HCM – 54

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She thought she should change her clothes too, but the problem was the person who would be watching.

Aslei must have spent too many days in abstinence while still suffering under the curse of lust.

‘Wasn’t that supposed to be gone?’

But her disingenuous confession still left the traces of his curse on his chest intact. Now that all troublesome sorts were aiming for the duke, she needed to break the enchantment as soon as possible.

‘No, even if my confession wasn’t completely true— shouldn’t the spell at least be lessened?’

Frisia was studying his chest as he handed her the spare clothes without the intention of wearing anything yet. Aside from the traces of the curse, he still had an incredible body.

As she stared at him without realizing it, a signal came from Aslei’s lower body. She didn’t even touch him. Frisia’s face became hot and flustered as she quickly turned away.

Aslei was splashing into the water. When in the form of a beast, he often ran into this lake to wash, but now he had a different plan.

As she spied on Aslei bathing from the corner of her eye, she hastily undressed. Frisia was going to change her clothes while he was bathing.

She intended to be with him, but now there was a subtle anxiety that made her whole body shrink.

‘If I make a mistake—what if he questions my previous confession!’

Maybe Aslei had already noticed her true feelings, so he knew he didn’t even need to mention her confession. Or perhaps he was trying to find the right time to bring it up?

She could put on her coat over her wet clothes, so she stripped off everything including her underwear—when she heard a splash.

Hiccup! —Frisia was suddenly trapped in Aslei’s hot arms and looked back at him. His naked body overlapped her nude body.

“Oh, we can’t. I put the knights under a sleep spell… … .”

She had told them to go back to the duke’s mansion, but since they were loyal, there was a high possibility that they would pursue Frisia as soon as they woke up.

“Additionally, you must be tired.”

Aslei had wandered through the forest as a beast for several days. He must have slept poorly, and it must have been difficult to eat.

Despite Frisia’s whispers, he did not release his arm wrapped around her. Instead, he buried his face in her wet nape and answered while savoring her scent deeply:

“I will be able to notice that the knights are coming. And my body is fine. Instead, right now, this is… … .”

His penis, hotter than his arm, was pressed against Frisia’s ass. It was so hot that it seemed to burn her just by rubbing it slowly.

“…. more arduous. Frisia… … . My lovely wife, can’t we?”

Frisia’s face flushed, lighting up at his soft voice. Indeed, he would be able to notice the approach of the knights.

Even if he wore clothes, it was still a problem if something this large was announcing its presence.

Frisia found herself twisting and wiggling her body as he rubbed against her while speaking. Then, embarrassingly, she found herself getting wet and exposed.

“Well, since we don’t know who will come, so we can do just a little… … . —oh!”

Upon permission, his arm, wrapped around her, traveled down her body. Her nerves were on edge as his hand caressed her lower belly and still was coming down.

‘Ah… … we’re going to do it outside like this.’

Aslei must have known that there was no one around. Still, her face heated up at the thought that they were doing something lewd and obscene out in the open in broad daylight.


Aslei’s hot hand entered between her thighs, wet and cold with water. His fingers squeezed through and gently caressed her wet pussy.

“Frisia, spread your legs.”

“Ugh… … .”

In embarrassment, Frisia’s eyes trembled as she spread her legs apart. He massaged her petals lovingly and then pushed his fingers into the gap.

It had only been a few days, but before, her body was loved every day. While looking for Aslei, she was unaware of it, but now Frisia realized that she had missed this quite a bit.

‘Because Aslei hugs me tenderly… … .’

“Oh, oh my, uh…! … .”

Even though his big fingers slowly went in, the stimulation was great.

Aslei pushed his long, beautiful fingers deep in and stroked her insides. He was delighted to find her soft insides were soggy and squishy.

“Ugh-uh, huh, um… … . oh! Ahhhhhh!”

His lustful touch made Frisia’s waist flinch and her ass quiver. Aslei squeezed her body tight and slid his other hand between her thighs.

Frisia felt shy as he opened her petals, wet with her clear liquid, exposing her swollen clit.

“Ah, ah… … . Aslei, I- I’m shy. Ohh!”

If someone appeared, she knew he would hide her, but one corner of her mind was still afraid that she would accidentally show this to the escorts. Aslei kissed her neck and wetted her stamen with her own honey.

“Indeed, the sight of my wife’s cute figure belongs to me, but… … I don’t know if your coy sounds will be overheard.”

“Ungh! Oh!”

His fingers that were sweetly stirring inside her came in and out with a rhythm. While his other hand gently brushed against her honey-soaked flower bud. At the long-awaited arousal, Frisia saw stars twinkling in front of her eyes.

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