HCM – 52

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“Don’t go!”

At the sound of her piercing voice, Aslei looked back at her in surprise.

I really didn’t want to use this method, but… … .

Frisia pulled out her dagger and held the blade to her wrist. His large golden eyes watching her shook with her astonishment.

“Don’t go. No more Aslei… … .”

Aslei’s tail wilted. His sad eyes full of misery made her eyes tear up but she held back.

“If we go on like this… … . I’ll cut myself. There is no one here to help me, so even if it might take some time, I will die.”

It was a lie. There were several bottles of potions in her magic pouch. But she had no hobby of self-harm, so she wanted Aslei to listen to her.

She knew it was a dishonorable tactic, but when Aslei ran away, she couldn’t think of anything else.

“Please, don’t go, Aslei.”

… … .

Aslei bowed his head and looked at Frisia.

He had been watching her since she came out of the duke’s castle. Watching her go into the forest after putting her knights to sleep with her scroll, he was worried that she might do something dangerous.

What if he left the Duke’s surroundings earlier?

He wanted to get angry, but he couldn’t say a word to Frisia with this appearance.

‘Don’t do anything dangerous.’

Looking intently at Frisia, he tried to speak, but could only reply with the growl of a beast.

“Aslei… … .”

Aslei gave up when he saw her on the verge of tears. No matter how much more painful his desire for her was, if he couldn’t stand it, he could just put his head on the castle’s spear and die.

As his huge body sank down to the ground as if he had lifted a white flag, Frisia breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t able to speak with words, but as his golden eyes seemed to say he would obey her. Frisia shoved her dagger into her sheath.

“You are not going to run away, are you?”

Frisia spoke as if insisting on a promise. Aslei nodded her head slightly. He was able to express herself to that extent.

‘Now… … Let’s try it.’

She remembered hearing from the wizard that the curse had been mixed with divine power, borrowing from the goddess of love before the deity became the head of the pantheon. Because this world was based on a romance fantasy.

Moreover, Aslei’s enchantment seemed to show signs of shattering when Frisia gave him even a little bit of her heart.

‘I didn’t know I’d have to try something like this, but… … .’

In fairy tales, didn’t the princess wake up from the prince’s kiss? Aslei was a duke, and Frisia a duchess, so she could argue that they were similar.

While Frisia was organizing her reasonings, Aslei was scanning his body.

Since the lake was not far away, he thought he should at least wash the blood off of him.

Frisia, agonizing over her thoughts, saw Aslei moving and was disturbed. She was worried that he might run away.

Aslei saw the sight of her chasing after him and seemed to smile at her.

Splash— Frisia stared blankly at his figure washing his huge front paws and the corners of his mouth. Then she suddenly remembered the stench that had permeated her body.

“… … Does my body smell strange?”

Aslei glanced at her. In addition to her characteristic scent, her body had a strange odor.

It was similar to the stinky smell that came out of that box earlier.

As he nodded, Frisia panicked, and began to take off her cloak and coat. When she was left with her shirt and pants, she walked without hesitation into the waters of the lake.

It had been a long time since he had washed, so the blood had been completely washed off.

Aslei knew that noblewomen couldn’t swim, so he kept an eye on her lest she drown.

Frisia dipped her head in the water and came out.

“Uh… … . Ha, is it still there?”

Aslei looked at Frisia quietly and took in a breath. Along with the smell of water, her scent was very faint.

Frisia approached him as he shook his head. She had been agonizing and mulling over Aslei’s spell during his absence.

About how she should break the curse.

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