HCM – 47

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In fact, it was because of the sight of them facing each other that Frisia remembered her previous life. She thought they looked like a good fit for the way they happened to look through people.

And… … After vertigo accompanied by headaches and vomiting, she recalled her previous life.

“I’ve heard that you are friends with the Duke, but how are you planning to help?”

Frisia already had talented people from the duke’s side. She was using two knight orders to pursue Aslei and Jeremy. Neither of them produced results, but reports were coming in from time to time.

Jeremy seemed to have crossed the mountain range, and Aslei was looming around the duke’s castle.

“I think you’ve heard the stories about us.”

In the town where there was. a werewolf, stopping the incident before it escalated, stopping a cursed baron from killing children, discovering that a cult was kidnapping and killing people, etc… … .

There are quite a few, but most of the things that Frisia knew where from the story she read in her past life. She was also aware that those events were blocked before they snowballed into bigger problems. Rumors know how to get to your ears.

“I don’t mean to get involved in tracking the wizard. I’d like to help bring the Duke to you. If possible, I will help you break the curse.”

At Ian’s words, Frisia glanced at Ruud and Kion, who were seated.

Although she already had a high priest residing within the duke’s residence, they had been brought in from the temple after Aslei was cursed.

“To help… … Do you know how to break the curse?”

Frisia asked this because she knew Jeremy was their colleague. Jeremy was friendly with them, but it wasn’t widely known.

Perhaps these people also thought that Frisia would not know that far and visited her. At her words, Ian hesitated for a moment.

“That’s… … .”

“Of course.”

It was Marianne who interjected. Ian kept a calm expression, but a look of flustered bewilderment crossed his face for a brief moment. Ruud and Kion also seemed surprised.

Frisia had an intuition that the eyes of her party were asking her why she would say such a thing. She wouldn’t know anything about Jeremy’s curse.

It was doubtful that Marianne really knew anything, so Frisia gaze turned to her.

“So how can I break the curse?”

“Uh,… … I can’t tell you until I see the Duke. Most curses lose their shape and disappear when the core of the curse is destroyed, but I understand the Duke’s case is unusual.”

Frisia was a person who remembered her previous life and, moreover, the original. The original novel also described how to break curses.

Obviously, some curses were simply dispelled by breaking the curse’s core.

However, the curse that struck Aslei was like a black mist, and no traces left on his chest were found in any books.

‘If it was enough to break the core, we’d have solved it already!’

Perhaps Marianne’s confidence came out of fear that she would drive them away. Frisia looked at them without hiding her disappointment.

Those were the words that Bunter had ever heard through the mouths of countless others. The butler, himself, drove them out of the duke’s residence without guiding them to Frisia.

“If there is nothing you can say for sure then you don’t have an answer. Does that mean that only by seeing the Duke can you know whether the curse can be lifted or not?”

Marianne’s expression hardened at her words, which stabbed her in her weak spot. She didn’t even think that she was on the verge of being kicked out of the duke’s estate.

‘Of course I don’t intend to.’

“I know you don’t trust us. But we’ve had a lot of experience and we think we’ll be helpful again.”

Ian came out to rectify the unreasonable words that Marianne had uttered. Freesia looked at them silently.

“There are a lot of people who say they can help, but everyone has a different agenda. Can I believe that you are not those?”

“We don’t want anything but the Duke’s return,”

Ian declared with a serious face, and the other party members nodded in agreement as well. They would all know it was Jeremy who did this.

They would not be able to stand at the Duke of Tintalion’s if it was revealed that they were Jeremy’s associates.

“However… … It’s dangerous too. Because that wizard even broke into the duke’s residence and put such a curse on the duke. There’s no guarantee he won’t cast the same curse on those who stand in his way.”

Frisia was convinced that it was Marianne who persuaded the male subordinates to intervene in this matter. She could tell when she looked into her piercing eyes glaring at her.

After the news of her marriage to Aslei was announced, or after she married Aslei, Frisia saw such a look in the eyes of many women.

In a sarcastic way she marveled at those willing to jump into danger for him. It was stupid though.

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