HCM – 59

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Returning to the Duke’s bedroom with Frisia in his arms, Aslei looked around the room with a fresh gaze.

His emotions could not be encompassed by the feeling that everything looked new to him, for he had genuinely thought it was a place he would never return to.

The Duke’s bedroom had been large enough that he could maneuver around with his colossal wolf body, but the corridor had not been big enough for him to pass through. Opening a new entrance on the third floor would have been nearly impossible.

‘It’s all thanks to my wife.’

After putting Frisia on the bed, Aslei laid down and gazed upon her with deep affectionate eyes. Meanwhile, the maids came out of the bathroom in a hurry.

“The bath is ready.”

“The meal is ready, Duke.”

The attendant also entered the room and informed him. When deciding what to do first, he looked down at Frisia.

He wanted to take her to the bathroom to wash her while she was asleep. Even if her body had received warmth from his embrace earlier, she would have cooled down on the way here. But she didn’t seem to like taking off her clothes while sleeping.

“Frisia, madam… … Aren’t you hungry?”

As he stroked her cheek and gently asked, Frisia opened her eyes. She had come to for a moment as she entered the Duke’s residence and fell asleep again. She had been awake for a moment when they had gotten off the horse. Since then, she slept lightly again, and half listened to the going on.

“The meal….”

It wasn’t the first time Aslei had acted according to Frisia’s will, so her maids and attendants moved in perfect order.

The ladies-in-waiting adjusted the magic tools attached to the bathtub so that the bath water would not cool down, and the attendants informed the kitchen to prepare to send the food right away.

“Aren’t you hungry, Duke?”

When Frisia asked, rubbing her eyes, Aslei smiled at her.

“Watching my wife made me forget I was hungry.”

For days he drank water and sometimes hunted and ate wild animals. They were edible, but he couldn’t bear it.

Because the fishy meat and blood of wild beasts tasted sweet, he had been afraid. He was scared to forget himself; every time he ate wild animals, it was like admitting he would never become human again.

“You have no idea how much I missed this time.”

He loved her beyond what words could express. While Aslei was away, that fact had been desperately carved into his heart.

“Thank you for bringing me back to my former self, Frisia.”

When Aslei wrapped her hands in his and spoke reverently, her face heated up.

“Oh, you haven’t fully come back yet.”

“This is as good as coming back.”

He had the same appearance as the beastmen tribe, but he was satisfied with being able to hold and love Frisia. The curse would be lifted gradually. Even if it didn’t work out, he could live and love Frisia.

‘Even though the emperor may try to find fault… … . Aslei’s power has not gone anywhere.’

The situation was different from when he was in the form of a giant wolf. Of course, if Siegfried, the former Duke, returned, he would be angry, but that was all he could do.

The title of Duke could not be taken away from Aslei, and the curse could not be used as an excuse to do other tricks.

“After eating… … May I have the honor of using the bathroom with my wife?”

At his sweet, secretly whispered words, Frisia hurriedly looked around her. The maids who waited on them pretended not to hear.

“The time seperated from my wife was too long, so I don’t want to be apart for even a moment. Please allow me.”

As he buried his face in her palms and begged earnestly, Frisia hesitated. If we go into the bathroom together, there’s no doubt…….

‘He’ll do something lewd.’

Remembering his fierce form by the lakeside, Frisia hesitated. In her heart, she wanted to break Aslei’s curse before the princes came.

In order to break his curse, it was inevitably advantageous to do a lot with Aslei.

‘And making a fake confession is a bit… … .’

She doubted it was useful. She would be put into a difficult position if Aslei inquired about it and her true feelings. He was quiet now, but when he would ask about her confession at that time, it would only seem like she was teasing Aslei.

“That, yes. then… … .”

Aslei, raised his head, and approached her with a delighted face. Frisia’s eyes widened as his lips overlapped hers.

… … Oh my gosh! 

She could see the maids suppressing their smiles and leaving the bedroom quietly. 

Frisia glanced around and eventually closed them tightly. A kiss shared with Aslei was sweet.

She didn’t think she loved him yet, but she felt odd. She strangely felt her heart pounding and thumping wildly.

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