HCM – 45

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The Duke of Tintalion’s castle was surrounded by deep woods. It was located on the outskirts of Mulia, the capital of the duchy, surrounded by a huge forest and gardens.

Aslei hid himself in the forest but found himself unable to get out of the vicinity of the duke’s mansion. Because Frisia was there.

He thought that she would make Frisia unhappy if he was by her side, but Aslei couldn’t bring himself to leave from her side.

‘I just want to see her face one more time.’

If that happened, he was determined to completely disappear and go far away from the duke’s residence. Originally, he had planned to take his life by jumping off a high cliff, but it was impossible in the nearby vicinity.

His body had changed so much that it seemed that he would only be injured on the nearby cliff.

He didn’t see her up close, he just wanted to see her face from afar, but Frisia seldom came out of the mansion. But far from taking a walk he couldn’t even spot her near a window.


Aslei, who had turned into a giant wolf, still had extraordinary hearing, and kept an eye on the movements of the workers in the duke’s residence. They were busily coming and going, whether they were on guard or running errands, they all had anxious expressions.

“… … I don’t know if she will be okay.”

“… … Madam can’t get up.”

Aslei’s ears pricked up at the maid’s talk in the garden. They said that Frisia collapsed after not eating properly for several days.

She refused to sleep and waited for reports from the knights. If the duke became like that and even the wife got ill…. the maids exchanged anxious conversations saying that it would be the end of them.

Aslei was sweating. He was so worried about Frisia that he was tempted to walk into the mansion on his own.

‘No! I am just a burden to Frisia!’

He hardened his resolve when he thought of Frisia making an effort to break his curse while like this.

Clenching his teeth, he look at the Duchess’ bedroom and then turned away.

Not far away, the ducal knights were coming after Aslei’s trail.

❁ ❁ ❁

Frisia was frustrated by the news that only traces of him had been found for several days. In an attempt to lure Aslei in, she had even spread rumors that she was sick and locked herself in her room, but it seemed to no avail.

Meanwhile, people like a herd of wolves were sending people to target the Duke of Tintalion.

The Duke of Atreille, her father, even politely offered to send someone to help her.

She did not even allow him to visit, but she had a vassal family who suddenly sent people, and the imperial family ‘notified’ her that they would send a suitable person to check on the situation.

Frisia ruthlessly rejected everyone but the imperial family, while she waited for her knights to return. Those she waited for were not those sent to pursue Jeremy.

Before Aslei turned into a giant wolf, she had sent out people to chase Jeremy.

They had been tracking Jeremy and found his lab outside the tower. The laboratory inside the tower was acquired before the tower was closed. [t1v: raws say outside and then inside, sometimes there are typos, so idk, it’s anyone’s guess]

Most of the items in it had been moved to the duke’s residence before the Archmage closed the tower completely.

The duke’s sorcerers were investigating it under Aslei’s orders. It was said that a decisive clue was found in the laboratory outside the tower, so she was waiting for it.

“That wizard must have mixed the curse with the divine power of a god!”

The chief magician explained in a definitive tone. Frisia made her leave out the detailed explanation and made her get to the point.

The chief wizard said that relics were also found in Jeremy’s lab. According to the records he left behind, he studied how to combine holy magic and cursed spells through holy relics.

Holy magic was magic that borrowed the power of the gods. It was mainly used by priests, but was also rarely used by white magicians or general wizards.

“You mean that is possible?”

“Theoretically it is possible. Real success is rarely seen. I’ve never been successful because literally god didn’t allow it.”

There is no such thing as lending power to a curse placed on the basis of a person’s private desires, unless the gods were angry and cursed him.

She didn’t know what Jeremy did, but he made it possible. That’s why the spell succeeded on being cast on Aslei, who could repel any sorcery.

“Then how do we break the enchantment?”

When Frisia asked the most important thing, the chief wizard blurred her words as if troubled,

“Let the god take their power back … … I think we will have to catch the wizard himself.”

“God reaps power, was there ever such a case?”

She said that if a priest committed a transgression sometimes their divine power would be taken away. Or, a god who is disappointed with the dishonest behavior of a believer or a priest, takes power from the holy relics or temples.

‘But Aslei has never sinned enough to suffer such a curse!’

She couldn’t understand why a god would lead power to such a corrupt mage to cast sorcery on such a good man.

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