HCM – 6

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When Frisia entered the bedroom, Aslei was lying in bed. Well, he wasn’t just lying down. He was tied to the bed with his limbs spread apart.

It was a precaution in case he went crazy with lust. Just in case he could accidentally hurt Frisia’s body. Something terrible could have happened if he, a Sword Master, lost control.

Frisia looked at Aslei, who was covered in blankets, with a confused face. There was also a blindfold at his bedside.

What do you mean a duke’s arms and legs are shackled and tied up while naked?

However, this was also what Frisia asked for. She didn’t want Aslei to touch her when they were having sex. She didn’t allow him to talk, nor would she permit him to see.

‘Why did this happen to me?’

This was something that could have happened only when he was in a relationship with the heroine. Not when he was married to her. In the original, Aslei never slept with Frisia. Throughout their three-year marriage.

An event occurred during their first night, and later, he refused to sleep with her.

Because Frisia had a lover in the original work.

She was caught sleeping by another man in retaliation by Aslei, who stood her up on their consummation night.

Although it was a political marriage, Aslei, who had a stubborn temperament and was very angry, that’s why the Duke of Noh divorced as soon as the three-year period ended.

Even the old Duke knew Frisia’s infidelity and did not interfere with the divorce. On the other hand, now…….

‘Aslei has been very good to me.’

He was a sweet husband. Even if it was a contractual marriage, he celebrated all anniversaries, including wedding anniversaries and birthdays, and tried to make up for it when he was away for work.

He was respectful to her in places where others were present, and when they were alone, he did not lose his chivalry.

Frisia thought the past three years were decent. Living as Aslei’s wife was a good experience.

That’s why, when this happened, she couldn’t refuse him. Because he was so sweet.

Considering Frisia’s own position, she could call another woman even if she was not the heroine.

‘I’m sure there are already rumors.’

A woman having sex could cause problems if she became obsessed with him. If it wasn’t her, she thought it would be a terrible memory for Aslei.

It would hurt Aslei to buy a person in need or to ask one of the women that followed him and were already obsessed with him all the time.

Frisia read the original and knew Aslei.

He was a beautiful and strong man, but he was also a very vulnerable person. Frisia didn’t want to abandon the man who was kind to her.

On the surface, she thought it would be less repulsive because she was his wife. Moreover, they had at least a friend-like intimacy.

“I’ll do it.”

What kind of expression Aslei had when Frisia accepted? She couldn’t recall. She was just dizzy and confused about this situation, overwhelmed with trying to calm down after she had made up her mind.

‘It’s okay. You can do it. It’s not a bad thing.….’

She didn’t even allow him to touch her. Aslei accepted all of Frisia’s terms and conditions. Wearing shackles and handcuffs may be humiliating, but it only made the face blush a little.

The fact that he meekly accepted all of her conditions was unusual for him, but Frisia did not think anything of it in this urgent situation.

One month. There was only a month left.

‘I’m going to get divorced after a month.….’

If this had happened after that, Frisia might have felt sorry, but she would not have agreed to this.

But she allowed it, and if she didn’t engage with him, Aslei could lose control or die from enduring.

Funny enough, the Master of the Tower affirmed that Aslei could really die.

Frisia had to be serious about this when they were in a world where the hero could die from something like this.


With a confused face, Aslei called out to her. As Frisia approached the bed, she saw his face, and her expression darkened.

You don’t like it. There is a woman you like, and a month before the divorce, you had to have a relationship with me, so it’s like spraying mud on a finished meal…

But Frisia was not in the position to like or dislike this situation.

She tried to prepare herself for it with the little time she had but instead wondered where this bolt from the blue came from.

‘There won’t be any children…but…. I’m nervous.’

Already, he and Frisia were wearing contraceptive rings. However, she didn’t feel safe enough with that alone, so she even wore anklets and bracelets. All of them were magic tools with contraceptive spells.

“Are you feeling okay?”

It had already been five days since he had been cursed. He was holding out with only mental strength. Even if the Master of the Tower touched the curse, the pain did not disappear.

Aslei’s dark red veins were up to his cheeks. His eyes were red, and his strained face alone showed that he was in pain.

“I can endure it. If it’s too much right now, I’ll call the owner of the tower.…!”

“It’s alright.”

Even if he died soon, he wouldn’t be able to call the woman he was in love with.

Frisia thought that inside. Before, Frisia thought it wouldn’t be bad if she was Aslei’s first, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t.

“……..I’ll tie the blindfold on you.”

When Frisia, who approached, said so, Aslei sealed his mouth shut. He felt complicated. He didn’t want to hurt Frisia, but he didn’t want to be involved with another woman.


While hesitating, Frisia approached and put the blindfold on his eyes. The reason why she tied his limbs wasn’t that she was afraid of Aslei running wild under the curse, nor was it because she didn’t want him to touch her.

‘I’m afraid I’ll remember it later.’

So she didn’t want to be embraced, held or touched. Fearing what expression he would make while looking at her, she put a scarf over his eyes.

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