HCM – 62

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… … Cost… … cast… … .

… … Is… … case… … the price… … what’s wrong… … .

Angry voices were making the air quiver. Frisia thought with hazy consciousness: I must be dreaming.

She fell asleep while enjoying herself with Aslei, so it was only natural that she was swimming high in the night sky.

Her body was light as if only her soul had escaped and was flying. So were the voices around her. However, there was a lot of dissatisfaction mixed in the chattering voices.


A soft, solemn voice spoke, and hundreds and thousands of protests all at once subsided. It wasn’t even a loud sound in the first place, so Frisia was rather uncomfortable with the silence.

Because they seemed to focus and pay close attention to her floating presence.

“What has already happened cannot be helped.”

However, when someone broke the quiet, countless voices spoke again. He protested that it was unfair because all the effort and sacrifice of someone during that time has become nothing.

‘What are you talking about?’

… … This world and the other world could not be separated!

… … She didn’t deserve it in the first place! It’s not fair!

When someone shouted, countless voices gathered into one.

… … It’s not fair!

… … It’s not fair!

The booming voices seemed to echo through the sky, perhaps even the universe. Frisia blinked her eyes and looked around.

The only thing floating around was her; she didn’t know who was talking.

“Did that child achieve anything in the end?”

—Her return was unacceptable.

—I might have been convinced if it was a self-sacrificing regression or if it was to save someone. But it wasn’t that either. Her return was just to satisfy her own greed.

A solemn voice said so, but many did not seem to understand.

… … But he wasn’t loved, right?

… … in the end he will be abandoned… … .

The chattering voice seemed to be talking about Aslei, so Frisia felt a cold chill. But, as they said, she would eventually leave him.

—Now, the timing has been only delayed. If he becomes unhappy and finally accepts her, she will achieve her goals at the expense and sacrifice of countless people with her return. 

The voices raised their voices with that profound point.

“… … I won’t let that happen. I have a plan.”

The solemn voice said so and closed its mouth.

With the resuming silence, Frisia felt that their eyes seemed to focus on her. She couldn’t see the eyes swimming in the darkness, but it felt like someone was watching.

Hundreds and thousands of eyes.

Creepy goosebumps ran over her skin as Frisia held her breath and listened.

“You will have to help with the plan.”

‘Will you?’ the solemn voice asked. Then many voices, like tidal waves, replied that they would.

Frisia covered her ears as the echoes grew louder and louder. Her light body swayed to and fro at their countless words and shouts.

“You’ll do the same… … Won’t you?”

As a soft voice whispered in her ear, Frisia opened her eyes.

Then she woke up.

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