HCM – 39

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‘It’s… it is too… … .’

—Awful! Just horrible! Just what did Aslei do to deserve this?

He was a person who did not lose his integrity even after going through so many ordeals. Yes, she was going to divorce him and leave, but she never wanted him to be unhappy.

“Ah— Aslei… … ?”

—Keeaahh… … .

As if ashamed of himself, as if sad, Aslei backed away. The duke’s bedroom was large enough for an animal the size of a house to run around, but Aslei’s hind feet soon reached the window leading to the balcony.

Tears flowed from Frisia’s eyes as she took in his changed appearance.

She was at a loss at what to do in this sudden and shocking situation. Just as she was starting to wonder why he was like that and what to do—


At the sharp sound, Frisia as well as Aslei were startled. A murmur was heard in front of the bedroom door.

“Duke! Princess! Are you okay?”

Aslei noticed that he had awakened everyone in the Duke’s mansion with a cry of pain.

‘I have to show this to other people too! I… … .’

He felt like his head was going blank with the immensity of shame , horror and despair that was rolling over him. Maybe if he was seen by the duke’s wizards he would return to his original form, but… … .

‘How? I’ve already tried everything!’

After being transformed into a creature, such a huge beast that was beyond an arm span, Aslei realized.

The only way to break the curse was to be entangled with Frisia, and instead this is what happened.

In this form, he could not hold her nor did he have any intent to try, but if he did, Frisia would be killed.

Now he could not return to his original form.

‘I’ll harm Frisia!’

Already being a cursed husband was a burden to Frisia, even though he was only a contractual husband.

He already promised to part ways with her and the date was set and fast approaching. Furthermore, he was conscious he was still longing for Frisia even though he was like this. He was afraid that he would give in to this desire.

Boom! Bang!

“Princess! Lady! I’m going in!”

When Frisia couldn’t answer, she heard the door unlock with a key. The moment she hurriedly looked at Aslei, he moved.


A huge body shattered the window and disappeared out of the bedroom. It was possible because one side of the wall was all made of windows.

Frisia was left behind, unable to catch him, and then collapsed on the floor as her steps faltered. The servants of the duke’s house, which opened the door late, rushed in.


“Madam, are you okay?”

“The Duke… … .”

People screamed in the garden. It was clear that Aslei, who had become a huge wolf, ran into a confrontation and was attacked.

Frisia felt numb with panic—what if Aslei died or got hurt?

“Oh, stop! Don’t attack… … .”


Frisia’s head instantly snapped toward the voice. Only she knew that Aslei had become a giant wolf. So who would have called “Duke”?

Unclothed, a naked Aslei was walking in through the shattered window, bleeding.

It was as if he had been on the balcony and had been attacked by the huge monstrous wolf that had shattered the wall of windows.

She watched Aslei approaching feeling as if she was in a nightmare.

❁ ❁ ❁

Jeremy had intended to transform him into an even more terrifying monster. Not a gigantic wolf, but such a hideous and repulsive aberration that would make everyone turn away in revulsion.

But when he tried to cast his spell, building upon and changing his previous curse, someone had intervened. It was the work of the goddess he borrowed power from.

He borrowed the power of the Goddess, so it was easy to put a hex on the Duke of Tintalion. Otherwise, the Duke would have deflected almost all sorcery.

Although Jeremy gritted his teeth and complied with the goddess’ will.

Aslei didn’t become the terrible, reeking nightmare he envisioned, but a giant wolf covered in black fur. He was furious, but reasoned that the result was the same anyway.

‘No, I can’t let it end like this.’

So an even more terrifying thought crept into Jeremy’s head. He wanted to make Aslei feel it too: The feeling of being deprived and robbed of a woman you thought as your own.

Wouldn’t it be great to use the duke’s own knights to hunt him down? he thought.

‘I lost Master and my tower because of you!’

So these malicious schemes were only like a drop in the ocean. The Archmage seat, the Tower and his Master that was a father to him was his whole life and now that was taken away from him.

It was easy for him to recast himself as Aslei’s form because they had already encountered each other several times.

He had been turned into a raven by the Master of the Tower and had left all his clothes and belongings behind. When he had been freed from his magic he had flown to the duke’s castle. So there would be no one doubting him.

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  1. I want Jeremy to die a very slow and painful death. Bit by bit. Somebody should castrate him with a blunt weapon before I isekai there to do that 🙂

  2. Oh, heck no. I’m sick thinking of her being deceived by that scum like that. I hope she’s able to know something is up & he fails.

  3. Wow. Imagine thoroughly speechless by these pair disgusting scum of the earth.
    Please, there will be no redemption for these pair of garbages.
    Death is their only escape from the agony of living.

    People that disgust me the most are the people who blame others and never reflect of what their actions caused to them and others. These two are the exact type of people I abhor.

  4. Can Marianne kill him again in this life? Cause that’s the only good ending I can see fit for scum like him.

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