HCM – 46

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He was not a demon or evil spirit, so wealth, magical powers, and lifespan would not be enough to entice a god. He must have borrowed power in exchange for something powerful… … .

‘Jeremy looked fine.’

At least it was like that when he transformed into Aslei and appeared in front of people. When Friscia recalled Jeremy, who had brazenly appeared as Aslei, she felt furious again.

Aslei should not be treated like that.

He was not one to curse a certain denomination or to commit blasphemy, so Frisia was even more skeptical by this situation.

“Did you find out which god’s divine power was used?”

“The found relics belonged to Astera.”

She was Astera, the goddess of the sky. Prior to her ascension to the Head Goddess, she was widely revered as the goddess of war and love.

‘Of all things, the goddess of love.’

Frisia suddenly remembered that night. That night, which she allowed Aslei to touch her and see her.

‘….Don’t tell me that’s the way to break the curse?’

Frisia told the wizard that she had done a good job and sent her out of her parlor.


As Bunter went upstairs himself, Frisia wondered what was going on. The bright expression on Bunter’s expression looked like something promising had happened. But his subsequent words upset her.

“The Viscount Rowain and her friends came directly to us saying they wanted to help.”

❁ ❁ ❁

Marianne and her companions were famous within the Empire. She was treated like a problem solver or adventurer who jumped into many incidents and figured them out.

As the original title suggested “I’ll leave it to the Esteemed Lady”, if it had been the original heroine, Frisia would have gladly entrusted Aslei’s work to her.

‘But not now.’

The only thing that remained the same between this Marianne and the one from the original work was the number of sub-male leads she had following her.

She wasn’t even an Elementalist, and she couldn’t even accept Aslei as her companion. He was cursed and it was Frisia, not her, that received his love until the day he became a giant wolf.

So Frisia was convinced Marianne or her colleagues would not be helpful.

“… … I know you have been through hard times.”

Nevertheless, just in case, she accepted them as guests. Because there were two priests among Marianne’s sub-male leads.

Kion, a paladin, and Ruud, a priest. As they were sub-male protagonists, she knew that each individual’s divine power and ability were excellent. Frisia looked back at the people who had gathered in the parlor on the first floor.

She nodded in polite acknowledgement as Ian greeted her, as if representing the party. There was no one with a higher rank than her here.

In fact, it was difficult to find anyone with a higher status than Frisia’s unless it was a member of the imperial family.

Frisia greeted them lightly and invited them to sit down, and Marianne and her sub-males cautiously took their seats.

Except for Jeremy, there were five sub males.

Except for paladins and priests, there was one marquise, one beastman, and the rest were mercenary-born swordsmen. There was a tycoon who hid his identity from the party, but actually had a mercenary group.

“Did you say you would help?”

Watching the tea come out, she asked. None of these people had any personal relationship with Frisia.

The marquis, Ian, may be acquainted with either the Duke of Atreilles or her brother Ryan. Nevermind the Zen, the beast man, or Trevor, the leader of the mercenaries.

At most Priest Ruud or Paladin Kion, she may have encountered at the temple, but she could not remember.

“You may not know us, but I have known your husband for a while.”

Frisia nodded her head slowly. She had also heard that Marianne and Aslei knew each other.

Besides what Aslei had told her, she had seen them talk before.

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