HCM – 50

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‘Her Excellency may do something reckless! So make sure to take good care of her!’

Commander Elman lectured the four escorts. Indeed Frisia did choose the four who would accompany her, intentionally leaving out all the talented knights and choosing the ones whose skills were relatively low.

There was no way Frisia was ignorant of the skills of the knights.

She was shrewd, and she showed immaculate abilities both as a hostess of the household and acting Duchess.

Obviously, the most exemplary knights in the order always stood by the ducal couple.

Although all of the knights of the duke’s family were outstanding in different ways, a separate set of skills were needed to successfully undertake such tasks such as guarding or reconnaissance.

The Duchess entered the forest surrounded by four escort knights. Her maids fretted, anxious.

A prevailing worry amongst them was that if the Duchess tried to do something dangerous, the knights would not be able to save her in time.

‘The forest near the duke’s castle is safe. So far, it belongs to Mulia.’

As memories of her previous life came to mind, Frisia’s first task was to collect enchanted items. She also occasionally bought magic scrolls. Just in case.

Since she was caught up in the role of that1villainess, she was careful not to get caught up in the original incident even if she did not commit any evil acts.

‘But if you light the incense that summons evil demons… … . It won’t be safe at all.’

Frisia had no intention of doing such a thing in the Duke’s Forest. She slowly rode her horse, carefully examining the terrain around her.

Her escorts were on high alert, never knowing when Aslei might appear. When she thought she was far enough away from the estate, Frisia turned to her knights and informed them:

“… … I will walk from here.”

With an uncompromising face that did not allow any objections, the knights got off their horses. Frisia also got off her steed and looked back at them.

Two were looking around, and one was tying Frisia’s horse. While the last one was busy tying his steed to a thick branch.

Frisia pulled out a scroll from her arms. She then turned and tore it, directing its mana towards them.

It was a scroll with light sleep magic.


“Madam, what are you doing… … .”

Their bodies covered in yellow mana slowly collapsed and fell to the floor. They were indeed knights of the Duke of Tintalion who diligently resisted the sleeping spell until they were overcome by magic.

“Go back to the Duke’s mansion. Don’t worry about me.”

She had purposefully made sure they were off their horses so when they fell into slumber they wouldn’t fall off their mounts and get injured.

Frisia ran to her own horse and only needed to lightly tap her awake.

Although the steed fell asleep under the influence of the spell, it did not affect her as deeply because it was a scroll for humans. There were different weight classes.

Upon awakening her horse, Frisia climbed onto her horse and headed deeper into the forest. As she galloped away, her chest was pounding with anxiety.

‘I have the means to protect myself even if no one shows up… … .’

In fact, she had only ever fought a monster once. Aslei knew she enjoyed collecting magical instruments, but didn’t know if she could use them. So he would show up.

‘If you don’t come, I’ll divorce you according to the contract—curse or no curse or whatever!’

Frisia strengthened her resolve.

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