HCM – 55

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Aslei placed his cock at Frisia’s entrance; the act had her trembling. Pushing the tip of his penis in, he made the deep constriction open.

He wanted to pierce and bury himself in her right away, but didn’t want to hurt her. While encircling Frisia’s waist with his arm, he slowly pushed the rest in with a groan.

Frisia’s eyes widened at the huge pillar that dug in. He felt bigger than she remembered.

“Ugh… … . Aaaah!”

As he drilled in deeper and she started trembling from being stabbed to her depths, Aslei’s fingertips eagerly rubbed her flower buds. She was frantic by the successive lewd stimulation.

Since it was an affair after a long time, the provocation was overwhelming.

Terrified, she tried to pull away, but she was pulled back. Frisia could feel Aslei vigorously moving his waist and penetrating her insides.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Her pleasure filled and warmed her stomach and then boiled over into her body. With his thumb and index rubbing her flower bud, Frisia sobbed and struggled as he drove into her insides, and as it continued, she felt like she was going to die.

“Heh, uh. ahh! Aaaah, stop there… … . Ahhh!”

As she reached her zenith, Frisia’s body collapsed, but Aslei held her up in an embrace and continued hammering her. Her insides were drenched with wetness, so the sound of wet slapping against skin became louder and louder as her insides melted sweetly.

Since he held her up her curled toes swayed up in the air. Frisia’s eyes started to water from the pleasure, moaning and being aroused from her immobility.

Her head was dyed white as her pleasure swelled until it exploded over and over again.

“Ahh! I keep… … . Ugh, oh!”

While still embracing her, his thrusting became fiercer. His erection was soaking wet now! As the ferocity increased, Frisia’s legs were completely spread apart.

Frisia struggled with trying not to drool. His raging erection penetrating and filling up her depths left her unable to think. All she could do was endure the succession of climaxes.

“OOoohhhh! Ah, ah ah ah ah ah! Ahh!”

Her body suffering from what seemed like an relentless orgasm, bent back like a bow and quaked. It was then while Aslei savored her climax that he came inside of her.

‘Oh… … .’

A hot, sticky liquid filled her and flowed out through the narrow gap where they were still connected. It was a huge amount that soaked Aslei’s thighs.

“Ahh… … . Wait, whoa!”

But Aslei stopped for only a moment.

Frisia was startled that he was starting again right away and that he hammered her in the afterglow. His length rubbed her inner tunnels and his width massaged her narrow entrance.

As she shook her head in the sense that she was about to orgasm again, Aslei’s eyes were soaked with a look of covetousness.

“Keep cumming, continue to feel it… … .”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

He pulled out and pushed back in, causing Frisia’s head to tilt back. She felt his penis spur her, speeding up with an erotic aggression.

They never ended with just one or two orgasms.

Frisia sensed a crisis, attempted to dissuade him, but ended up moaning in a sweet voice to his successive thrusts.

❁ ❁ ❁

Frisia was convinced that her knights must have come all the way to their vicinity and then ran away. Even so, even as the sun was setting, he was still embracing her.

Several times she was coveted on a boulder or used a rock to hold her position, standing while poking out her ass.

Laying her down on her wet clothes, he ejaculated in her to the point of embarrassment and then picked her up from the muddy place and continued.

“Oh, oh! Oh, uh huh!”

It was in a good position for Aslei to covet her lips, as they face and embraced each other. He hugged her hotly as if he was releasing all his lusts from the past.

Her skin was still flushed and glowing.

‘Oh no, what should we do… … . It’s embarrassing, but it feels so good.’

She wanted to hide from the shame when she thought of going back to the duke’s mansion and having to face everyone, but it was too good to be coveted by Aslei. Both the top and the bottom were filled with him, and she even felt happy to be loved.

“Ugh, ahh! Uhnnn!”

Frisia, who had tasted her climax, drooped, and her strength drained from her legs that tightened around his waist. However, Aslei did not let her go, and was persistent in the rhythm of his waist.

‘Really a man of excellence… … no! I can’t do it anymore.’

Over and over again, the body coveted during her climaxes was reacting as if in ecstasy.

There was no pain there, only her legs grew limp probably because he was the male lead in a novel. Rather, her insides twitched and tightened around Aslei’s penis, only making him more vigorous.

“Uh-huh, huh… … . Ugh!”

Aslei responded with a sticky kiss, savoring the inside of her to his heart’s content. Frisia felt like she was about to melt in the profane heat.

In such a position, no matter how much someone was a sword master, his back should have hurt, but instead Aslei looked even more excited than before.

‘Indeed, even if the men in romance fantasies did it for ten days and nights, they would be fine.’

Rather, their faces would become so bright and healthy that the bittersweet mistress could help but be resentful. Frisia, too, was shaking, trapped in Aslei’s arms.

She probably wouldn’t be able to walk properly for three or three days after this. Even though she knew that, she could not bring herself to stop Aslei.

In the first place, her mouth was blocked with his kissed, so she couldn’t say anything.

‘No, it feels good… … .’

She felt as if she rescued someone from drowning, but instead got robbed in return, was she mistaken?

❁ ❁ ❁

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