HCM – 60

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‘Why did this happen?’

All Marianne wanted was to advance the future a little. She met Aslei earlier and wanted to personally receive a title not her family.

She succeeded in obtaining her title, but everything regarding Aslei went awry.

Although dismayed by the news that Jeremy had cursed him, Marianne saw it as an opportunity. Even if she missed her chance to get to know him, things would be different if she became his benefactor.

But that woman had taken him away from her.

That vicious and shameless woman. That same woman who cheated on Aslei and obsessed over him even after their divorce and even tormented Marianne!

‘I’m sure that woman returned too!’

So it was clear that she was pretending to be modest and calm, unlike back then. Because he had married Frisia first, not Marianne!

Marianne, who tried to captivate Aslei by breaking the curse, despaired. Everything is not the same as before, including her close colleagues.

‘Everything has changed!’

The affection between Trevor, Ian, and Kion was not the same as before. They felt love for Marianne again, but not as keenly or as desperately as before.

Of course, Marianne admitted that she could never be the same as before. Because they fell in love with her before she returned and met Aslei. Marianne, at that time, was a lovely young lady befitting a story’s main character.

‘Kion and Trevor are getting away from me too!’

Ian or Rudd was the first to leave when Marianne got married. However, Rudd continued to wander the continent without settling down, and Ian returned to his manor.

However, Kion and Trevor remained by Marianne’s side as her personal knights. Hurt, Jen left but returned after a couple of months.

‘It should have been the same as that time… … . why!’

Seeing Trevor giving her a cold gaze, Marianne felt a sense of injustice. Before her return, she was sure the child in her womb must have been Trevor’s or Kion’s.

She wanted it to be Kion’s baby rather than Trevor’s, but it was clear that they were close enough to bear a child between them regardless.

Still, they were pushing her away. It was a betrayal that should never have happened, she thought.

‘I can’t believe the only love interest I have left is Jeremy… … .’

Arrogant Jeremy, stupid Jeremy.

Even before her return, with that arrogance, he ruined her marriage by assuming that Marianne’s child was his own!

She still needed Jeremy, but she had no intention of spending the rest of her life with him. She would never let that happen.

‘The reason I was able to steal the Magic Tower’s spell book was because Jeremy was the Master of the Magic Tower! As long as Jeremy isn’t the Archmage, I won’t be able to get my hands on the magic book again!’

Now, it would be a slow and difficult process to meet Jeremy and persuade him to become the Master of the Tower again. Marianne didn’t want to do that.

She wanted faster results. She could use her knowledge of the future to get a definite result!

A plan came to Marianne’s head as she stared into the shadows. Deep darkness crept into her green eyes.

❁ ❁ ❁

While soaking in hot water, Aslei caressed the woman’s smooth body in his arms as if in rapture. She was soft like a feather.

“Uh-huh… … .”

Frisia twisted her body as if his touch tickled her. She didn’t seem to know that it provoked him.

‘So cute.’

Aslei sighed, kissing the pale peach-colored skin. He cupped her half-submerged breasts in the water with her palms and kneaded them, feeling dizzy with ecstasy.

Why was Frisia so lovely and tantalizing?

‘Slowly… … . I was planning to be gentle.’

Frisia’s nudity provoked and aroused him to the point that being soft and slow was difficult. Aslei sighed deeply and gently pinched the top of her breast.

As he grabbed her still-soft nipples and kneaded them, then their hardened tips rose from under his fingertips.

“Ah, hehe… … .”

As he raised her two nipples and stimulated her breasts, a sweet breath escaped from her mouth. Mesmerized, Aslei watched her respond and rubbed his desire against her body.

He hoped that his longing to be inside her had also passed on to Frisia.

“I didn’t get to see it before… … .”

Frisia, intoxicated by Aslei’s sweet teasings, did not know what he was talking about. Instead, she was engulfed in the thoughts of what it would be like if that thing poking her ass came into her own.

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