HCM – 61

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“The water seems a little hot… … . But, I don’t think this would be too bad.”

“Oh, yes, huh? Ahhhhh… … .”

Aslei was holding Frisia’s asscheeks apart, skillfully opened her wet entrance, and pushed his penis in. The feeling of something significant coming in with hot water was unfamiliar.

“Ha ha… … . Ugh, ah.”

Her insides were extra slippery because she hadn’t been able to scrape all the semen out yet. It mixed with the water and created a strange tactile sensation. It was sticky.

“It sticks well. I want to go back to bed and do it, so I want you to relax and hope you don’t use your body as much as possible and just enjoy it.”

“Well, that’s… … Oh, my!”

As soon as his erection filled her up, Aslei lifted her up. Frisia struggled as his cock dug even further in, wriggling side to side following Aslei’s motions.

“Ha, ah! Unn, what are you doing… … .no, don’t! Ahh!”

“I want to see it in the mirror.”

Frisia’s eyes widened at his whispered words while hugging her from behind. What did he want to try?

Aslei was already getting up from the bathtub and turning her body toward the mirror. Of course, a massive mirror in the colossal bathroom was attached to the Duke’s bedroom.

It was easy to see their reflection now because a huge mirror was installed across one side of the wall.

Because it was the Duke’s bathroom, there were only two sides, but the Duchess’s room had mirrors on three sides, excluding the wall on the side of the door, under the pretext that it was a woman’s bathroom.

Seeing her reflection in the mirror, Frisia’s face flushed red to the top of her head. It was because she saw his huge penis, contrasting with her deep pink flesh.

‘Why are you looking at this!’

Clearly an arousing, sexy scene, but it was also an erotic sight that she did not want to face because she was embarrassed. However, Aslei moved her waist with satisfaction.

Frisia curled at the sensation of rubbing against her insides as if showing off his thick and magnificent cock.

“Hiccup! Oh, ah! I don’t want to… … .”

She was utterly shy and ashamed. The lewd sight of Aslei’s penis coming in and out of the place where semen and love juice leaked out and dripped. Since she twisted her body, new sensations shot up her spine.

As Frisia tried to bring her legs together in shame, Aslei put his hands behind her knees and lifted her.

As he shook his waist, he pushed her up at a different angle than usual; it felt like all of her inner flesh was stirred into a frenzy.

“Huh! Aang, ah—ah, ahhh… … .!”

Sloppy, splash, slosh!

The sound of water and liquids slapping against dripping flesh and colliding with flesh was loud. Frisia orgasmed, her back curling up, and her dark pink nipples hardened and aimed at the ceiling. Even while she was immersed in cumming, the obscene sight of his pillar sticking in and tasting her insides did not leave her gaze.

“Oh, oh! Ahhhh!”

What was even more lewd was that her flesh came out every time he pulled out. She felt even more embarrassed as she saw what it looked like when she tightened around Aslei’s penis while twitching.

“Oh—ah, ah! No more… … . Oh my god!”

Aslei embraced her bouncing breasts in one of his arms and smiled contentedly. Frisia sobbed and shook her head at the lustful movement of his thrusts as if he were stirring inside her.

“Ah, ah… … . Ahhh, I don’t know— even that… … . Ahak! Aang Ahhhh!”

Melting the whining and writhing Frisia with his erection, Aslei focused on her reflection in the mirror. As he watched her form with brightly dyed cheeks as she felt endlessly, it occurred to him that this was happiness.

“Frisia… … .”

Aslei shuddered and jolted as he repaid the feelings of joy with unscrupulous abdomen motions. It looked like it would be an unforgettable night in many ways.

❁ ❁ ❁

“Ah, ah… … . Oh, it feels so good. More… … .”

It was only for a moment that Aslei maintained reason at the sight of Frisia clinging on to him. It was right after they moved to the bed and made love a couple of more times.

By then, her stamina was exhausted, and her eyes were half-closed, but somehow she wrapped her legs tightly around Aslei’s core.

Aslei wouldn’t deny her. He could cut off the head of the emperor of this empire if it meant that Frisia’s lovely lips said she felt good.

Although Frisia hadn’t the slightest idea of Aslei’s temperament.

“Ah, ah! Yes…yes … .”

While being embraced again and again, Frisia also sensed something strange going on with her. Initially, she didn’t even notice it because her relationship with Aslei was good. However, something seemed to have changed.

What was it? It was a separate matter from Aslei shrewdly noticing and stimulating Frisia’s sensitive points. She’s been entangled with Aslei for quite some time now—in fact, several times now, and her back was fine.

‘Somehow, I only feel really good.’

Rocking her up and down his lascivious loins, Frisia exhaled in rapture. They did it at the lake, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom… … . Maybe that’s why many of the traces of the curse disappeared.

‘I think it will disappear soon.’

What had been predicted to take three or three more days seemed to take less than two days. Even though she was supposed to be happy, Frisia was even afraid that she would never feel this great again.

She’d be fine without it, but it was the first time she’d felt like this.

“Ah, ah… … . Aang! Ah ah ahhh!”

Moaning at the ecstatic climax that washed over her again, her hips shook. She vividly felt Aslei grip her convulsing abdomen and his penis twitching.

‘Ahh… … That—that feels amazing!’

Her hazy eyes meeting Aslei’s stare seemed to convey her meaning. Frisia was convinced by the way he patted her ass.

“A kiss… … . Uhh!”

Aslei quickly licked and overtook her lips as she begged. The tip of her head throbbed, and the tips of her toes tickled with strange stimulation.

“Haa! Frisia… … I, I love you.”

Unable to overcome his feelings, Aslei whispered to her in intense hushed tones and that ecstatic stimulation that aroused her orgasm and contractions to grow more intense.

Frisia was embarrassed but fell into the pleasures that Aslei gave.

❁ ❁ ❁

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