HCM – 51

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After running away from the knocked out knights for a while, Frisia took out a box of incense from her magic pouch.

It was used by demon hunters to lure monsters.

‘I didn’t know I’d really have to use this.’

It was illegal to use it near private residences, so Frisia ran her horse as far as she could. She explored during a break so she could get a better idea of ​​where the city was.

She passed through the forest, she reached the top of some hills where she could see smoke rising from the city in the distance. It was smoke from the chimneys.

‘The distance… … .’

She took out a map and compass, checked the location and measured the span, and was relieved. Frisia seemed to have come farther than she initially thought.

She surveyed her surroundings before opening the box. The forest where Frisia was standing looked empty, but she was also only a few steps away from thick overgrowth.

‘Is Aslei following me?’

Her mouth dry, Frisia’s eyes reflected her desperation. Inwardly praying, she wished Aslei would show up.

“If you don’t show up… … I’m going to cry.”

She mumbled as she opened her box, and lit it with a flint. Soon she began to smell black smoke and a foul, unpleasant stench.

Frisia, who was holding it, quickly put it down on the floor.

‘Monsters like this?’

If she had smelled this in the woods she would run a thousand li away. She turned her gaze around as she backed away from the box.

She had sent her maid to bring her something that met her two conditions.

One was that it was an object to attract monsters, and the other was that the type of creature she attracted would be a four-legged animal that walks on land.

‘Damn it, but why a Wyvern!’

There was no answer to her inner angst. Two Wyverns were flying and rapidly approaching.

There’s no way there’d be a nest around here!

‘Well, if there was a nest, it would have been even more chaotic!’

It was a forest not far from the vicinity of Mulia, the capital of the Duchy of Tintalion. Of course, up to here, the knights of the duke family went and cleared the monsters. It is natural that there are no monsters, but if you are unlucky, you may encounter them.

Frisia ran and hid under some nearby trees, her body turning cold with terror. She needed to avoid the eyes of the Wyvern once they came here.

‘The problem is… … .’

…with the unpredictable wind she was exposed to the smoke while she lit the incense. Her clothes probably smelled. She suddenly recalled the location of the lake she had seen from the map earlier.

Frisia had prepared for many possibilities, including the chance that Aslei would return to his original form, so she had arranged clothes for him and even for herself.

Just in case she was attacked by a monster and injured or your clothes were torn.


Frisia got on her horse and ran towards the lake. She had wished for a monster to appear, but never a Wyvern.

Roar! Rumble!

After landing, the wyvern investigated the ground and surroundings for the source of the smell. Through the thick trees she could see them running and chasing her on the ground instead of flying away.


Frisia sped up her horse as much as possible with a silent scream. She was good at riding, so she was able to maintain a distance from the wyvern skillfully running through the woods.

‘Don’t come! Don’t come!’

One stayed on the ground pursuing her and the other flew into the sky as if checking for Frisia’s location. Frisia wondered if it was really a good idea for her to jump into the water to erase the smell.

But even if she escaped, if the smell remained, she would be tracked down and hunted!

‘Ugh! Aslei!’

As she exited the forest and reached the shore of the lake, the flying wyvern, soaring over the forest and watching Frisia, dived towards her. Just as a huge shadow fell on Frisia, who was running on horseback, something black popped out from the darkness of the forest.


It bit and snapped the wyvern’s neck in one breath and flung it to the floor. The other wyvern pursuing rushed in for an attack as if angry, but to no avail.

It ripped off the wyvern’s neck and with a ferocity drove it to the ground and tore off its wings. It ripped open the wyvern’s stomach, revealing its ribs and intestines, as if in a mad fury.

“Haaaa, haaa… … .”

Breathing hard and trembling, Frisia stopped her horse and dismounted. Aslei, in his giant wolf form, was biting and tearing up the wyvern as if his anger had not yet subsided.

The whole body of a wolf the size of a house was completely exposed under the pouring sunlight. Friscia examined his black matte fur, wondering where and how his body would fit in the mansion.

Although the Duke’s room was spacious enough, the problem was that the doorway and hallways were not large enough for him to pass through.

‘I have to think about the bathroom too… … .’

The most basic, but it’s also a more sensitive issue. Aslei would obviously die of shame.

Grraauuuu! Graauuu!… … . Grrr.

After his fit of excitement, Aslei seemed to have calmed down and he quickly turned his head to look at Frisia. He belatedly realized the wyvern blood dripping from his mouth and claws and tried to run away.

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