HCM – 57

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“It’s the Duke!”

Thrilled emotional expressions donned the escorts’ faces when Aslei appeared on horseback. Then, he motioned for them to be quiet because Frisia was soundly asleep in his arms.

The knights nodded vigorously, moved to tears. Their hearts sank when the madam tore the scroll; they would never have dared to hope or imagine their hostess being able to save the Duke.

Wolf’s ears were visible through the Duke’s hair, and something was bulging around his buttocks, but compared to his previous appearance, he was in good shape.

“Duke, sire, it would be better to conceal it. There are outsiders… … .”

A knight put his hooded cloak around Aslei’s shoulders. He then explained the situation in a whisper so as not to wake Frisia.

Upon explaining what happened while he was cursed and wandering outside the Duke’s residence, Aslei gritted his teeth at the news that the two princes sent by the emperor would come in a few days.

It was said that the Dukedom of Tintalion had great power and authority, but it was only a sky supported by two pillars.

It must have been amusing to them when one pillar had left for another continent, saying they were traveling and that the other pillar was also cursed and unable to use its strength.

“Then I will have to disappoint you.”

The guards trembled at Aslei’s cold, sharp tone.

The knights of the Duke of Tintalion knew that he was a fearsome person, unlike the gentle side he showed to Frisia.

“… … Let’s go back.”

At Aslei’s command, the knights moved in perfect order.

❁ ❁ ❁

Upon arriving at the Duke’s residence, Bunter greeted Aslei and Frisia with a bright countenance. He had been pale and stunned speechless when a guard accompanying the madam had returned and reported their Duchess had fled.

He had just been praying to the gods for the safe return of the hostess and the Duke, and that wish came true.

‘If it wasn’t for the madam’s wits, what would have happened?!’

Just yesterday, the princes brazenly informed them that they would visit the Duke’s residence, claiming that they had received an order from the emperor. Now he was ready to blindly obey whatever the mistress ordered.

“Welcome, my lord.”


Just hearing Aslei’s voice again made Bunter feel like he was being rewarded for his hard work. Now everything would go back to where it belonged.

“We were waiting.”

He did not dare to shed tears least he became overwhelmed with emotion. Indeed, all the employees present were of the same mind. Aslei said that Frisia was very tired.

Some of the maids rushed upstairs to prepare the bath water while other attendants prepared Aslei’s bedroom.

A messenger ran to notify the kitchen to prepare food for their master, who hadn’t had a proper meal in days. Servants and maids were busy with their respective tasks.

Bunter followed Aslei upstairs and reported about what had happened. It was of course that Frisia became supervisor as the acting Duke, and then he delivered the news that Viscount Rowain and her companions came to visit and were being detained.

“… … they came?”

“They had the audacity to come here to help. Had it not been for the madam, I would not have known that the sorcerer was a colleague of Viscount Rowain and her companions!”

When the group of famous adventurers volunteered to help, Bunter thought it was heaven’s help. However, as it turned out, they were allies with the wizard Jeremy.

Aslei remembered a conversation he had once had with Viscount Rowain. For some reason, it became an unforgettable name because Frisia had mistakenly thought he was in love with her.

‘Did you come to help just to find him?’

When it came to the reputation of the Duke of Tintalion, all sorts of people would come to ask for help, citing relationships that didn’t even exist.

Since Aslei thought they had no meaningful relationship if they had been looking for and out for their companion, Jeremy.

‘They might have thought that their comrade was facing false charges.’

It was even beyond his comprehension why Jeremy would curse him. If he had done something worthy of such ire, he would have understood it, but he was someone who had never done anything worthy of objection from others.

Of course, regardless, there were those who wanted to slander or criticize him, but he couldn’t be cursed for just that much.

Because attacking the Duke of Tintalion was such a huge risk.

However, it was a vast world where many people committed crimes with the foolish assumption that they would never get caught.

“Did you find out what their intentions were?”

“I had someone interrogate some of them yesterday and today. I will brief you on the report soon.”

At Bunter’s answer, Aslei slowly nodded his head.

❁ ❁ ❁

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