HCM – 56

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When Frisia could endure no more, exhausted and droopy, he stopped just then. She glanced at Aslei with her indignant face and fell asleep, utterly depleted.

“Ha… … .”

He felt sorry for her, but Aslei did not want to break his bond with her. He wanted to take her to the duke’s mansion as she was, if she would allow it.

‘If that happens, she might shun me for a year.’

Maybe for the rest of his life. Aslei pulled out his penis with a look full of regret. Semen flowed between Frisia’s legs, who had fallen asleep as if she had fainted.

Aslei held his breath when he glanced at her slit. The sight of his semen flowing from her sweet mouth made his penis stand up again.

‘That’s why… … .’

He was worse than a beast. He turned into a giant wolf for a while due to the curse, but even he thought that it was only making his inner nature and feelings perceptible.

Aslei sat down on a large rock, holding her carefully in his arms while leaning on his thigh.

Frisia’s magic pouch was a gift from him, so he recognized it. Aslei rummaged through it, took out a towel. He carefully wiped her body, and to put her clothes on.

‘The clothes are… … . Enough.’

Unable to lay the clothed Frisia on the grass, he held her in one arm and unfolded the cloak he had pulled out with his other hand.

He put Frisia down on the cloak and then proceeded to wipe his body and put on his clothes.

Even though it’s only been a few days, wearing clothes felt novel. Although he was cursed and his form had changed he thought it was a special experience to run around the duke’s forest naked.

‘But it’s an experience I don’t want to go through again.’

He had completely abandoned his hopes of ever going back. Although he had already grabbed Frisia’s ankle with a curse once before, he thought that he could not be an even bigger burden.

‘I was like that, but Frisia held on to me.’

Frisia even declared her love for him directly, but Aslei was not dumb. Although she cared for him and treated him with kindness, she was still guarded.

Still, he loved Frisia.

Even if he couldn’t be loved, he could live with a single glimmer of hope.

‘Frisia would probably be terrified if I said that to her.’

With her weak heart and kindness, it was clear that she would worry about Aslei getting hurt. Perhaps… … it would be difficult to talk about divorce.

‘So I won’t bring it up first.’

He thought he was being a cowardly manipulator, but if it was to catch her, he was willing to suffer.

Now fully clothed Aslei, glanced at the side of the lake, where the traces of their love affair were evident. He could just have left it alone but he thought Frisia would fret over it.

So he roughly tidied it up, shoved the messed up clothes into the magic bag, and walked up to where she was sleeping. As he hugged her gently, he felt her breath.

“Frisia… … .”

Now the shores of the lake were completely dark. As if conscious of the chilly night air, Aslei hugged her tightly and approached Frisia’s horse.

The famous horse, sent from the Duke of Atreilles to the Duke of Tintalion, was not surprised by its master’s love affair, but retreated from a distance to graze.

Whistle— When called, the horse approached warmly. This horse followed Frisia’s and Aslei’s words well.

He knew that the escort knights had come all the way around and returned. They briefly heard Frisia’s moan and retreated.

They did not go far, but seemed to be restless, waiting in the vicinity.

Perhaps they had been prepared to rush in if they heard Frisia’s scream. To save her from Aslei.

‘It’s a wise decision.’

However, he could not tell Frisia about it. If she knew that her own moans had reached the ears of the knights, she would be too ashamed.

He found her shyness cute, but he didn’t want Frisia to be hurt.

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