘Should I be happy about this?’

Troubled, Frisia was contemplating as she touched her spirit’s cheek with her fingertips.

❁ ❁ ❁

Numerous spirits in the form of small children or simple animals were floating around like dust.

There were about forty or fifty of them. Considering the size of the Duke’s bedroom, it was sparse.

‘Are these the qualities of an Elementalist?’

Frisia wondered as she grew flustered and red.

She wasn’t even flirting or doing something obscene with Aslei, but things changed when the spirits showed up. A space that she thought was only the two of them now became a space with countless souls.

Nor were the spirits not inattentive or uncaring to the actions of humans.

Look! He’s about to kiss her!

… … Wow!

—Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

‘Do you think I’m your TV drama?’

Even though Aslei was only kissing her lightly on the cheek, they flocked to see it— what if he tried to do more than that?

‘I feel like I’m going to die of embarrassment! —No, I’m definitely going to die!’

Shame set fire to her bones. Aslei, utterly ignorant of her thoughts, was puzzled as to why she was suddenly so shy.

“Why are you so red? It makes me want to touch you again and again.”

… … You seem to be more than happy.

Aslei clung to her and kissed all over her face and the spirits cheered, now even more delighted as they fluttered around.

Ughh! Stop watching! Go away!

She pretended to be completely ignorant of everything. She couldn’t bear to say it, lest a ghost follow her around and ask, ‘Can you see me?’

However, when Frisia recklessly pushed him away, he was disappointed.

Aslei, who had entered her lips, was plotting to have a relationship beyond that by laying Frisia on his bed.

‘There is also a curse… … . Ha, I have to!’

At the risk of death by extreme shame, Frisia tightly closed her eyes. The words “why is this happening to me” filled her head.

❁ ❁ ❁

Aslei became excessively excited at the sight of the adorable Frisia crying out of embarrassment.

‘If she’s this cute now, what will happen to me in the future?’

Occasionally, her gaze lingered on a strange place, but Aslei chalked it up to her shyness. When Frisia was embarrassed, she often averted her eyes.

When he coaxed her that he would covet her under the covers to comfort her, she seemed to feel better. Making love under her thin blanket had its own distinct taste, so Aslei was satisfied.

After making love to the fullest, they had food brought to the room and ate.

Aslei savored this time. He would rather spend mornings together in bed than in the dining room. If possible, he wanted to spend time like this with Frisia every day.

“… … What about Viscount Rowain and her companions?”

Frisia asked after almost finishing her meal. She was about to taste the tea and cake that came out for dessert. Reports from Bunter had informed him that they had dared to deceive the Duke of Tintalion.

“What would you like to do, dear wife?”

“I was… … I thought of using them to lure the wizard, but I didn’t want to insist. There are also paladins and nobles entangled in this.”

Ian, the Marquis, and Kion, the Paladin, were famous in their own right and each had their own reputations, making them difficult opponents to detain for a long time. Ruud was also slowly making a name for himself.

Although they were disrespectful to the Duke of Tintalion, they were also adventurers who traveled all over the empire to solve cases.

Since many people praised them, they could be criticized if they punished them.

But that was no reason not to punish them just because it was risky.

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